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Family on the Go 3 温州三家人 Episode 8 Recap

The plant owner could not be reached, and Pan Xiaoyong walked home desperately, turning a blind eye to Wang Jinhua and Huang Fugui. Lin Zhixia learned about the matter through Zeng Zhiqiu, so she immediately persuaded her to go to Pan Xiaoyong, so as to prevent the four million investment from being overwhelmed. However, Zeng Zhiqiu knew Pan Xiaoyong’s identity, and it was impossible to cheat the money. Although she came downstairs to Pan’s house by car, she did not go directly in.

As Indonesia restricts the export of nickel ore, it asked Weiye International to build its production and smelting base in Indonesia. Ye Zifan and Wu Jia traveled to Indonesia to negotiate. They originally wanted to advocate the completion of the entire industrial chain construction in resource areas, but they were persuaded by the other party.

There was no progress in negotiations in foreign mining areas. Rumors that Weiye International’s Fuqing smelter might be shut down reached the workers’ ears. Wu Jia went to the smelter to try to calm everyone’s emotions, but everyone was excited and went on strike. Ye Qiankun suspected that someone had leaked the news, and immediately ordered a rigorous investigation at the top. Wu Jia repeatedly stated that he would never abolish the smelter. When he calmed the anger of the workers, he was about to leave, and suddenly felt dizzy and fell straight down the stairs.

Lin Zhixia took the initiative to meet with Ye Zifan. She did not know that Ye Zifan lost his father’s trust and was riding a motorcycle to relax, so he had an accident as soon as he hung up the phone and almost had a car accident. Fortunately, he escaped from the truck in time. Ye Zifan went to see Lin Zhixia with his injuries and learned that Pan Xiaoyong was deceived in starting a business. Because Lin Zhixia saw Pan Xiaoyong playing dice in the bar, he was afraid that he would participate in gambling.

Pan Xiaoyong drank his sorrows by drinking, and Huang Fugui looked at his grandson’s distress, but he was also anxious. Ye Zifan believed in Pan Xiaoyong’s personality, so he searched everywhere, only to find that he was actually gambling and cheating money by the roadside. He was so angry that Ye Zifan stepped forward and punched him, reprimanding him for evasiveness.

Ye Zifan asked Pan Xiaoyong to explain clearly to Zeng Zhiqiu that he must not undermine Wenzhou’s credibility, and he was willing to give him all the money in his account as an emergency. Lin Zhixia called to find out the situation, and was slightly relieved after learning about the incident. As a result, Ye Zifan had a conflict with his father and went to talk to Lin Zhixia through the Internet.

Knowing that Wu Jia was injured, Ye Qiankun immediately took someone to Fuqing to solve the problem. However, not long after his front foot was gone, Huang Yunmei suddenly fainted at home. Ye Qiankun called his father to explain the matter, but Ye Qiankun was patronizing to deal with the company’s affairs, and couldn’t rush back to the hospital.

Zhuang Chengxiang was sent to the hospital by Ye Qiankun to take care of Huang Yunmei, and accidentally revealed Wu Jia’s injury, but Huang Yunmei doubted the relationship between Ye Qiankun and Wu Jia. At the same time, Huang Yungui pulled out the loan shark from the pocket of Pan Xiaoyong’s clothes, and he was shocked to call Ye Zifan.

Although it is worthy of sympathy for being deceived in starting a business, Pan Xiaoyong’s behavior in borrowing usury made Ye Zifan angry. He cursed Pan Xiaoyong and went to the usury group alone with the IOU, saying that he would repay the debt in double the amount. . Huang Fugui went upstairs to comfort Pan Xiaoyong. Knowing that his grandson was deceived, he ignored Pan Xiaoyong’s block and directly called Huang Yunlan and suggested that she should pay to solve the problem first.

The first time Ye Qiankun flew to Fuqing, he went to the hospital to visit Wu Jia. Seeing that her expression was normal, he felt relieved and went to the smelter to find out the situation. The workers talked about their worries, and the whole family depended on him to live. Ye Qiankun felt the same way and took the initiative to explain things clearly to avoid any misunderstandings.

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