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Dancing in the Storm 风暴舞 Episode 21 Recap

Meng Liang watched Li Junjie and others enter the tunnel, and ordered Li Junjie and VX3 to be protected. As long as someone came out of the tunnel, they would kill one by one. The glasses shielded the monitoring of the Moses vault in the safe house, and the wild wolf watched him, but he was always worried about Zhou Zixuan, who was unconscious next to him.

Li Junjie entered the passage and needed to verify his identity before he could enter. The artificial intelligence did not open the passage for him at first. Li Junjie said that the artificial intelligence itself had a virus and asked him to re-verify. In the end, Li Junjie successfully used Mou Chuan’s fingerprints to enter the vault and obtained VX3.

After Li Junjie got it, he was stopped by the Calais. Calais ordered that as long as he got VX3, he would kill Li Junjie. Li Junjie was agile and ran away. The people from Calais returned the same way, and they met the people arranged by Meng Liang, who had too much firepower.

Li Junjie returned to the vault and wanted to go in, only to find that he was deceived by the artificial intelligence. He tried many identities. Fortunately, the glasses hacker entered the vault system to allow Li Junjie in. Mu Chuan knew that Zhou Zixuan had left a signal for himself, and immediately notified Shi Yunhao, so that everyone in Mo Shi must be on guard and must protect VX3.

After Li Junjie got the real VX3, he was about to leave Mo Shi, but was stopped by Shi Yunhao with a gun. Although Shi Yunhao was concerned about Zhou Zixuan’s safety, he did not agree with him to exchange VX3. Just as the two pointed their guns at each other, people from Calais suddenly appeared to shoot. Shi Yunhao asked Li Junjie to give himself the VX3 control unit, so that he could temporarily deceive the other party, and the control unit is the key, and it cannot be started without the control unit.

Mou Chuan ordered the blockade of Mo Shi, but Li Junjie ran away and gave part of the VX3 to Calais. Meng Liang saw Li Jun outstanding coming, and let Xiao Zheng follow. Calais discovered that Meng Liang stopped the action in time. Zhou Zixuan was still in a coma. The wild wolf picked up Zhou Zixuan and wanted to behave against her. He was blocked by the glasses and knocked him down with a punch.

In the chaos in the world, they were looking for surveillance and found that Li Junjie and others had escaped from the passage. Maya came to report that Mo Shi was attacked by hackers and suspected that Mou Chuan’s identity had been stolen. Mou Chuan was angry, thinking that his identity was double-insured and could not be stolen unless it was an insider, but Maya could not be spread.

The wolf kept beating the glasses, and Calais, Li Junjie and others returned to the safe house. Li Junjie heard that the wolf wanted to behave badly against Zhou Zixuan, and without saying a word, he stepped forward and beat him severely. Calais shot and killed the wolf directly, saying that he would give him a ride.

Mu Chuan suspected that Zhou Zixuan wanted to leave a message for himself, and did not expect that Li Junjie was still alive, but he always hoped that Zhou Zixuan would come back safely and asked Shi Yunhao to find a way to save her, because the next day was Zhou Zixuan’s birthday. Calais sent the VX3 to Ruan Taiyuan through the video, and the foreigner next to him saw that it was not a complete VX3. It had no control device, but was just scrap metal.

Ruan Taiyuan threatened Li Junjie to get the full set of VX3 back, otherwise Zhou Zixuan would die. At the critical moment, Mou Chuan called Ruan Taiyuan and accused her of taking her own initiative and stole VX3. If Zhou Zixuan was left alone, all available power would be used to make the Ruan Taiyuan organization disappear. Ruan Taiyuan promised to release Zhou Zixuan, but Li Junjie was left.

Li Junjie was controlled and couldn’t say goodbye to Zhou Zixuan. The two only told each other how much they loved each other through their eyes. Zhou Zixuan was taken to the hospital and was injected with the medicine. Chen Jingwen didn’t see Li Junjie come back and was very disappointed. Mou Chuan blamed Jiang Hwa, saying that he had not found an escape route for Calais. Maya found clues, tracked down a suspicious car, and four people. Mou Chuan told Alpha that he wanted to get rid of Ruan Taiyuan.

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