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Octogenarians and the 90s 八零九零 Episode 24 Recap

Ye Xiaomei asked Guo Sanshuang to properly handle Hu Meng’s hunger strike, so she promised to get him to be normal, and Guo Sanshuang hurried back to the nursing home without saying a word. Old Hou was worried that Hu Meng would not be able to eat without eating. He bought her a lot of bread, but Hu Meng didn’t appreciate it. He just kept drinking coffee to fill up his hunger, and he didn’t drink instant coffee. In order to please Hu Meng, Mr. Hou asked Xiaomei Ye. What kind of coffee is the best? Ye Xiaomei was sorting out the accounts that the leader wanted to check. She was very impatient and forced Lao Hou out.

Hearing that the cat dung coffee is very famous, Hou took the coffee beans to look for the cat, and finally found the cat dung. He wanted to send the cat dung and the coffee to Hu Meng. Hou met San Shuang in front of him. Shuang shows that cat feces coffee is not like this, and persuaded him to buy coffee in the supermarket. Guo Sanshuang specially bought oranges to see Hu Meng. She was kind to her. Hu Meng wanted to return to the puppy with all his heart. Guo Sanshuang could only accompany the smiling face to say good things. Hu Meng was so sad that he couldn’t make a sound. Guo Sanshuang relied on three Hu Meng persuaded Hu Meng bitterly and promised to take her to see the puppy before Hu Meng was willing to open his mouth to eat.

Guo Sanshuang saw the many trophies on Hu Meng’s table and couldn’t help but look at her with admiration, but Hu Meng disapproved. He felt that the trophies were cold and not warm. When Hu Meng saw the puppy in the pet shop, he closed his mouth happily and felt distressed The dog was locked in a cage. After visiting several supermarkets, Mr. Hou finally bought Hu Meng’s favorite coffee. Hu Meng asked him to eat oranges. After hearing the news, Granny Gui came and insisted that these oranges were bought by Sanshuang. Hu Meng had to give her a few. Oranges.

After Guo Sanshuang came back to return to Ye Xiaomei, there was another upset for Ye Xiaomei. The shit almost slipped the community leader. Ye Xiaomei wanted to regain the recognition of the community leader. She begged Sanshuang to bring the community leader to the nursing home for another inspection. Hu Meng received his son’s call, and his son begged her to move home, and promised to accompany her to watch the Yue opera. Hu Meng guessed that he was short of money again. His son used up the money to attend the wedding this month. Hu Meng persuaded him as soon as possible. Get married and give birth to a child.

Guo Sanshuang squatted at the door of the community office with an injustice sign, and finally blocked the leader, begged the leader to inspect the nursing home, and made up a bitter story. Because the leader stepped on the shit and got angry, the girlfriend ignored it. He, Guo Sanshuang, begged the leader to make him and his girlfriend reconcile. The leader couldn’t stand his struggle, and reluctantly agreed to find time to go to the nursing home to check work.

Sun Erniang called Sanshuang to meet, Guo Sanshuang promised to transfer the money to him, Sun Erniang insisted on paying the money in person, Guo Sanshuang could only bite the bullet and go to see Sun Erniang. On the way, Guo Sanshuang saw Joey greet him from a distance. Joey ran over to apologize to him and tried to get back to him. Guo Sanshuang strongly condemned Joey not to borrow his ID card. Money, Joey promised to accompany him to pay the money.

After Sanshuang brought Joey to see Erniang Sun, Joey hugged Sanshuang tightly and did not let go. After a period of time, he promised to return the profits to Erniang Sun before Sun Erniang let them go. Joey stalked Guo Sanshuang and thanked him for helping to take care of Qiao Xiaobao. Guo Sanshuang was curious about where she got the money. Joey claimed to be a triangle debt, and asked Guo Sanshuang to accompany her to find a house, and then take Qiao Xiaobao out. Joey didn’t dare to see Qiao Xiaobao. He felt that he owed her too much. He begged Guo Sanshuang to call Qiao Xiaobao out. Guo Sanshuang was forced to agree.

Guo Sanshuang came to pick up Qiao Xiaobao. Qiao Xiaobao couldn’t wait to buy snacks. When Guo Sanshuang asked about her test results, Qiao Xiaobao sneered at him. Joey appeared suddenly, and Qiao Xiaobao ran away as soon as she saw her turn around. After Sanshuang somehow persuaded Qiao Xiaobao, Joey decided to invite Sanshuang and Qiao Xiaobao to dinner.

Ye Xiaomei was upset, she came to Xue Ding’s restaurant alone to find Jiangdong, and Guo Jiangdong made some special dishes for her. Ye Xiaomei spit out bitterness at him while eating. Guo Sanshuang brought Joey and Qiao Xiaobao to this restaurant for dinner. When Guo Jiangdong saw them from a distance, he beckoned Guo Sanshuang to the back kitchen, complaining that he shouldn’t bring a woman here for dinner, and asked him to wait for Ye Xiaomei to leave. Go out later. Joey accompanies the smiling face to please Qiao Xiaobao, and promises to buy her a desk and bookcase, but Qiao Xiaobao refuses to buy it.

Joey waited for a long time and never saw Sanshuang come out. She called Sanshuang loudly, and Ye Xiaomei heard clearly. Joey ran to the back kitchen to pull Guo Sanshuang out, and Guo Jiangdong was immediately dumbfounded. Joey wanted to make a happy drink with Guo Sanshuang, but Guo Sanshuang resolutely refused to agree. Ye Xiaomei deliberately called Jiang Dong loudly. She was about to check out and left. After Guo Sanshuang was fidgeting, Qiao Xiaobao hurriedly took the hand of Guo Sanshuang and ran out.

Guo Sanshuang bought a hamburger for Qiao Xiaobao. Qiao Xiaobao saw that Sanshuang liked Ye Xiaomei. She just didn’t want to sit and eat with Joey, so she pulled Guo Sanshuang out. Guo Sanshuang sent Qiao Xiaobao home, and saw Joey squatting on the side of the road. She regretted leaving Qiao Xiaobao. Guo Sanshuang asked her to show her as a mother and asked Qiao Xiaobao to accept her as soon as possible. Joey begged Sanshuang. Help her.

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