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Dancing in the Storm 风暴舞 Episode 22 Recap

Mou Chuan sent Shi Yunhao to cooperate with the police, and if he saw Calais, he must get the VX3 back. Shi Yunhao found the safe house and found that Calais and others had already left. Calais controlled Li Junjie and tied him up to have a good chat with him. Asked where he had been in the past three years, Li Junjie replied that he sold fish. Calais touched Li Junjie’s arm, and he could see that he had not been wasteful in the past three years, but had continued to grow and exercise himself.

Zhou Zixuan woke up after the injection of the antidote. Someone helped him connect Calais, and she told Li Junjie that she was safe. Li Junjie deliberately circled Calais without telling him where the VX3 controller is. Calais was angry and severely beat Li Junjie, who was tied up with his hands and feet and could not resist.

Shi Yunhao went to the hospital to find Zhou Zixuan. Zhou Zixuan was very excited and asked Shi Yunhao to rescue Li Junjie quickly, worrying that Li Junjie’s life would be in danger. Mou Chuan sent flowers to the hospital, held Zhou Zixuan, let her rest, and sent someone to protect her 24 hours a day. Mu Chuan asked Shi Yunhao, what Zhou Zixuan said after waking up, he didn’t know that Li Junjie was not dead, but he was still very suspicious.

Mu Chuan told Jiang Hua not to startle him, and continued to find clues to Calais, knowing that he had not returned to Ruan Taiyuan’s base. Mou Chuan recalled what Zhou Zixuan had said and hurried back to the hospital. Shi Yunhao contacted Zhou Zixuan on the phone and asked her to recall if she had any clues. Zhou Zixuan offered her glasses. Mou Chuan came to the hospital and saw Zhou Zixuan lying down obediently, thinking that he was wrong.

Zhou Zixuan knew that Amanda had been transferred back to the headquarters, and Mu Chuan said that it would be useless for Amanda to stay in Bacheng and Moshi. Zhou Zixuan had a strong tone and asked Mu Chuan whether she was deceiving herself. There must be a ghost within Mo Shi who has been setting up them all the time. Zhou Zixuan asked Mu Chuan to tell the truth and ask him if he belonged to Scorpio. Mu Chuan asked Zhou Zixuan to tell himself honestly whether Li Junjie was not dead, and asked Zhou Zixuan not to lie. The two questioned each other, Zhou Zixuan asked why Mu Chuan had a picture of his mother.

Mou Chuan absolutely did not allow VX3 to fall into the hands of terrorists, and ordered the hospital personnel not to allow Zhou Zixuan to be discharged. Shi Yunhao came to the video game city and took some money to the boss and asked him to buy something delicious. Without paying attention, Shi Yunhao put the control unit in the safe of the game city. Shi Yunhao ordered his subordinates to act quickly to eliminate every corner of Bacheng, and must seize Calais.

Shi Yunhao gave Maya a piece of information about his glasses and asked her to check the information about him on the dark web, and tell him any news directly. Someone found the photo of the Calais team member, and Shi Yunhao wanted to check it through this clue. Looking through the glasses, Li Junjie was about to be killed by Calais, and I hope Agu will persuade Calais. Agu made an excuse to leave Calais and persuaded Li Junjie to hand over the controller.

Zhou Zixuan was about to leave the hospital, and Mu Chuan had nothing to do with her. Maya told Shi Yunhao the information she found and knew that the real name of the glasses was Wu Naifang, who was from Burma. Shi Yunhao hoped that Maya would contact Wu Naifang through the dark web to win over this person and see if he could know Li Junjie’s position. Zhou Zixuan wants to apply to act with Shi Yunhao, so that Mu Chuan should not guess and doubt about herself. Under Zhou Zixuan’s questioning, Mu Chuan confessed that he contacted the Ruan Taiyuan organization with only one purpose, which was to protect Zhou Zixuan.

Zhou Zixuan expressed that she did not know what happened to Mu Chuan over the years, whether she should believe it, and what conspiracy was behind it. Mou Chuan was angry. He had a lot of unspeakable concealment. He recalled the happy days with Zhou Zixuan before, but he just didn’t like Li Junjie and thought that Li Junjie was not her best companion. Mu Chuan didn’t understand that Zhou Zixuan believed in Li Junjie so much, but didn’t believe in herself, so everything had changed.

Ruan Taiyuan asked Calais if he had obtained the control device. He had already signed a sale and purchase agreement with Jason, regardless of Li Junjie’s life or death. The glasses overheared Calais’s conversation and hurriedly reported to Li Junjie that there was Jason. Zhou Zixuan knew Wu Naifang’s real name and asked Maya to try to contact him through social networks. Wu Naifang usually uses the Internet to report safety to her sister and leave a trace on the Internet. Through this trace, Maya found that Wu Naifang was in an abandoned factory. Zhou Zixuan wanted to act immediately, but Shi Yunhao was stopped by Mu Chuan.

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