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Miss Crow with Mr. Lizard 乌鸦小姐与蜥蜴先生 Episode 22 Recap

Gu Chuan found out that his watch was missing in the taxi, but now he is thinking about going home to recharge. When he lay back in the charging compartment, Gu Chuan began to recall today’s abnormality. It was obvious that only a slight impact would make the mechanical heart abnormal. Jiang Xiaoning looked at the alarm signs continuously displayed on the watch, and said inwardly that it was not good, feeling chasing Gu Chuan’s house.

Xu Chengran received the alarm on his mobile phone and rushed to Gu Chuan’s house. When he came to the charging room and saw Gu Chuan lying safe and sound in it, Xu Chengran was relieved. The bell rang outside the door, Gu Chuan guessed that Jiang Xiaoning picked it up. The watch was returned, and now I couldn’t continue even if I wanted to hide it. Xu Chengran opened the door to Jiang Xiaoning and left, preparing to leave some time for the two of them to explain.

When Jiang Xiaoning came to the charging room and saw Gu Chuan lying down, he suddenly thought of a lot. Gu Chuan showed Jiang Xiaoning his mechanical heart. Jiang Xiaoning asked about the origin of the mechanical heart. Gu Chuan described it in detail ten years ago. In the car accident, Jiang Xiaoning recalled something in her heart. She looked at Gu Chuan with tears.

The big brother she had been looking for for ten years turned out to be the beloved Gu Chuan. Jiang Xiaoning hugged Gu Chuan in front of him. When moving, Jiang Xiaoning Feeling emotional with Gu Chuan, who knows that Gu Chuan’s heart rate is so high that Jiang Xiaoning, who has always been painless, was electrocuted. In desperation, the two had to separate. The extremely shy two had to say goodbye temporarily and waited. In three months, the improvement of the doctor was successful.

Zhao Yan took the initiative to ask Xu Chengran to go out to play together. The two came out for a spring trip together in perfect weather. Xu Chengran performed her talent in front of Zhao Yan: playing guitar, Zhao Yan rarely discovered Xu Chengran’s quiet and charming side. Back home, Jiang Xiaoning told Zhao Yan about the fate between herself and Gu Chuan. Jiang Xiaoning’s savior turned out to be her sweetheart. Zhao Yan felt very miraculous, and couldn’t help asking about their progress, which made Jiang Xiaoning shy.

The whole company noticed the small sparks between Gu Chuan and Jiang Xiaoning. Looking at Jiang Xiaoning’s shyness and Gu Chuan’s smile, half of everyone’s heart was in the mood of eating melons, and the other half was filled with emotion. Only Su Manlin was full of sourness. On the other hand, Tang Zhongzheng took the initiative to come to the reindeer company to look for Tang Xu. Looking at Tang Zhongzheng’s face, Tang Xu’s temper suddenly became uncontrollable. Tang Xu, who had always been good-tempered, took the initiative to drive Tang Zhongzheng out of the company.

Gu Chuan took the initiative to send Jiang Xiaoning home. After this “acquaintance”, Jiang Xiaoning’s love for Gu Chuan was deeper. Gu Chuan took the initiative to bring Jiang Xiaoning to the campus. There is a building on the campus called “The Clock of Time”. The designer who left behind was Jiang Xiaoning’s father Jiang Guangda. Looking at the traces left by his father, Jiang Xiaoning couldn’t help touching his father with his hands.

Turning his head to thank Gu Chuan, this campus is about to be demolished, and this building may not be retained. It just so happens that the subsequent construction work is in charge of Gu Chuan’s studio. Gu Chuan hopes that Jiang Xiaoning will be responsible for the design in the future. The name left by Jiang Xiaoning can be overlaid on his father’s name. Jiang Xiaoning is very touched by Gu Chuan’s caring and dedication.

Jiang Xiaoning is staying at Gu Chuan’s house tonight, and the two people who admire each other are sweet even if they sleep on the sofa together. When he woke up, Gu Chuan specially prepared breakfast for Jiang Xiaoning, and turned off Jiang Xiaoning’s alarm clock, hoping to let Jiang Xiaoning sleep peacefully. Jiang Xiaoning was very happy, but Su Manlin called at this time, accusing Jiang Xiaoning of not going to work on time, deliberately picking up work content, and ordering Jiang Xiaoning to buy herself coffee.

Gu Chuan saw that Jiang Xiaoning was embarrassed, so he hid the phone and said that Jiang Xiaoning was working in her own home and that Su Manlin had to do her own job. As soon as the phone was hung up, the ringtone rang again. Gu Chuan originally wanted to reprimand him for a while. Who knew it was Tang Xu. Tang Xu asked Jiang Xiaoning together. Tang Zhengcheng wanted to invite Tang Xu and Jiang Xiaoning to have a meal. Jiang Xiaoning readily agreed, but As soon as he put down his phone, Gu Chuan showed a jealous expression…

Jiang Xiaoning, Tang Xu, and Tang Zhengzhong sat at a table. Tang Zhengzhong made a table of rice, but Jiang Xiaoning didn’t have the appetite to eat. He asked bluntly what he had always wanted to ask, what happened back then, and his father was the truth. Are you embezzled? Tang Zhongzheng’s attitude suddenly became hesitating, just saying that he couldn’t remember those details. Under Jiang Xiaoning’s forced questioning, Tang Zhongzheng felt a headache and distraught.

He touched his forehead and couldn’t speak. He had to bid farewell to the two of them and returned to the room. Resting, Jiang Xiaoning didn’t expect that his attitude was still too radical, and now in order to calm himself, he had to say goodbye temporarily.

Gu Chuan still did not give up investigating Chen Ao, and Jiang Xiaoning went to negotiate with Tang Zhengzhong. Xu’s father felt that the situation was a little out of control under the assistant’s report. Jiang Xiaoning and Gu Chuan were both survivors in the valley. At the same time, something must have been discovered. In order to cover up the truth of the year, Xu’s father decided to cut the grass and root…

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