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Ni Chang 小女霓裳 Episode 31 Recap

When Yan Wenxiu saw that Xie Xiaoni was embroidering the sachet and asked her to give it to herself, she also took out a piece of jade that she wore to Xie Xiaoni. Xie Xiaoni refused to accept it, Yan Wenxiu started crying, and Xie Xiaoni had no choice but to accept it. . Yan Wenxiu praised Xie Xiaoni’s embroidery work for getting better and better, and said that she really regretted it. Since Su Wenyu didn’t like her, she didn’t force it.

If Xie Xiaoni and Su Wenyu had good results, she would be willing to give up this position. Xie Xiaoni was a little angry, and Yan Wenxiu again Xie Xiaoni became even more angry when she said that King Luo looked down on Su Wenyu. Yan Wenxiu hurriedly left, and asked her to take care of this jade. Upon seeing this, Yuqing began to instigate Bai Rou’er to say that she and Xie Xiaoni were competitors, and Xie Xiaoni never regarded her as a friend.

Su Wenyu became the new president of the guild. The merchants hoped that he would help Yuan Daocheng to talk to Yuan Daocheng that the membership fee was collected once a year in the past. Yuan Daocheng suddenly wanted so much this time and they couldn’t get it. Su Wenyu bit the bullet and agreed. Bai Rouer had a grudge against Xie Xiaoni, but Xie Xiaoni was still kept in the dark.

The princess dressed up, but Ouyang Ziyu refused her invitation again, so she planned to let Xie Feng play with her, but Xie Feng went out early in the morning. The princess intends to wear the costumes of the Central Plains to visit the mansion and wait for Ouyang Ziyu to return. Ouyang Ziyu let Xiaolu enter the Gaofu to check the man. Xiaolu’s man pretending to send firewood successfully entered the Gaofu.

He happened to meet Fu San, and Fu San cried and said that Mrs. Gao had locked herself here without seeing the sun. , And also said that they would stab them out of the mess. Xiaolu kept hiding. After Fu San left, he hurriedly left the house and told Ouyang Ziyu that Ouyang Ziyu didn’t want to kill the snake, so it would be useful to raise it first. As soon as Ouyang Ziyu returned to the house, the princess hurriedly got together. Ouyang Ziyu said that he had just gone hunting, and the princess took him to the garden, but Ouyang Ziyu refused to make it too late.

Xie Feng came to the dilapidated Xie Mansion, thinking of the prosperity of the past, and his heart was bleak, and it didn’t take long for the princess to find him back. The princess prepares for a martial arts contest. Liu Zixuan dominates the limelight. Ouyang Ziyu shirks and says that he is not good at martial arts. The princess takes the stage and competes with Liu Zixuan. When the two of you come, I will fight fiercely. Finally, the princess beats Liu Zixuan to give out a haircut.

Yan Wenxiu pulled Xie Xiaoni to watch the martial arts competition. Liu Zixuan was still competing on the stage. He saw Xie Xiaoni rushing forward, but was kicked off the ring by the princess. Liu Zixuan complained that he would never lose. Ouyang Ziyu almost couldn’t help stepping forward when the two were so close, so he decided to compete with the princess.

For an instant, all the eyes of the audience focused on Ouyang Ziyu, and Ouyang Ziyu just clicked until the end, but the princess kept trying to get to him, Xie Xiaoni on the side was a little jealous when she saw this. Yan Wenxiu was busy talking to Liu Zixuan on the sidelines, but Liu Zixuan was only busy watching the martial arts competition and complained that Ouyang Ziyu couldn’t do his best. The princess almost fell into the lake, but finally gave up. She turned around and took Ouyang Ziyu by the arm to ask him to treat him. Ouyang Ziyu also agreed. Xie Xiaoni was very dissatisfied. Ouyang Ziyu looked at her deeply when she passed by Xie Xiaoni. At a glance, Xie Xiaoni ignored Yan Wenxiu and Liu Zixuan, and left in anger.

Xie Feng had been watching, and couldn’t help but take a look at Xie Xiaoni in the evening. Bai Rouer said that in the future, Xie Xiaoni would only be good at home, and she should not exchange some words. Xie Xiaoni was a little depressed, and thought of how close Ouyang Ziyu and the princess were during the day. He became more depressed when he heard the sound of the piano coming from the yard next door. Xie Feng smiled when he saw it and left. Ouyang Ziyu was stroking the piano while the princess was listening to the sound of the piano while drinking, and decided to speak clearly today.

The princess stepped forward and asked Ouyang Ziyu to drink this glass of wine. Ouyang Ziyu shied away again, but the princess stopped him from leaving. In fact, she saw Ouyang Ziyu for the first time in Lan Zhao when she was fifteen. With him, this time she went to Daning to beg her father for instructions, just because she wanted to see Ouyang Ziyu. Ouyang Ziyu pushed away the princess’s hand, expressing that feelings cannot be forced, he already has a sweetheart, and she is the only one in this life. The princess still refused to believe it, thinking that Ouyang Ziyu was lying to her, she would definitely not give up!

A piece of jade pendant was lost at the procurement port to investigate, Yan Wenxiu triumphantly waited to see Xie Xiaoni’s embarrassment, but she didn’t expect it to be found in Xie Xiaoni’s room. Xie Xiaoni taught Yan Wenxiu a lesson and took out the piece of jade that Yan Wenxiu gave her. This was the jade that the purchaser had missed.

She would not believe that Yan Wenxiu was sincerely befriended herself, but she did not expect Yan Wenxiu to plant a spoil. He even dared to steal the tribute. Yan Wenxiu simply tore her face, but Xie Xiaoni comfortably asked her to return the jade back, so as not to make the difference. The princess and Liu Zixuan met on the street. Because a sugar man had a dispute, the princess was in a bad mood, so Liu Zixuan gave her the sugar man.

Xiaoqin came to Xie Xiaoni again, saying that if she didn’t move her anymore, she would be scolded by Ouyang Ziyu. Xie Xiaoni was still angry and refused to meet him and drove Xiaoqin away.

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