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Dancing in the Storm 风暴舞 Episode 23 Recap

Wu Naifang quietly gave Li Junjie a dagger, and Calais was drunk listening to the music, but did not notice Li Junjie’s actions at all. Mou Chuan wanted Shi Yunhao to answer in person to confirm Li Junjie’s life and death. Li Junjie had already cut the rope quietly, and while Calai was not paying attention, he wanted to escape. Calais scratched Li Junjie’s head with a gun, frantically trying to kill him. Wu Naifang replies to Maya, and Maya sends its location to Zhou Zixuan. Calais didn’t pay attention during the chase, detonated the bomb and injured himself.

Zhou Zixuan’s people rushed to the abandoned factory, but Li Junjie and Calais were long gone. Zhou Zixuan found the broken rope and guessed that Li Junjie had already left. When Mou Chuan heard that Li Junjie was still alive, he immediately called the mysterious person to tell Alpha about Li Junjie’s life.

Zhou Zixuan had no special clues. Shi Yunhao thought that Mu Chuan should be told that only Mo Shi could protect Li Junjie. Zhou Zixuan said that people should never know, especially Mou Chuan, because they all want Li Junjie’s life, and Li Junjie knows too many secrets. Alpha asked Mu Chuan to do everything possible to prevent Ruan Taiyuan from selling VX3 to others.

Calais was ready to equip him. According to Ruan Taiyuan’s order, he wanted to cooperate with Jason. He wanted to obtain a large amount of funds in his hands. Li Junjie called Meng Liang. Chen Jingwen saw Li Junjie come back safely and was happy to hug him.

Ma Qiming asked the housekeeper to inform Shi Yunhao to go home, wanting to have a good talk with him. Shi Yunhao returned home and asked Ma Qiming why he suddenly came to Bacheng, thinking that he definitely didn’t just want to eat with himself. Ma Qiming asked Shi Yunhao to quit his job at Mo Shi and come to his company, thinking that his company is strong enough to allow Shi Yunhao to learn more. Shi Yunhao refused, saying that he would know Ma Qiming’s true purpose by staying in Mo Shi.

He mentioned the death of Li Yun, thinking that Ma Qiming deliberately let Li Yun go ahead at the time, so that Hassan succeeded. Obviously there are many choices, but I chose this method and asked whether Ma Qiming had anything to do with Li Yun’s death. Ma Qiming was very calm, thinking that Li Yun’s death was inseparable from Moses’ security.

Shi Yunhao came to the bar to drink again. He didn’t understand. Ma Qiming suddenly wanted to go home by himself. There must be some hidden secret. Ma Qiming thought that Shi Yunhao didn’t understand and gave him so many opportunities, but Shi Yunhao always didn’t care. Uncle Qin said that he would look for opportunities to talk to Li Junjie.

Meng Liang took Li Junjie back to the new place, knowing that he had separated the VX3’s controller, because he had seen the VX3. Meng Liang recalled that in one action, he found a group of people hurriedly moved things away. Suspected that they had heavy weapons, he hurried to call the police, and he and his assistant drove after the group of people.

Unexpectedly, on the road, a group of masked people intercepted him, and the posters floating in the car showed the appearance of VX3. Only then did he remember the VX plan developed by Li Junjie’s father Li Guoxin, thinking that his parents’ death was related to VX3. When Li Junjie talked about Jason, Meng Liang said that he was in the arms business, and he was very convenient here, so let Li Junjie talk about his thoughts.

U Naifang quietly used the computer to leave messages to Maya, asking them to save her sister first, and he would not reveal the whereabouts of Calais until they were rescued. Zhou Zixuan agreed to such a deal and sent someone to Adewang Village to rescue Wu Naifang’s sister, and asked Maya to try to track Wu Naifang’s location again. Meng Liang heard Jason’s message that he had entered Bacheng five days ago.

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