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The Cradle 啊摇篮 Episode 3 Recap

Chou Zigang asked Tang Hejing to help him write a more formal recruitment notice. The central nursery recruited childcare workers, cooks, and handymen. As long as they worked hard and did a good job, they could be just like the public. Chou Zigang considered giving the allowance, but Tang Hejing said that after writing it in black and white, he would have to give it, so don’t write it, but Chou Zigang said that if no one came, he would write a special reward first.

As soon as the two voices fell, Chou Zigang looked up and saw Mr. Guan standing in front of the door, but Mr. Guan didn’t say a word. Tang Hejing knew that Mr. Guan was coming to him, so he told Chou Zigang that Mr. Guan would stand every day. At the door for more than 20 minutes, mostly because he wanted to fall in love with him, Chou Zigang hurriedly asked Tang Hejing if he had liked Teacher Guan, but Tang Hejing was embarrassed and did not say anything for a long time.

The hiring notice was posted, and the masses gathered to discuss. Is there anyone who joked about finding someone to help? Are there any jokes about whether public recruitment is offered to the present day ocean? Among the gathered crowd, Tang Susu heard a familiar voice and immediately pushed aside the crowd and ran after him. Zhang Jingping came to the recruitment notice and asked about Chou Zigang’s latest recruitment status. Chou Zigang told Zhang Jingping in frustration that there was no progress. Zhang Jingping immediately comforted him and said that he would help her to post some more notices and post more. Places.

Tang Susu met a little boy on the way to find people. The eleven-year-old boy was a little angry because he was not tall enough to join the army to fight devils. He simply threw the cotton in his shoes on the ground and said loudly to Tang Susu that he had been destroyed by devils. , I want to join the army to fight devils. When Tang Susu heard that the little boy was quite energetic, he asked her to find Chou Zigang, and told the little boy that Chou Zigang would help him, and the little boy immediately went to Chou Zigang as soon as he heard it.

Chou Zigang returned to the nursery and introduced to Tang Hejing Li Yude, a small eighth route army, and Luo Lianfa, an old Red Army. Chou Zigang told Tang Hejing that the cooks and handymen were all available. Tang Hejing felt that Chou Zigang was really optimistic. It was found that Tang Susu did not follow back. It turned out that Tang Susu finally came to Yan’an in search of Ge Liujin’s bumps, but he didn’t even see anyone, but he met a group of wolves and started to cry.

Chou Zigang prepared steamed buns for the newcomers Li Yude and Luo Lianfa, when suddenly he heard the wolves wailing outside, Chou Zigang felt a little uneasy. Tang Susu was terribly scared by the wolf. Fortunately, Aunt Ma came. It turned out that Aunt Ma was afraid that the wolves would take away the child from the nursery. This was the place where Tang Susu and aunt ran without looking back, and the wolves were also behind. Furiously chasing, the two were very scared. Fortunately, Chou Zigang rushed to the nursery in time with a torch, and then repelled the wolves. Chou Zigang asked the two to go back to the nursery with himself.

In the nursery, Tang Susu told everyone that he was looking for Ge Liujin. Everyone admired Tang Susu’s courage. A little girl went to Yan’an from her house. Tang Hejing also told everyone that he escaped marriage when he came to Yan’an, because Yan’an is the new society, and everything is up-to-date when he comes here. Aunt Ma Wu stated that she had always lived in Yan’an, and that she had not brought her baby from the Eighth Route Army, but the Eighth Route Army did not allow her to pay for her life. Even if she was a cow and a horse, she recognized it, but everything was fine.

Tang Hejing envied Chou Zigang when he saw Chairman Mao. Chou Zigang told Tang Hejing that after a child came to the nursery, he would have a childcare worker and he would stay in the nursery for at least half a year. Tang Hejing was very happy to hear the good news. . Bo Lianyun brought Ren Baozhen to the nursery. Chou Zigang was a little surprised, Ren Baozhen also complained, Bo Lianyun comforted everyone, and his words made everyone feel relieved.

Bo Lianchun announced that the central nursery school was formally established and recommended Tang Hejing to become the director of the nursery school. It turned out that Chou Zigang had already received the admission letter from the Anti-Dalian University, but when the children heard the news, they all cried and turned into tears, reluctant to bear it. Chou Zigang. Chou Zigang looked at the children’s reluctance, and was struggling with contradictions.

Chou Zigang came to the registration office and said that she planned to give up going to the Anti-China University and continue to take care of the children in the central nursery school. Her decision made everyone admire the registration. Luo Xiaojin and Xiaopang trampled Tang Susu’s vegetable field in a mess, and angrily hit the children on the buttocks. Tang Hejing and others guarded the calf and said that children in the nursery could not hit them. It’s hard to know that there was an enemy army suddenly in the sky, and everyone stayed in the children to take refuge, but some people were still injured. Tang Susu was frightened and asked the medical office to save people, and at the same time he blamed himself very much.

As soon as Chou Zigang came back, he picked up the broom and hit Susu. Susu cried a little aggrieved because the injured soldier lost a leg. Afterwards, Tang Hejing told Chou Zigang that Susu had been wronged today, and Susu was protecting the child for the first time. Chou Zigang felt a little annoyed when he heard it. At night, Tang Hejing chatted with Chou Zigang about the need to find someone to look after the child when he was sick. Chou Zigang told Tang Hejing that there was a shortage of idlers, so Tang Hejing had to work hard.

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