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Faith Makes Great 理想照耀中国 Episode 1 Recap

In 11920, in Fenshuitang Village, Yiwu, Zhejiang, Master Bao, the rich man’s house, was flying a kite on the street. The kite was swaying in the sky, just like the country at that time. The Russian Revolution won a decisive victory, but the land of China is still in dire straits. Foreign powers wantonly trampled on the land of China. The late Qing government was corrupt and incompetent. Jiang Liu was completely desperate for the current government, not only burned all the books, but also disbanded the school, leaving the children to run wild and play in the street.

In the spring of 1920, in the French Concession of Shanghai, patriots and intellectuals from all walks of life gathered together. They were filled with righteous indignation and worried about the future of the country. They offered ideas and suggestions. Shao Lizi suggested learning from the experience of the Russian Revolution. Some people insisted on saving the country through industry and treating the West. Strong rejection, the two sides disagree with each other too much. Chen Wangdao sat alone and turned a deaf ear to their quarrel. He quietly left in the rain.

Chen Wangdao decided to leave Shanghai and return to his hometown of Yiwu. Before he left, he and Shao Lizi said goodbye. They both felt worried about the current state of the country. Both felt that China urgently needs to establish a Chinese Bolshevik in order to completely save this trampled land, Shao Lizi, please Chen Wangdao’s translation of “Communist Manifesto” wants to be serialized in newspapers. When Chen Wangdao returned to Yiwu, he translated the “Communist Manifesto” overnight. He suddenly heard the mess outside. He hurried out to see what was going on. He saw that the river was burning the school and his neighbors were not allowed to fight the fire. The neighbors regarded him as a lunatic.

Chen Wangdao called Jiang Liu to the teahouse to retire the old days. The two had not seen each other for many years, and there was no joy of reuniting after a long time. They only met each other and couldn’t say a word. Afterwards, Jiang Liu spit out bitterness at Chen Wangdao through Jiu Jin. He couldn’t see it. In the future and the bright of the country, Chen Wangdao just stayed with him silently when he felt that studying was useless. That night, Chen Wangdao watched the “Communist Manifesto” attentively. His mother brought him two glutinous rice dumplings and sugar. Chen Wangdao was immersed in seeing them. He dipped the ink in front of him and ate two dumplings, but he didn’t notice it.

Chen Wangdao stayed up late to finish translating the “Communist Manifesto”. He couldn’t wait to return to Shanghai and hand it to Shao Lizi. He also sent a copy to Jiang Liu, pointing out a bright road to Jiang Liu, and Jiang Liu felt that his eyes suddenly opened up. From 1920 to 1921, the translation of the “Communist Manifesto” was widely disseminated in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Changsha, Jinan, Wuhan and Beijing. Marxism was widely spread, and early Communist Party organizations were established in various places.

Years later, generations of Chinese leaders Mao Zedong, Deng Xiaoping and Xi Jinping all gave the highest evaluation to Chen Wangdao’s translation of the “Communist Manifesto” and affirmed his great role in the establishment of the Communist Party. Xi Jinping listened to Chen Wangdao’s story and said “the truth”. The taste is really sweet”.

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