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Love like White Jade 白玉思无瑕 Episode 25 Recap

Jiang Tianling took Zhezhi to a tea house for a date and listened to health-preserving lessons. Zhezhi returned to Huadengfang and didn’t see a customer. After asking the girl, I realized that it was because of reading the health booklet issued by Jiang Tianling. Zhezhi asked Jiang Tianling what was going on. It turned out that Jiang Tianling not only sent a health book to the girls in Huadengfang, but also a book to each of the guests here.

Zhezhi was very angry. Jiang Tianling was chasing away all her guests in disguise. Jiang Tianling retorted that he just hoped that the guests here would be like him at sunrise and sunset, saying that Zhanzhi would have a rest earlier. .

Huadengfang is the most lively when Huadeng first started. Everyone came to have a good time drinking, who remembered what time to go to bed, and everyone went back to sleep and how to do business. Zhezhi felt that Jiang Tianling and her three views were inconsistent with each other because she could not get along. She couldn’t understand his dull fun, and it was difficult for him to integrate into her life. Zhezhi decided that the two of them should separate and calm down first.

When Fang Yuncheng learned about Jiang Tianling’s affairs, he gave him an idea. In the first step, he opened up and taught him to shake his legs. In the second step, he was shaking while drinking, and in the third step he taught him to speak foul language. After learning these three steps, Jiang Tianling felt as if he understood the pleasure of drinking among Huadengfang guests, and thought of a new way. When it was time, Jiang Tianling asked Fang Yuncheng to go back to sleep and he would also go to bed.

Fang Yuncheng came to Jiang Baiyu to speak, and Fang Yuncheng felt that no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get into Qi Delong’s heart. Jiang Baiyu felt that Fang Yuncheng was not wrong in this matter, feelings always came first, and Jiang Tianling entered her heart first, so she couldn’t easily make room for Fang Yuncheng. Fang Yuncheng felt relieved when he heard Jiang Baiyu say that. Fang Yuncheng decided to stay away from Qi Delong’s life after Father Qi retired from the marriage. For each other, if he couldn’t squeeze in anyway, he wouldn’t be squeezed.

Shui Wuxia found that she liked Shang Jiang Baiyu and felt very annoyed. Other people’s feelings were all about first-come, first-come, so she would rather come to a newcomer to catch up. Baxi asked Shui Wuxia what he likes about Jiang Baiyu. Shui Wuxia thought about all the daily trivial things last night. He took her to stroll around Chong’an, and he took her durian candy to eat, and he would serve her every morning. Prepare a cup of barley tea. Although he is not serious, he protects her everywhere. He knows that she is afraid that the moon has prepared a deformed telescope for her.

The last time the earth moved, he blocked her in front of her. Every time she went back to the house, she always felt Back home. Shui Wuxia and Shen Qingli are very happy, but they always feel a sense of distance. She doesn’t know what he will do, and sometimes feels like him and Jiang Baiyu. Jiang Tianling planned an event for Huadengfang, where one person can eat and drink freely and unlimitedly. At night, Huadengfang is full of friends and business is booming.

Shui Wuxia waited for Shen Qingli in the old place. After the two met, Shen Qingli asked Shui Wuxia if he would spend the rest of his life with him. Shui Wuxia has realized that her heart is naturally impossible to agree to Shen Qingli. Shen Qingli thought it was his problem, and Shui Wuxia quickly explained that it was her own problem. She didn’t know what was wrong these days, and what she thought was another person in her mind. She didn’t know how to explain to him. Shen Qingli asked if the other person was Jiang Baiyu, and Shui Wuxia hurriedly left.

Zhezhi was watching Jiang Tianling writing in the room. Suddenly the candle in the room went out. She stopped Jiang Tianling from lighting the candle and suggested something to play. Jiang Tianling agreed to his proposal to play the idiom solitaire, Zhanzhi blew out the lantern and left, letting him solitaire by himself.

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