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The Cradle 啊摇篮 Episode 1 Recap

Tang Susu took Wang Qianping and Ren Baozhen to Yan’an and sang loudly all the way. He was so excited that he met the Chou Zigang who was washing clothes and said two words. Chou Zigang is happy that she can go to school, but she is already pregnant, and she is afraid that her husband Zhang Jingping cannot agree.

Since the war, many people have devoted themselves to the revolution. Children are given to the care of relatives of the villagers. Most of them are either lost or died of illness, not a few. Cao Hejing had also joined the revolution, but now she has become the head of the child to take care of her children. She simply doesn’t care because she has a big picture, and I don’t think it is hard to have Ugly Zigang to help me on weekdays.

In the age of war, anyone who does not carry a blood feud on his body is bound to bear the Japanese to the end. Chou Zigang originally came to Yan’an to devote himself to revenge for the revolution, but since marrying Zhang Jingping, he has been no different from Go’an before. Ugly Okamoto was dissatisfied, and even this time he would not give up the opportunity to join the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Zhang Jingping had no choice but to agree.

Before Chou Zigang came out of the excitement, Zhang Jingping seemed to suddenly remember something, and immediately changed her name to Zhang Ping. Ugly Okamoto asked unintentionally, suspecting that Zhang Jingping was not his real name, but he didn’t get an answer and reply to this question, but added a bit more profound meaning.

Tang Susu was passing by a restaurant with two friends on the street. She was originally a Shanghai star, and she also had signed photos of other stars on her body. Only then did she exchange a photo for food and money. Tang Susu took a bite of the rice, and the hard and rough rice made her like a bite of pebbles, and poured a bowl of rice and meat into a swill bucket.

I don’t know how many lives can be saved by this bowl of food. Seeing this scene, Chou Zigang finally couldn’t help but reprimand Tang Susu. But this Tang Susu was not angry but liked it, chasing Chou Zigang all the way, wanting her to help him with a certain revolutionary errand. In his words, Tang Susu seemed to care more about a person named Ge Liujin, but when Chou Zigang saw her mind, he ran away and refused to disclose more.

In order for Chou Zigang to be able to go to the Great Resistance, he needed to find the leaders to sign at each level. After exhausting his efforts, he exchanged several leaders’ signatures, but he had an accident with Fu Lianbian. As soon as Chou Zigang arrived at Fu Lianpan’s logistics medical office, he saw him treating a baby who was still in swaddling clothes. The child’s name was Lily, and there was a problem with the digestive system, and it was going to be dysfunctional. Another villager came to call Fu Lianpan for help.

It turned out that the soldiers fighting on the front line left their children to take care of the fellow villagers. The fellow villagers had to go to work in order to make a living, so they could only tie their children to the kang. When the child got older, he untied the rope, but accidentally fell into the boiling water. When the villager panicked and returned, the child could no longer be saved.

This incident made Chou Zigang’s mood uncomfortable for a long time, and Fu Lianfa also accepted the other’s reprimand and expressed his desire to establish a full nursery to take care of the children of these martyrs and frontline fighters. Chou Zigang recommended Cao Hejing to become the nursery director, but Fu Liantian would detain the letter agreeing to Chou Zigang Kangda and asked her to help Cao Hejing set up the nursery.

Chou Zigang was pregnant, and even if she went to school, she had to wait after giving birth. In addition, she could not refuse the revolutionary mission, so she reluctantly accepted the mission. Unexpectedly, after Cao Hejing learned of the incident, she also showed a reluctant appearance. Chou Zigang was shocked to do bad things with good intentions, but the task was already in place, and she had to come forward.

The materials and manpower needed to raise children are far more difficult than imagined. The cave dwellings given above are simply empty shelves. Chou Zigang remembered the trick Tang Susu used to “swind money” last time, and wanted to exchange the celebrity’s signature photos for money. Only then did she know that the so-called celebrity signatures were forged by Tang Susu.

Chou Zigang used these foods to exchange millet porridge for the children, and used the leftover food to invite Long Huaisheng and others, and asked them to build the cave dwellings into a yard for people to live in within two days. Several bags of potato were placed in front of him, and Long Huaisheng suddenly became energetic.

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