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Dancing in the Storm 风暴舞 Episode 24 Recap

Jason had left Istanbul five days ago and entered Ba City the day before yesterday. Li Junjie told Meng Liang of his plan to prevent Calais and others from trading. Calais gathered everyone and said that this mission can only succeed, not fail, and let Agu and U Naifang stay at the base and be responsible for contact.

Meng Liang listened to Li Junjie’s plan, thought his plan of action was very dynamic, and gave him a mobile phone. Zhou Zixuan has always been worried about Li Junjie. She still doesn’t know where he was after he escaped. She sits and remembers the sweet lives of the two. Li Junjie took the cell phone and wanted to call Zhou Zixuan, but he couldn’t dial the number. He didn’t want Zhou Zixuan to worry.

Chen Jingwen secretly watched Li Junjie and was discovered by Li Junjie. Chen Jingwen said that she didn’t want to be Li Junjie’s burden, and imagined that she could fight alongside Li Junjie like Zhou Zixuan. A Gu and Wu Naifang stayed at the base, and A Gu deliberately mentioned Wu Naifang’s sister to let him relax his vigilance. Wu Naifang took the advantage of Agu to sleep and used the computer to contact Zhou Zixuan, wanting to know the situation of her sister. When Zhou Zixuan wanted Calais, Wu Naifang said Jason’s name.

Zhou Zixuan got news that Wu Naifang’s sister had been rescued successfully, and Wu Naifang was very happy to see the group photo. A Gu appeared from behind and discovered Wu Naifang’s secret. U Naifang hoped that A Gu would escape with him, and someone would respond as long as he escaped. A Gu deliberately said yes, causing Wu Naifang to relax his vigilance again and stabbed him from behind. Wu Naifang hit the knife to the end, and Agu replied that he also had a sister, but it was Ruan Taiyuan, and then made another cut.

Agu calls Calais and tells him that he has already dealt with Wu Naifang. Calais asked him to leave there as soon as possible. It was no longer safe. Li Junjie was ready to act and brought along Meng Liang’s ten brothers. Meng Liang said that he would not participate, but he personally followed him. Mou Chuan got inside information that Calais was going to trade with Jason in the old steel mill.

Jason brought a large number of people and asked Calais to take out the VX3, and he had to inspect the goods first. Calais had a ghost in his heart, because the VX3 did not have a control device, and suddenly the two sides started a fierce fight, and Li Junjie’s people happened to be there. Li Junjie closely followed Lai, watching him snatch VX3. Meng Liang’s car arrived in time and crashed into Calais, and Li Junjie snatched the VX3. Unexpectedly, the people from Mou Chuan also came and saw Li Junjie getting into Meng Liang’s car.

Zhou Zixuan found out where Wu Naifang was, and found that Wu Naifang had been killed by the knife. Zhou Zixuan was very sorry and a little guilty. Li Junjie was brought back safely, and Meng Liang saw VX3 and thought that this hacker weapon killed too many people. Li Junjie wanted to know the relationship between Mu Chuan and Meng Liang. Meng Liang said that Mu Chuan was just the Bacheng policeman, and he was just his informant. Back then, he was ordered to pick up Li Junjie’s parents. He heard Li Guoxin talk about the new network technology and saw Li Guoxin taking a photo with Zhou Zhiping and his wife.

Everything was calm and peaceful at the beginning. Meng Liang even took pictures with Li Guoxin and his wife, but as time went by, they could not see Li Guoxin and his wife come and go at will, and it was Mu Chuan’s order. Meng Liang wanted to go in and check the situation. He didn’t expect the house to explode. He had always suspected that there was something wrong with Mu Chuan, but suffered from no evidence.

Li Junjie was irritated and wanted to avenge Mu Chuan. Meng Liang stopped him and told him not to be impulsive, but suddenly he fainted. Mou Chuan questioned Zhou Zixuan, thinking she didn’t believe in herself, and suspected that Li Junjie had been instigated by Meng Liang, and she had to find Meng Liang first. Zhou Zixuan asked Maya and Meng Liang’s two men who died to be identified by Interpol. Zhou Zixuan was unhappy, thinking that Shi Yunhao had not fulfilled his promise and told Mou Chuan about Li Junjie’s life.

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