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Dancing in the Storm 风暴舞 Episode 26 Recap

Mou Chuan told Li Junjie that he knew his parents Li Guoxin and his wife. Before they went to study on the island, they knew that it was illegal research, but they went there anyway. Li Junjie thought it was impossible, but he didn’t believe it. Mou Chuan laughed at him as naive.

Chen Jingwen has been complaining about herself, thinking that she is a cumbersome. Xiao Zheng said that Chen Jingwen is very good in his heart, as long as he is willing, he will always be by her side. Suddenly, Calais broke into Mengliang base and shot and killed his unprepared brother. Xiao Zheng hid Chen Jingwen in the cabinet and told her not to come out and protect VX3 by herself. Xiao Zheng watched Calais walk to Chen Jingwen’s cabinet. In order to protect Chen Jingwen, he held the VX3 to attract him and was shot and killed by Calais. When Zhou Zixuan and Shi Yunhao arrived at Mengliang base, Calais had already escaped, and they quickly rescued Chen Jingwen.

Meng Liang has been in a coma because he was drugged. Li Junjie kept calling him and was answered by a private doctor. Li Junjie asked Mu Chuan why he cooperated with Calais. Mou Chuan gave the reason and also the cause of Chen Gang’s death. Li Junjie brought Mu Chuan to the base, and in front of Zhou Zixuan and Shi Yunhao, he wanted to kill Mu Chuan. Zhou Zixuan said that if he killed Mu Chuan, he would lose his father again, and he would lose Li Junjie again. She said that she loved Li Junjie the most.

Zhou Zixuan took Chen Jingwen to a safe room and told her not to open the door to anyone except herself and Li Junjie. Chen Jingwen asked Zhou Zixuan to hug herself again, and she envied that Li Junjie was kind to her. Zhou Zixuan returned to the car and hugged Li Junjie, not allowing him to kill Mou Chuan on impulse and let herself lose him again.

When Shi Yunhao asked Mu Chuan whether what Li Junjie said was true, Mou Chuan could not deny it. Shi Yunhao took out his gun and said he vowed to avenge Chen Gang. Mou Chuan said that he did not kill Chen Gang with his own hands. Before Chen Gang died, he kindly reminded him not to check the chip again, because the big man behind it was cruel, but Chen Gang said he would not give up continuing to check the chip. . Mu Chuan didn’t want Chen Gang’s incident to happen again, and asked Shi Yunhao how he chose family affection and career. For him, he would choose family affection.

Calais got the VX3 and was surrounded by Jianghua and others. Jianghua was ordered to kill Calais, but Mou Chuan would not fulfill his promise because Calais wanted to flee with the VX3. Seeing that something was wrong, Calais jumped off the bridge holding the VX3 and shot himself in the arm, leaving the VX3 behind.

Meng Liang saw the news. Knowing that there was a gun battle at his base, he wanted to go back to avenge, but was stopped by a private doctor. Alpha called Mou Chuan and asked him to hand over the VX3 to himself. Mou Chuan said that VX3 is in his own hands and can attract Meng Liang to come out. He has already planned.

Li Junjie contacted Meng Liang and met at Haibin Road. Meng Liang told Li Junjie that he had leaked secrets to the base because of the chip. After Amanda learned of the matter, Zhou Zixuan asked Zhou Zixuan to meet with the mayor to expose Mu Chuan’s behavior. Zhou Zixuan also believed that this was the only way at present. Zhou Zixuan wanted to meet the mayor for an interview, but Chen Haodong saw it. Chen Haodong quickly told Mu Chuan that Mu Chuan knew he was in danger.

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