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Family on the Go 3 温州三家人 Episode 6 Recap

As the content of the tender has been revised, the real bidder has become the two major groups of Weiye and Furong. Especially under Ye Qiankun’s instigation, the guaranteed amount was directly increased to 400 million U.S. dollars. Because of this, Ye Qiankun successfully won the Indonesian nickel mine in this way. Zark never thought that there would be such a result, and then left the bidding scene angrily. Assistant Wu Jia didn’t expect Wen Junmin to change his mind. It was only when they arrived at Wen Junmin’s residence that they suddenly realized that Ye Qiankun was very pleased with this.

Yu Keren lost his position as the lead dancer, so he came to Ye Zifan for help. Lin Zhixia stood beside him, looking embarrassed, and simply took a step away. When he received the invitation message from Zeng Zhiqiu, he found it according to the address and found Pan Xiaoyong waiting here for a long time. . Pan Xiaoyong brought Lin Zhixia and Zeng Zhiqiu to the old factory and talked about his imagination blueprint, trying to attract investment from each other. However, the amount of investment of 4 million made Zeng Zhiqiu quite pressured, and Lin Zhixia also felt that he was a liar, so he didn’t bother to pay attention.

Ye Zifan couldn’t bear Yu Keren’s stalking, so he could only accompany her to meet the manager Xiong, and even promised to invest 60,000 yuan in sponsorship for the dance organization. Although Yu Keren’s problem has been solved, Ye Zifan’s mood is very upset. He can’t imagine that Yu Keren will lose his principles and bottom line in order to get the leading position.

As Ye Qiankun thought Ye Qiankun had returned to China early, and he was refused to buy a fountain pen as a gift to his father, the estrangement between father and son gradually deepened. At this time, Ye Zifan would use QQ anonymously to chat with Lin Zhixia, because he is an astronomy lover, there are always topics that are endless, and he often confides in the chat.

Lin Zhixia didn’t know who the other party was, but Ye Zifan knew it well. He had already admired the beauty and extraordinary temperament of this high-achieving sculpture student, but he didn’t know how to express it, so he waited for him to hear his cousin’s straightforward threats. To pursue Lin Zhixia, it is even more at a loss.

Grandfather Huang Fugui is coming back from abroad. Pan Xiaoyong and Ye Zifan plan to pick up the plane and take him directly back to the old villa. Because Pan Xiaoyong wanted to clean the room first, but he didn’t have the key, and the locksmith hadn’t arrived in time, so he and Ye Zifan went over the wall. As a result, he was caught by the neighbor’s grandmother Wang Jinhua and almost treated him as a thief. Fortunately, at a critical moment, the locksmith suddenly appeared, and Ye Zifan took out his passport and finally explained the situation.

Considering that the amount of investment was too large, Zeng Zhiqiu tactfully refused Pan Xiaoyong’s cooperation, and provided a lot of reasons, so angry that he reopened the old accounts, and even accused her of revealing her careful thoughts about the Honghui Group. At this time, Ye Zifan went to pick up Huang Fugui. After waiting for a long time, he didn’t see a figure. It was not until he passed Pan Xiaoyong that he learned that Huang Fugui had been picked up from the VIP passage.

Huang Fugui went to join a chamber of commerce, and then went home with Ye Zifan and Pan Xiaoyong. He happened to meet Wang Jinhua, and his old friend was very happy to reunite after a long absence. Pan Xiaoyong took the initiative to talk to Huang Fugui about his entrepreneurial plan, hoping that he could fund part of his spare money, but Huang Fugui was always cunning, and he just had no money.

That night, Huang Yunmei and her husband Ye Qiankun had a disagreement because of Yu Keren. One thought she was a good match for Ye Zifan, and the other disagreed with the two. In the end, Huang Yunmei couldn’t help mentioning the past, which made Ye Qiankun get angry. The banquet broke up unhappily. When Ye Zifan sent Huang Fugui away, he asked about the past mentioned at the dinner table. Huang Fugui was a little bit emotional, so he said that Huang Yunmei once liked Lin Yishan, but he beat the mandarin ducks, stupefied by beating his daughter to Ye Qiankun, so It made her bear hatred for so many years.

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