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Liu Laogen 4 劉老根4 Episode 9 Recap

Da Pang brought Lao Ding to Zhang Kexin to ask for tonics. Zhang Kexin formulated a medicated diet for his situation and asked him to eat it with pig kidneys. Lao Ding bit his scalp and drank a bowl. He vomited when he went home. Don’t worry, we have to video monitor Lao Ding taking medicine every day. Xiao Ru is worried about revealing stuff and desperately finds excuses to refuse.

Qian Xinyue was discharged from the hospital today, Xiaoqin put on makeup carefully, and specially borrowed Xiaowang’s dress to send her to the hospital. The pills rushed in and brought a large bouquet of flowers. Xiaoqin complained that he only bought a bunch of flowers. Just borrowing flowers to present the Buddha to Qian Xinyue, Fengying learned that Xiaoqin often meets with pills, and she slowly releases her heart. Yaowanzi watched Xiaoqin dressed up with heavy make-up today, and couldn’t help but ridicule her a bit and said nothing about her dressing up. Xiaoqin felt the great shame and ran back to the dormitory crying.

As soon as Xiaoqin entered the dormitory, she complained that Xiao Wang was not meaningful enough, but she didn’t point it out when she saw her being embarrassed. Xiao Wang was also aggrieved and couldn’t help crying in sorrow. Xiaoqin explained the reason to her, and Xiao Wang gave her an idea. . Han Bing finally ended the 14-day quarantine. As soon as she came out, she called Han Shixin and asked him hard about his feelings for Liu Shanshan. Han Shixin had to admit that only Liu Shanshan was in her heart. His cousin also testified, and Han Bing took him back to the villa to admit his mistake. .

Han Bing and Han Shixin came to the new villa and found that it was a big change. They saw Liu Laogen, Dajiao and Liu Shanshan waiting at the door of their home. Liu Laogen, Dajiao and Han Bing hadn’t seen each other for a long time. They were so excited that Liu Laogen couldn’t wait to know. Han Shixin’s situation this year, Han Shixin lightly admitted that he was looking for a job outside. Han Shixin and Liu Shanshan were relatively speechless.

Liu Dakui heard that Han Bing had returned with Han Shixin. He was so angry that he gritted his teeth and couldn’t help complaining to Tian Yumeng. Xia Yu hurriedly came to Liu Dakui and wanted to drive Han Shixin away, lest he and Liu Shanshan would rekindle their old relationship. Liu Dakui was worried that Liu Laogen would be in trouble.

Liu Laogen, Han Bing and Da Chili exchanged a few simple greetings. Liu Laogen just asked Liu Shanshan and Han Shixin to have a good talk, hoping that the two of them would get back together. Han Shixin admitted that he had not contacted Liu Shanshan after he was released from prison and just didn’t want her to be embarrassed. Liu Qian’s company works and wants to make enough money to come back. Liu Shanshan vented all the rights defenders who had held back her stomach. She saw Han Shixin and Liu Qian coming out of the shopping mall intimately and affectionately.

Liu Qian also fed him water. Han Shixin explained that she went to the market with Liu Qian that day to buy work clothes for the employees. He was carrying clothes in both hands, Liu Qian gave him a sip of water, Liu Shanshan refused to give up, Han Shixin regarded Liu Qian as a benefactor, and there was no relationship between the two of them. Liu Laogen was on the sidelines to persuade him and moved out of his relationship with Han Bing. Persuade Liu Shanshan.

At this moment, Liu Dakui called Liu Shanshan, lied that Xia Yu was hit by a car, and told Liu Shanshan to go back quickly. Liu Shanshan believed it was true. She wanted to go back to visit without saying a word. Tian Yumeng secretly sent a message to Liu Shanshan to explain the truth, Liu Shanshan. Just relax. Xiaoru made good medicine for Lao Ding, and then connected with Da Fatty’s video. Lao Ding picked it up and drank it. Finally, Da Fatty suspected that he was drinking Coke. Lao Ding repeatedly explained that Da Fatty Just believe it.

Liu Dakui and Xia Yu waited for a long time, but did not see Liu Shanshan coming back. Xia Yu forced Liu Dakui to call again, but Liu Shanshan was afraid to answer. Liu Laogen grabbed the phone and slammed Liu Dakui and told him and Xia Yu as soon as possible. Come back to negotiate. Xiaoqin pretended to be beaten and put gauze on her head. She tricked the pills into the hospital. The pills were very nervous. Xiaoqin wanted to eat hot pot, so Xiaoqin had to take the pills to eat. Xiaoqin lied that she had been taken by a rich man.

The handsome Fuer is white, and Yaowanzi is worried that she will be cheated and persuades her to focus on her career. Xiaoqin happily closes her mouth from ear to ear, accidentally dropping the gauze on her head into the hot pot, and Yaowanzi realizes that she is. When she was deceived, Xiaoqin burst into tears with excitement. She pretended to be injured, and finally tested out the pill pill’s concern for her, and he made pill pill a dumbfounding. Liu Dakui and Xia Yu came to see Liu Laogen tremblingly. Liu Laogen showed that they were lying and they were very embarrassed.

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