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Miss Crow with Mr. Lizard 乌鸦小姐与蜥蜴先生 Episode 21 Recap

On this day, Gu Chuan originally wanted to send Jiang Xiaoning to the cram school, but Su Manlin hurried over to inform Gu Chuan that the workers on the construction site had a dispute with the designer and almost got into a fight, wanting Gu Chuan to go to the cram school together. To investigate the situation, Gu Chuanyuan wanted Jiang Xiaoning to follow along, but Su Manlin said coldly, Jiang Xiaoning had to leave without paying attention.

When Gu Chuan came to the construction site, it turned out that the worker’s rude character was broken. Gu Chuan naturally put on a stern style, quickly settled the matter, and quickly drove back to pick up Jiang Xiaoning and get off the car. Seeing Gu Chuan’s figure, Jiang Xiaoning was very surprised. He quickly got in the car. Gu Chuan took Jiang Xiaoning to a mysterious place.

Asked the reason, Gu Chuan pretended to be mysterious and only let Jiang Xiaoning walk into that mysterious place, Jiang Xiaoning. Walking past alone, I saw one beam after another. Inside the beam was Gu Chuan’s figure, telling a confession. The beautiful flower-shaped building in the center opened up, projecting the image of Jiang Xiaoning, and only Gu Chuan’s remained.

When he confessed, Jiang Xiaoning was very happy and left tears. Gu Chuan came quietly behind Jiang Xiaoning and confessed to Jiang Xiaoning himself. Although Gu Chuan finally confessed to Jiang Xiaoning, Gu Chuan admitted that it might take some time before he officially confirmed the relationship with Jiang Xiaoning. Jiang Xiaoning readily agreed that he would wait no matter how long it was. Jiang Xiaoning plunged into Gu Chuan’s arms, and his eyes were full of happiness.

Jiang Xiaoning returned home and was extremely happy to see everything. Gu Chuan didn’t feel like he was immersed in a honeypot. The two looked at the doll representing each other and couldn’t help smiling. Since then, Jiang Xiaoning and Gu Chuan have been in a secret office love, but the careful Su Manlin still saw the hands held by the two in secret, igniting anger in her eyes.

Xu’s father is very satisfied with the success of Tang Xu’s company, and he is ready to discuss with the board of directors to transfer Tang Xu back to the company. The two talked about Tang Xu’s father, Tang Zhengcheng, about to be released from prison, and asked about Tang Xu’s plan. Although Tang Xu hated his father in his heart, he still had to abide by his duty to take care of his father. Xu’s father persuaded Tang Xu to be tolerant, and Tang Xu general Xu Hearing the father’s advice, he nodded in agreement.

Tang Xu and Jiang Xiaoning had an appointment together for dinner. The two talked about Tang Zhengcheng’s affairs. Jiang Xiaoning had long wanted to talk to Tang Xu about that year, and he had to move back to the original house and let Tang’s father live there. Jiang Xiaoning and Gu Chuan took leave and were about to go back to move. Gu Chuan volunteered. Who knew that when they saw Chen Chen, Chen Chen looked funny when Gu Chuan was guarding him everywhere. If they didn’t have their own god assists, how could the two develop so quickly? , But as long as good friend Jiang Xiaoning finds a suitable destination, he will feel relieved.

Tang Xu took his father to the downstairs home, and the relationship between the two father and son was very embarrassing. Looking at the old furnishings at home, Tang Zhongzheng did not speak for a long time. Tang Xu silently left a bank card, but his attitude was just like treating a stranger. Tang Zhongzheng wanted to say a few more words, but Tang Xu said bluntly. He was very busy. Even Tang Zhongzheng approached to begging Tang Xu to stay for dinner. Tang Xu was just full of disgust. Since the day his father went to jail and his mother jumped off the building, he hated his father to the bone. Tang Zhongzheng was naturally aware of the harm that Tang Xu suffered, but now he had no other choice but to apologize.

At night, Jiang Xiaoning was still thinking about work in the company. Gu Chuan offered to help, relying on Jiang Xiaoning’s back, holding Jiang Xiaoning in his arms, and carefully explaining the difficulties. After get off work, Tang Xu came to the downstairs of Jiang Xiaoning’s company. After waiting for a long time, Jiang Xiaoning saw Tang Xu when he came downstairs and greeted him warmly. Tang Xu offered to have a supper, but Jiang Xiaoning noticed Gu Chuan’s arrogance. Looks like, decided to reject Tang Xu and send Gu Chuan home first. Gu Chuan and Jiang Xiaoning were in the car.

Jiang Xiaoning asked why Gu Chuan had to wait for three months. Gu Chuan originally decided to keep a secret, but seeing Jiang Xiaoning’s eager expression, Gu Chuan began to hesitate and wanted to tell Jiang Xiaoning the truth. After knowing this, Xu Chengran began to persuade Gu Chuan not to be so impulsive, but Gu Chuan always thought of Jiang Xiaoning’s appearance, and couldn’t hold back that impulse in his heart.

Gu Chuan asked Jiang Xiaoning out for lunch again. This afternoon, Gu Chuan decided to answer all Jiang Xiaoning’s questions. Sure enough, Jiang Xiaoning raised the suspicious three months. Just as Gu Chuan was about to speak, the person next to him accidentally collided, Gu Chuan His watch was thrown out. Gu Chuan suddenly noticed that his heart was beating violently, and uncontrollable pain spread to his heart. Gu Chuan showed a painful expression, fearing that there was a heart problem, Gu Chuan hurriedly bid farewell to Jiang Xiaoning. Jiang Xiaoning originally wanted to catch up, but Gu Chuan repeatedly refused. Looking at Gu Chuan’s back, Jiang Xiaoning found a mechanical watch dropped on the ground. Seeing the strange number on it, Jiang Xiaoning looked up at Gu Chuan, and secretly noticed something in his heart.

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