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Family on the Go 3 温州三家人 Episode 5 Recap

Zeng Zhiqiu looked at her home for twenty years, and recalled her past with Lin Zhixia. With mixed feelings, he heard that his father was anxious about the overcapacity of the Honghui Group, and there was a trace of worry. Lin Yishan personally cooks and prepares a table of meals. However, he has never known that the people in autumn are unkind, and even asked Daniel to tell the fairy tales he heard when he was a child. This story shows that he still hates the things that year.

Lin Zhixia didn’t think that his father had missed anything. On the contrary, Zeng Zhiqiu was worried about it. He never thought of his father’s difficulties when he saw the scene of his mother running away from home. Lin Yishan faced the eldest daughter’s accusation without any refutation. Seeing Zeng Zhiqiu’s angrily leaving the house, Lin Zhixia couldn’t help asking why Lin Yishan didn’t make an excuse, but he thought that the time had passed.

After untold hardships, Ye Zifan finally found the owner of the yacht, and learned that Ye Qiankun was under house arrest on Turtle Island, so he went to rescue them overnight. At this time, the bidding meeting had already started, and Wen Junmin of Zalke and Furong Group was in possession of the winning ticket. Ye Qiankun encountered many obstacles on his way to participate in the bidding and was almost missed.

At the critical moment, Ye Qiankun and others finally arrived in time, and immediately explained the reason to the person in charge, Hudalama, that is, they expressed their sincerity in cooperation and hoped that the other party could delay the bidding time. Naturally, Hudarama would not let this big client go, so he readily agreed to push the bid to noon tomorrow.

It was precisely because of Hudarama’s sudden notice that all companies present except Weiye Group had opinions. Zarke deliberately met with Ye Qiankun and spied on his situation by the way. Afterwards, Ye Qiankun found Wen Junmin, hoping that the overseas Chinese giant could cooperate with him. However, Ye Qiankun had beaten his driver before, so the contact process was not harmonious.

Ye Qiankun found that Wen Junmin was Lin Yishan’s long-term partner, so he proposed to ask Lin Yishan for help, but his father Ye Qiankun refused, and even reprimanded him for acting recklessly, so he could only decide to modify the bid and increase the bid price. Facing this powerless situation, Ye Zifan was not convinced. He planned to return to China alone to find Lin Yishan. In order to help Ye Qiankun, Wu Jia promised to help Ye Qiankun conceal his true purpose of returning home.

Wu Jia found Wen Junmin and took the initiative to explain Ye Zifan to Wen Junmin so that he could change his mind. Ye Zifan returned home overnight to beg to see Lin Yishan, but Lin Yishan was still thinking about the previous fights, so he was very unfriendly to him. He didn’t listen to any explanation from the other party and went straight upstairs to rest.

Ye Qiankun and others revised the bid documents overnight, and found that the Zacker Group had imported 70 tons of red nickel ore in Vietnam, and the money has not been settled yet. Ye Qiankun was very excited about this sudden good news, and immediately asked Wu Jia to find evidence to provide it to Hudarama.

While Ye Zifan was at home reflecting on what he had done, he did not expect Lin Zhixia to call and offer to help him make an appointment with his father. The next morning, Ye Zifan went to find Lin Yishan with a gift, and happened to encounter Lin Chen blocking the door from entering. Upon seeing this, Lin Yifeng taught Lin Chen a lesson, and then brought Ye Zifan in. Because of Ye Zifan’s sincere apology, Lin Yishan’s attitude was somewhat relaxed.

Just before the start of the bidding meeting, Zarke was still provoking Ye Qiankun everywhere, thinking that this would make him abandon the bid, but he didn’t expect Ye Qiankun to be calm. When Hudarama asked to revise the bid, Ye Qiankun received a call from Wen Junmin and immediately revised the details of the bid.

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