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Wonderful Fate 奇妙的命运呀 Episode 10 Recap

Hearing that the emperor had already issued the imperial decree to prepare for the marriage, Ruan Qing couldn’t help being very happy. His biggest wish for so many years was to be a queen. Now he is about to get his wish soon, so he immediately showed the queen’s. She is very indifferent to everyone in the palace, and if anyone does not listen to him, he will immediately order and suppress him. Li Fuzhu has a very high prestige in the harem, and everyone likes Li Fuzhu very much. , An approachable personality, so when Ruan Qing, who is proud of his strength and power, appeared in front of them, they were all very unconvinced.

Seeing this in their hearts, Ruan Qing’s heart towards Li Fuzhu was also very unhappy, and he was about to become a queen. The person who is not Li Fuzhu, why these minions are always respectful to Li Fuzhu, but they don’t have a good eye for themselves, so Ruan Qing decided to start punishment from the people around Li Fuzhu, Li Fuzhu saw the most favored one around him Those few people were charged with various crimes by Ruan Qing, and they were forced to punish them.

He couldn’t help but feel very wronged. He didn’t expect Ruan Qing to be such a person who crossed the river and demolished the bridge. He clearly helped him realize his wish before. , But now he wants to destroy the trust between the two people just like that.

Li Fuzhu couldn’t help saying that the ending in the comic book really makes sense. No wonder that a character like Ruan Qing will eventually embark on the road of rebellion. He has never convinced anyone. She only wants the things she wants. And if you don’t get it, you will resort to some despicable means. On this day, Ruan Qing is going to punish the chef. He knows that Li Fuzhu delayed his time every day. He was eating these Manchu Banquets and these Manchu Banquets.

They were all made by the chef himself, so Ruan Qing was unreasonable, and blamed the nearest chef for all these things, and the chef has no power, so he had to shrink and be bullied. Li Fuzhu really couldn’t see Ruan Qing’s flaunting power, so he stood up to drink Ruan Qing theory, but Ruan Qing put on the momentum of the future queen. He said that although Li Fuzhu is a goddess, he still has no control over their royal status. Li Fuzhu, the housekeeper, was overwhelmed by his words, so they found the emperor.

The emperor immediately understood what the situation was like now. But what he also knows is that Ruan Qing has a very small heart, and he is also very jealous. If he helped Li Fuzhu today, Ruan Qing would definitely keep this matter in his heart and look for various opportunities to go. I retaliated against Li Fuzhu, and Ruan Qing is not the most difficult person. The most important thing is that his father is the national teacher of the court.

Everyone knows the power of the national teacher. If the national teacher is angry, To help her daughter want to get rid of Li Fuzhu, he was powerless, so he decided to protect Li Fuzhu. This time he stood on Ruan Qing’s side. Ruan Qing saw the emperor speak to him, he was very happy. He said that if Li Fuzhu is willing to be soft to himself in the future, he can consider continuing to attack the people around Li Fuzhu. Li Fuzhu feels that he has been living a lot of forbearance during this period of time.

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