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Miss Crow with Mr. Lizard 乌鸦小姐与蜥蜴先生 Episode 17 Recap

Xu Chengran hurriedly dialed Gu Chuan’s phone. Fortunately, Gu Chuan’s tone was still calm, but Gu Chuan said that he would not show up in the past few days. He had something to do. Xu Chengran stopped asking questions and left Gu Chuan. The next day, the company’s colleagues discussed Gu Chuan’s abnormalities in the past few days. Jiang Xiaoning was in a trance after hearing this, but he still raised his spirits and discussed Chen Wenwen’s plan with Su Manlin and others.

In the afternoon, Chen Wenwen went out to dinner with Jiang Xiaoning. Chen Wenwen guessed from what Jiang Xiaoning said that Su Manlin had told Gu Chuan and herself. Jiang Xiaoning already knew that there was no ambiguity between Chen Wenwen and Gu Chuan, but Chen Wenwen revealed her information to Su Manlin privately.

Disgusted by actions. Chen Wenwen and Jiang Xiaoning continued to maintain a peaceful state. Some of Chen Wenwen’s love suggestions gave Jiang Xiaoning a lot of inspiration. After hearing this, Jiang Xiaoning couldn’t help but love Chen Wenwen more. At this time, Su Manlin saw the smiling faces of the two outside the restaurant, and she couldn’t help but feel like she was smiling in her heart again. Puzzled.

Gu Chuan called the lawyer and wanted to set up a fund to help architects who could not go to school. In addition, regarding his will, Gu Chuan decided to wait a while to revise it. On the other side, Jiang Xiaoning revealed to Chen Wenwen what she had confessed. Chen Wenwen advised Jiang Xiaoning to wait for a while, waiting for Gu Chuan to give a real answer. Then the two came to the construction site and walked to the rooftop together. Jiang Xiaoning prepared to photograph the night scene here for the designer Cheng Dong’s reference.

At this time, Chen Wenwen received a call and she had to pick up her husband who had just arrived. Chen Wenwen specially left the key in the keyhole to remind Jiang Xiaoning not to forget. When night fell, the sound of lightning rang, Jiang Xiaoning hurried downstairs, but the door was closed. Chen Wenwen’s mobile phone was turned off without power, Jiang Xiaoning couldn’t make the call. Seeing that the heavy rain was about to fall, Jiang Xiaoning was helplessly huddled in the corner. Now I had to call Gu Chuan for help.

Gu Chuan received a call from Jiang Xiaoning and hurriedly set off to the building. The thunderstorms caused Jiang Xiaoning’s psychological fear to appear, but now she has nothing to do, so she has to tears. Gu Chuan and the security guard climbed to the roof, but the door to the roof was closed. Only the tenant had the key. Gu Chuan was so anxious that he could no longer wait for the firefighters, so he decided to climb to the roof from the elevator shaft. When Gu Chuan cautiously climbed onto the rooftop, he finally saw Jiang Xiaoning hiding beside him.

The glass door blocked the two of them. Gu Chuan used his body to hit the glass door again and again, finally breaking through the hard barrier. When I went to Jiang Xiaoning and looked at Jiang Xiaoning’s trembling body, Gu Chuan’s hand touched Jiang Xiaoning’s shoulder, and his heartbeat soared again. Jiang Xiaoning fainted in Gu Chuan’s arms. Gu Chuan looked at the value on his watch. Only then realized why Jiang Xiaoning fainted.

Seeing Jiang Xiaoning lying peacefully on the hospital bed, Gu Chuan felt very self-blaming. Xu Chengran arrived in time and brought a charging device to Gu Chuan. Gu Chuan insisted on staying by Jiang Xiaoning’s side. Xu Chengran had no choice but to accompany him. With Gu Chuan. Chen Wenwen sent a message to Gu Chuan, wanting to visit Jiang Xiaoning, Gu Chuan went downstairs to pick him up, Chen Wenwen bluntly said that she did not take the key away, and why the door was closed, she has no idea.

Chen Wenwen asked again whether Gu Chuan liked Jiang Xiaoning. After being affirmed, Chen Wenwen persuaded Gu Chuan to face her feelings directly and not to hurt Jiang Xiaoning. But Gu Chuan felt a dilemma. Chen Wenwen stared at Gu Chuan, hoping that Gu Chuan would not push Jiang Xiaoning away like he did in the past.

Zhao Yan came to the hospital to visit Jiang Xiaoning, Xu Chengran was overjoyed. Zhao Yan learned of Gu Chuan’s heroic behavior from Jiang Xiaoning, and felt puzzled. Gu Chuan didn’t look like a scumbag. After hearing Zhao Yan’s analysis, Jiang Xiaoning felt that Gu Chuan in front of him had to work harder to get closer. Gu Chuan walked into the ward and interrupted the conversation between the two. Zhao Yan saw the machine run away. Who knows that Xu Chengran didn’t entangle again this time, but sent Zhao Yan away personally and smartly, leaving Zhao Yan alone. Inside the elevator.

Xu Chengran returned to his father’s company and found the mysterious person who robbed him that day. It turns out that this time the mysterious person was specifically looking for Xu’s father’s assistant to ask for money again. Earlier, Xu’s father asked Tang Xu to transfer the huge sum of money to the mysterious person. He was not satisfied with the people’s hush money. He thought that his brother had gone to jail for Xu’s father and the others, and the money should be taken. The assistant had no choice but to take out his wallet again, and the mysterious man left with satisfaction.

In order to send Jiang Xiaoning home safely, the accusations of Gu Chuan and Jiang Xiaoning were reversed, and Gu Chuan sent Jiang Xiaoning home. When he returned home, Xu Chengran sent the photo of the mysterious person he had taken to Jiang Xiaoning. When Gu Chuan saw the photo, he recognized that it was the driver who drove the truck and crashed into him, and compared it with the photo in the newspaper. It was exactly the same. Gu Chuan hurriedly called his lawyer and asked him to investigate the identity of the mysterious man. The lawyer was shocked when he heard that the perpetrator had clearly been arrested and put in jail. Why was he still at large…

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