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Miss Crow with Mr. Lizard 乌鸦小姐与蜥蜴先生 Episode 20 Recap

Xu Chengran received news from the lawyer that it was an address, and Gu Chuan went to see Chen Ao. Gu Chuan stared at Chen Ao and deliberately pretended to Chen Ao that he was the client of the twin brother Chen Yun ten years ago. Chen Ao really asked about it, hoping that Gu Chuan would entrust him with the things he had originally entrusted, and Gu Chuan’s strategy would succeed. , But did not realize that his every move was filmed by Assistant Liu, who followed Chen Ao’s Xu father. Gu Chuan told Xu Chengran about his meeting with Chen Ao today.

Xu Chengran felt that there was a hidden danger in it. He still hoped to meet with Chen Ao with Gu Chuan. Gu Chuan called Chen Ao again, but he didn’t know that he was not connected. , It turned out that Assistant Liu told Father Xu about the matter. Father Xu felt that the threat should be solved first. Assistant Liu prescribed medicine to make Chen Ao stunned and thrown into the river. He never had a chance to see the sun again…

Today Jiang Xiaoning asked Gu Chuan for leave in advance. Gu Chuan asked. Jiang Xiaoning only talked about having an appointment. Gu Chuan sensed the danger, so he secretly followed Jiang Xiaoning to the restaurant. Sure enough, Chen Chen appeared, and Jiang Xiaoning and Chen Chen had an intimate discussion. There was quite a whispering atmosphere. Gu Chuan was so jealous that he couldn’t stand the plan anymore when he returned to the company, so he could only sulking at the window by himself.

Jiang Xiaoning brought Chen Chen to Zhao Yan’s house, and the three of them ate together. Jiang Xiaoning mentioned Chen Chen’s troubles. Although the conditions at home are good, Chen Chen still hopes to work hard for himself. Chen Chen also mentioned that he was broken in love. With ulterior motives, he deliberately proposed a solution to the previous topic. It is better to send a photo to prove his determination to be independent at home. Chen Chen thought that this plan was reliable, so he took out his mobile phone and took a group photo of the three and sent it to Moments.

Xu Chengran and Gu Chuan were irritated at this time. Xu Chengran took the opportunity to encourage Gu Chuan to confess and drive away the little white face so as not to get acquainted with Zhao Yan. Encouraged by Xu Chengran’s madness, Gu Chuan and Xu Chengran came to Zhao Yan’s downstairs. Xu Chengran deliberately borrowed the clothes of a takeaway to come to Zhao Yan’s house to inquire about the enemy. Zhao Yan naturally saw through the true face behind the mask.

However, he still put Xu Chengran in. Gu Chuan, who was waiting for the rabbit downstairs, was very happy to see Chen Chen leaving. He took the opportunity to go upstairs to get Xu Chengran’s reason to meet Jiang Xiaoning. Unexpectedly, when Gu Chuan got upstairs, he found that Xu Chengran was beaten by Zhao Yan to hide. The scene at the bottom of the table, fearing Zhao Yan’s super high force value, Gu Chuan took the opportunity to escape, Xu Chengran hurried to catch up, and then escaped from the magic cave.

Jiang Xiaoning asked Gu Chuan to ask for leave again. It turned out to be to complete the credits to get a degree. When he heard that Jiang Xiaoning not only had to go to class with Chen Chen, but he might even come home with Chen Chen. In order to prevent Jiang Xiaoning from being taken away, Gu Chuan decided to go with Jiang Xiaoning Go to cram school together.

At the beginning of the cram school, Chen Chen not only arrived late, but also tried to pass the note to Jiang Xiaoning many times. Gu Chuan stopped Chen Chen’s note. The small commotion in the class caused the teacher’s idea. Faced with the teacher’s difficulties, Gu Chuan answered quickly and correctly. , And Chen Chen had to be kicked out of the classroom.

Unexpectedly, Chen Chen was still in the classroom waiting for Jiang Xiaoning to dismiss. Watching Chen Chen stalking him, Gu Chuan deliberately distracted Jiang Xiaoning and confronted Chen Chen. Unexpectedly, Chen Chen was not afraid at all, and simply told Gu Chuan that he was against Jiang Xiaoning. Gu Chuan couldn’t help feeling worried when he looked at Chen Chen who was full of hostility in front of him.

Gu Chuan insisted on sending Jiang Xiaoning to the classroom, and Gu Chuan’s reputation prevented him from entering the classroom again. After arriving in class, Chen Chen asked about Jiang Xiaoning’s feelings for Gu Chuan. After learning that Jiang Xiaoning had confessed to Gu Chuan but there was no result, Chen Chen decided to give Jiang Xiaoning an assist. After class, Chen Chen deliberately offered to eat supper in front of Gu Chuan. Under Chen Chen’s stimulation, Gu Chuan was very competitive. The three sat in the hot pot restaurant, the spicy hot pot was rolling, Jiang Xiaoning worried that Gu Chuan’s taste was not used to it.

This spicy level, but Gu Chuan’s heart was filled with Chen Chen’s provocation. The two men continued to eat spicy food until the entire complexion turned red, but they both held back each other. When the reminder of the watch sounded, Gu Chuan took the opportunity to go to the toilet. Chen Chen Jiang Xiaoning was worried about Gu Chuan, but Chen Chen knew that only this method could help Jiang Xiaoning and his sweetheart fall in love.

When he returned home, Gu Chuan kept drinking water to extinguish the hotness, but on the other side he sent a message to Jiang Xiaoning that he was all right. But Jiang Xiaoning knew Gu Chuan very well and couldn’t help but care about Gu Chuan. After the two said goodnight to each other, different feelings arose in their hearts.

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