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Love like White Jade 白玉思无瑕 Episode 26 Recap

Jiang Tianling came to wake up Zhezhi early in the morning. Zhezhi was still angry about what happened last night. Jiang Tianling gave her something she would love. Jiang Tianling asked Zhezhi to close his eyes, he held her, and he asked Zhezhi to open his eyes. As soon as Zhezhi opened her eyes, she saw the portrait of herself and Jiang Tianling. She was very happy. Jiang Tianling held Zhezhi in his arms, and suddenly Master Jiang opened the door and saw them.

In Jiang Mansion, Jiang Tianling knelt on the ground to listen to his father’s words. Qi Delong came to explain that they were all acting before and returned the bracelet to Master Jiang. Fang Yuncheng also came in and knelt beside Qi Delong and said that he was brave and pretending to be a young master in front of Uncle Qi. Caused this series of misunderstandings.

Master Jiang asked Jiang Tianling to talk alone. He felt that the marriage contract was indeed excusable, and Jiang Tianling could not be blamed entirely. Master Jiang couldn’t understand why Jiang Tianling would go to Huadengfang, a place of fireworks. Jiang Tianling said that although this Huadengfang was a place of wind and moon, it was an innocent place where the women only sell art and not sell themselves. Master Jiang said that Jiang Tianling couldn’t be in the room with a dancing girl.

How could it be Jiang Tianling that Jiang Baiyu did. Jiang Tianling explained that Zhezhi is indeed a dancer, but she did not behave improperly. She can see clearly and think clearly. He and Zhezhi are serious. Master Jiang didn’t understand why Jiang Tianling liked a dancing girl. Jiang Tianling retorted that she was also self-improving. The Hua Lantern Square was opened by herself and never depended on others, not inferior to the maid in Langya Pavilion.

Master Jiang felt that Zhezhi was a dancing girl after all, and he also heard that Zhezhi was a full ten years older than Jiang Tianling. Jiang Tianling retorted that Zhezhi is not such a person, he has already identified Zhezhi in his life. Master Jiang put aside his cruel words, he would never allow Zhezhi to step into the gate of Jiang’s Mansion. Jiang Tianling said that his life is not to be Zhezhi not to marry, and Master Jiang was very angry and locked him up.

Jiang Baiyu and Shui Wuxia explained Jiang Tianling’s affairs clearly to the old lady. The old lady wanted to find Zhezhi, and after Jiang Baiyu and Shui Wuxia agreed with each other, they decided to make a long-term plan. Jiang Baiyu came to Zhezhi, he saw Zhezhi was practicing dance and called her, Zhezhi was in a bad mood, and seemed to be irritated. Jiang Baiyu comforted her after all, she was nine years older than Jiang Tianling, and Master Jiang’s reaction was also In common sense.

Jiang Baiyu saw that Zhezhi was so angry, and suggested that a large number of outside forests should be separated from Jiang Tianling. After the province, he will have to deal with Master Jiang, and turn around to go back and break with Jiang Tianling. Zhezhi hurriedly stopped Jiang Baiyu and asked him if Jiang Tianling had been punished. Jiang Baiyu added extra effort and jealousy and said that he was punished to kneel.

Jiang Baiyu and others came to see Jiang Tianling. Jiang Baiyu said that he was looking for him to relieve his boredom and wanted to find him to play mahjong. Jiang Tianling felt that it was not appropriate to say no to play. Jiang Baiyu, Fang Yuncheng and Qi Delong went to play mahjong not far away. Jiang Tianling said that they were going to help with three shorts and one. Jiang Tianling always won, and Jiang Baiyu and others painted faces full of ink.

Jiang Baiyu received a letter saying that there was news about Ma Rulong, Jiang Baiyu and Shui Wuxia went to the address stated in the letter, and the two went to look for them separately. Jiang Baiyu felt relieved that Wuxia would go back to him. On the road, Wuxia saw two children grabbing a book. The book had a label that it was her brother’s book. Shui Wuxia thought that her brother was not dead at all, and it was very likely that he was in the hands of Ma Rulong.

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