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Dancing in the Storm 风暴舞 Episode 25 Recap

Li Junjie quickly found a private doctor and asked him about Meng Liang’s physical condition. The private doctor did not tell Li Junjie the truth, and hoped that Meng Liang had better go to the hospital for an examination. After all, he was a veterinarian and couldn’t treat the disease. Xiao Zheng knew that Meng Liang’s condition had deteriorated severely, so he cried. Meng Liang enlightened him and told him not to care.

Jianghua called Mou Chuan and said that he and Calais were together in the underground clinic. When Mou Chuan heard that he went to the underground clinic, he wanted to persuade Calais to do something for himself. For the time being, he ignored Meng Liang’s information and VX3, but told Calais a secret. Ruan Taiyuan betrayed Alpha, and his life might not be guaranteed. Mou Chuan said that Alpha and herself control Mo Shi. Even if Ruan Taiyuan is in her own territory, she can’t escape Alpha’s power. She hopes that Calais can stand with her and deal with Ruan Taiyuan together, and she can give him the richest. treatment.

Calais did not believe in Mou Chuan. Mou Chuan stated that he would use VX3 to delete his case, as long as he listened to his actions. Calais also told Mu Chuan a secret that the VX3 that Li Junjie took back had no control device, and suspected that it was in the hands of others.

When Shi Yunhao returned home, he found that the house had been stolen, but the security lock was not broken. He suspected that he was not an ordinary thief. Shi Yunhao met Mu Chuan to discuss matters, and Mu Chuan asked him if he had lost important things. Shi Yunhao didn’t want to say anything. Mou Chuan was straightforward, saying that these people were all here to control the instrument, and that Li Junjie’s alive meant that VX3 was not yet with Ruan Taiyuan. Mou Chuan believes that Shi Yunhao was on the scene of the controller the night the VX3 was stolen.

When Shi Yunhao talked about Ma Qiming, who on earth wanted to get VX3, he didn’t know him at all. Mou Chuan said that he would only contact Ma Qiming at work. Mu Chuan wanted to regain control of VX3, believing that this would make Mo Shi on the right track, but Shi Yunhao denied it. When Shi Yunhao asked Mu Chuan to rescue Li Junjie, he could hand over the controller to him. In Shi Yunhao’s view, Li Junjie is as important to Zhou Zixuan as himself.

When Jiang Hua waited for Yun Hao to leave, he went to Mu Chuan to report the situation. Mou Chuan believes that Li Junjie and Meng Liang are a group, and they must be found as soon as possible. Maya found out that Meng Liang’s two subordinates had died. One of them had used his identity to consume at a certain electronic center. Zhou Zixuan immediately went to the scene to investigate the news.

Maya was called to the office by Mou Chuan, and Mou Chuan wanted Maya to stand on his side and tell the news that Li Junjie was still alive. Maya thought it was impossible, and Zhou Zixuan and Shi Yunhao both kept it from themselves. Mou Chuan asked Maya to tell him any news that he found in the future. Maya suddenly didn’t believe in others, and didn’t know who to trust. Lao Deng comforted Maya that everyone has something hard to tell, and sometimes the secret is to protect others. Maya remembered Ma Xiaojun’s death again and thought it had something to do with Li Junjie, but no one told her about Li Junjie’s life.

Meng Liang believes that there are more powerful people behind Mu Chuan and Ruan Taiyuan, otherwise the two will not fight inwardly. He asked Li Junjie who he wanted to give the VX3 in his hand. Li Junjie believed Meng Liang, gave him the VX3, and went to Mou Chuan to find out the cause of his parents’ death.

Zhou Zixuan found clues to Meng Liang on Chengyi Road, and Shi Yunhao asked Maya to tell herself anything about it, but Maya still told Mu Chuan about it. Meng Liang’s little brother was discovered, and Meng Liang asked him to come to Bacheng to make peace with him. Zhou Zixuan and Shi Yunhao came to the abandoned factory and saw suspicious characters. Xiao Zheng learned that someone had come to the abandoned factory, but he couldn’t get through Meng Liang’s phone.

The private doctor told Meng Liang that his condition was serious and could not be delayed any longer. Meng Liang didn’t want to do closed treatment. Now is the critical moment and he has to deal with Mu Chuan. Shi Yunhao always thought that Mou Chuan would not touch Li Junjie in order to control the instrument, but he did not expect it. Mou Chuan’s subordinates found Meng Liang’s younger brother, asked about Meng Liang’s hiding place, and asked Calais to do it. Calais didn’t want anyone to follow him and ordered Jiang Hua to leave. Unexpectedly, after getting in the car, Li Junjie was behind the car. Li Junjie asked Mou Chuan to tell the truth about the death of his parents.

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