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Miss Crow with Mr. Lizard 乌鸦小姐与蜥蜴先生 Episode 19 Recap

After the birthday party, Jiang Xiaoning was washing the dishes while chatting with Gu Chuan. In his spare time, Gu Chuan asked about Jiang Xiaoning’s car accident. During the conversation, Gu Chuan realized that Jiang Xiaoning in front of him was the helpless little girl he had tried to comfort him. , And Jiang Xiaoning also silently felt a sense of familiarity with the birthday song Gu Chuan sang during his birthday celebration. At the end of the party, everyone went back to their homes.

Jiang Xiaoning stopped Gu Chuan. Thinking back to the events of the past few days, Jiang Xiaoning felt a little emotional, and gently hugged Gu Chuan. Gu Chuan heard Jiang Xiaoning’s whispered words, pulled away Jiang Xiaoning’s hand, turned around and hugged her tightly. What happened today made Gu Chuan feel the warmth of home. Listening to Gu Chuan’s words, Jiang Xiaoning’s mouth raised a smile. Quietly hugged Gu Chuan.

Xu Chengran is very grateful for Zhao Yan to be with him today. He is really reluctant to Zhao Yan, but Xu Chengran is worried that Zhao Yan will have more prejudice towards him after discovering that she is the son of the reindeer group. Xu Chengran begs for mercy in every possible way and hopes Zhao. Yan was able to give herself a chance, but Zhao Yan let go of the obstacles and nodded in agreement. Xu Chengran was very happy and shouted directly on the street to express his love for Zhao Yan.

The doctor has been busy in the laboratory. After so many years of research on the mechanical heart, the doctor’s research has finally achieved a breakthrough. The doctor hurriedly called Gu Chuan to deliver the good news, and promised Gu Chuan that, as long as three months later, All the problems of Gu Chuan’s mechanical heart will surely be resolved.

At that time, Gu Chuan will be able to live like a normal person. Gu Chuan quickly called Xu Chengran back. In front of Xu Chengran, Gu Chuan told about his and Jiang Xiaoning’s previous car accidents. Now Jiang Xiaoning is his sweetheart. The doctor’s breakthrough gave Gu Chuan hope. Xu Chengran He simply encouraged Gu Chuan to confess, but the rigorous Gu Chuan decided to act after three months.

When he woke up early in the morning, Gu Chuan felt a change in his heart and looked forward to the day three months later. When I saw Jiang Xiaoning downstairs, Gu Chuan offered to take the initiative to drive. When he arrived at the studio, Gu Chuan today chose a bright suit, which surprised everyone. Su Manlin asked for a document from a colleague, and accidentally discovered that Jiang Xiaoning’s father’s name, a designer from a large company, had been involved in a corruption case, Su Manlin felt that she had caught the handle, and decided to find an opportunity to take action quickly.

The news soon reached the ears of colleagues. The rustling discussion stimulated Jiang Xiaoning’s nerves. Jiang Xiaoning asked her gossiping colleague Qi Hong to apologize, but Qi Hong believed that what he said was the truth. Jiang Guangda was indeed caught.

Convicted of corruption, Jiang Xiaoning, who usually laughs and fights, is like a vigilant cat, insisting on asking Qi Hong to apologize, and the two almost fought after they quarreled. Gu Chuan passed by and called the two people to a halt. Qi Hong, the personnel director, leaked employee information. Gu Chuan quickly presided over Jiang Xiaoning’s justice. Qi Hong also generously apologized to Jiang Xiaoning. Su Manlin, who watched everything happening coldly, couldn’t help but wrinkle. Frowned.

When Gu Chuan watched the ice cream play around, he thought of Jiang Xiaoning. Gu Chuan sent a message to ask Jiang Xiaoning to go out together tomorrow. At the same time, Xu Chengran tried to date Zhao Yan. The two who did their homework in advance chose the best date. At the location, Gu Chuan took Jiang Xiaoning, who thought he was unlucky, to grab the doll, and Xu Chengran took Zhao Yan to the art exhibition she had always wanted to go to.

Seeing that Zhao Yan’s sharp face finally softened, Xu Chengran was secretly delighted, and Jiang Xiaoning was even more moved by the sight of Gu Chuan grabbing a doll for himself. But today’s Gu Chuan seems to be infected by Jiang Xiaoning’s usual unlucky breath. The two people tried many times to no avail. Gu Chuan was even more anxious. He made some tricks on one of the big dolls and wrote specially for Jiang Xiaoning on the tag. With the words of blessing, I hope that Jiang Xiaoning will be inspired after he catches it personally.

At this time, Jiang Xiaoning’s schoolmate Chen Chen happened to pass by, and Gu Chuan’s heart suddenly rang. Chen Chen actually asked Jiang Xiaoning to go to class in front of him, and even wanted to help Jiang Xiaoning catch that special doll. His own mind was ruined, Gu Chuan’s heartbeat rose, and deliberately touched the crane machine with his hand, and the whole shop fell into darkness…

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