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Miss Crow with Mr. Lizard 乌鸦小姐与蜥蜴先生 Episode 18 Recap

Tang Xu is still paying attention to the company’s accounts. The strange number of a large number of accounts, Tang Xu is very afraid that this number will be suspected by the directors. Xu Chengran walked into his father’s office, Tang Xu quietly left, Xu Chengran showed the mysterious person’s photos he had taken to Xu’s father, Xu’s father remained silent, and said that he did not know him. After Xu Chengran left, Xu’s father called the assistant’s phone and accused him, thinking that things could not go on like this.

The lawyer found that the person in the photo was Chen Ao, who was the younger brother of the offender Chen Yun. Although he had nothing to do with him, Gu Chuan still felt that he could not let him hurt Xu Chengran… the next day, Gu Chuan came to Jiang Xiaoning’s house specially. He came to pick up patients at the door, and even brought Jiang Xiaoning to buy drinks. Although Gu Chuan was uncharacteristically in front of him, Jiang Xiaoning was very surprised and even took the initiative to joking with Gu Chuan. Thanks to Jiang Xiaoning, Gu Chuan smiled again.

Chen Wenwen sent a message to Jiang Xiaoning, hoping to apologize for what happened a few days ago. Jiang Xiaoning hurried to the coffee shop. Chen Wenwen prepared a souvenir. It was a landscape photo taken by Gu Chuan and a young photo. Jiang Xiaoning was ecstatic. Chen Wenwen was about to leave tomorrow. Jiang Xiaoning was very reluctant. Chen Wenwen was once again for the future of the two I send my blessings and hope that the two can finally get married.

In the evening, Jiang Xiaoning and Gu Chuan had supper together. Gu Chuan and Jiang Xiaoning asked for tips on optimism. After hearing Jiang Xiaoning’s words, Gu Chuan also felt that there was some truth. Thinking of Jiang Xiaoning’s birthday approaching, Gu Chuan couldn’t help asking about Jiang Xiaoning’s birthday. I don’t know that Jiang Xiaoning’s birthday had tragic memories. Jiang Xiaoning avoided the darkness, but just smiled lightly and told Gu Chuan that he was more inclined to live well. every day.

After eating and returning home, Jiang Xiaoning looked at the day on the calendar that marked her birthday. Thinking back to her parents, Jiang Xiaoning’s tears were slowly overflowing. Gu Chuan sent a message, which turned out to be a photo of ice cream. , Gu Chuan’s heart-warming words and cute photos of cats and cats are like invisible hands, quietly wiping the tears from the corners of Jiang Xiaoning’s eyes, giving her strength.

When Zhao Yan came to the coffee shop, Xu Chengran and Meng Jia acted as filming again. Zhao Yan simply sat behind them this time, and a few words exposed Xu Chengran’s fake scene. This time the act was unsuccessful, and Xu Chengran could only send it away. Dream good. Before talking to Zhao Yan, Xu Chengran received a call. Xu’s father drank more alcohol and was admitted to the hospital while discussing business.

Fortunately, the doctor came to rescue him. Xu Chengran impulsively accused the assistant of being incompetent, rushed into the room to visit his father, and looked at his father’s powerless body, Xu Chengran was frustrated. Zhao Yan sent Xu Chengran home, contrary to Tsundere’s normal, comforting Xu Chengran’s emotions. Jiang Xiaoning here received a call from her aunt. The elderly and indirectly amnesiaous grandmother was missing. Gu Chuan called Xu Chengran and quickly informed Xu Chengran that the five people searched everywhere, but nothing came of it. Back home, my aunt found that the photos of Jiang Xiaoning’s parents in the frame were missing.

She guessed that grandma must have gone to the cemetery. Jiang Xiaoning and Gu Chuan rushed to the cemetery, and they found the thin figure of grandma. The grandma who often forgets things did not forget. His son and daughter-in-law wrote down the address of the cemetery on the back of the photo. Only then did they touch the cemetery and understood the feelings of grandma. Jiang Xiaoning hugged her grandma and kept silent.

When he brought his grandma home, Gu Chuan realized that his grandmother had been staring at her. It turned out that it was her grandmother who recognized Gu Chuan as her son, Quanta. Gu Chuan had to answer in a nonchalant way. Auntie and Jiang Xiaoning both cook today and bring out their specialty dishes. Today is a special day.

Aunty took out a birthday cake and celebrated Jiang Xiaoning’s birthday. Aunty said something to persuade Jiang Xiaoning to get out of the grief of the car accident and look forward to a new look. In the future, everyone will sing the birthday song together. Gu Chuan’s singing voice reaches Jiang Xiaoning’s ears. Sensitive Xiaoning can hear that Gu Chuan’s voice is different, and he is very familiar…

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