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Family on the Go 3 温州三家人 Episode 7 Recap

After Huang Zhengkang recovered from his injuries, he was transferred from the core department of the group. Ye Zifan was very angry when he learned of the incident, and immediately went to Ye Qiankun’s theory and accused him of transferring Huang Zhengkang to Shanghai. It was a waste of talents in that home that was on the verge of bankruptcy. Company. However, Ye Qiankun felt that his son was too immature and did not know his careful consideration at all. He was very disappointed in him. On the contrary, Ye Qiankun, seeing Wu Jia’s care for his father, almost misunderstood the relationship between Wu Jia and Ye Qiankun and scolded him angrily. She often took the emperor to make the princes.

The father and son had a big quarrel and ended up in an unmanageable situation. Ye Zifan went to Pan Xiaoyong to vent, and then took him to choose a set of high-power telescopes. Just as the brothers were testing the shots in the store, they happened to see Lin Zhixia coming in from outside, and Pan Xiaoyong immediately showed his hospitality and couldn’t help but show off in front of her.

Lin Zhixia wanted to invite them to dinner, but Ye Zifan promised in advance that Yu Keren would go to the rehearsal, so he politely declined Lin Zhixia’s invitation. That night, Yu Keren asked Ye Zifan to go to the bar with him, but when he saw him and Lin Zhixia having a good time, he went up to the jealousy and dragged him away, but Lin Zhixia’s expression changed slightly.

Knowing that Ye Zifan had decided to leave Weiye International, Yu Keren felt that he was simply unreasonable. He could take over the main control group, but he chose to give up on the spot, so he put him down, worrying that the relationship was not guaranteed. Ye Zifan knew about Yu Keren’s money-worshiping motives, so he only smiled, did not explain too much, and did not respond to the other party’s feelings.

Ye Qiankun waited at home for his son to come back, and took the initiative to explain the situation to him. After all, Huang Zhengkang’s fighting behavior is true. If he doesn’t deal with it, it’s conniving in disguise, and he is not responsible for either the employees or the company. Ye Zifan was dissatisfied with Wu Jia’s actions, but Ye Qiankun treated Wu Jia as a daughter, not as nasty as he had imagined. Because of this, Ye Zifan took the initiative to apologize to Wu Jia, but he didn’t expect that Wu Jia would have passed away.

When the hotel where Zeng Zhiqiu was staying suddenly caught fire, Lin Zhixia stood outside anxiously waiting for the result, and happened to see Zeng Zhiqiu picking up Daniel back from school. Taking into account the investment problem of the Pioneer Park, Zeng Zhiqiu decided to pay the money, but Pan Xiaoyong, who received the investment funds, was pleasantly surprised.

There is news from abroad that Weiye International has developed mining resources, but requested that the smelter be opened locally. Ye Qiankun and Ye Zifan had a disagreement about this again. Ye Zifan believed that they should be agreed, whether it was the requirements of the “Belt and Road”, or the calculation of product costs and the development of international markets.

The contradiction between father and son is almost irreconcilable. It happened that Yu Keren came to Ye Qiankun and asked him to persuade Ye Qiankun to give up his resignation, otherwise it would be difficult to find an heir in the future. But Ye Qiankun had already seen the girl’s scheming in front of him, so he made it clear that Weiye Group was not surnamed Ye and did not need Ye Zifan to succeed him.

Pan Xiaoyong celebrated in KTV and took the opportunity to thank Zeng Zhiqiu, but Zeng Zhiqiu said that he was under pressure to agree, and reminded him not to use this tone to ask for help in the future. Lin Zhixia received the commission from Zeng Zhiqiu and promised to help design the industrial park. However, Pan Xiaoyong just started to decorate the factory. Originally, the construction team was going to the steel mill. Unexpectedly, another group of people showed up with the contract and claimed to have already rented the factory. After realizing that he had been deceived, Pan Xiaoyong immediately went to the police station to report the crime, and he was even anxious to quarrel with the police.

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