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Liu Laogen 4 劉老根4 Episode 8 Recap

Pillball learned that Qian Xinyue was suffering from acute appendicitis and had an operation, so he hurriedly bought flowers and a fruit basket to visit the hospital. Pillball greeted Qian Xinyue with coldness and helped her massage. Fengying desperately stopped him and reminded him that the pill was Qianxin. Uncle Yue, Qian Xinyue wanted Mala Tang, and just wanted to buy pills, Fengying immediately stopped him and found an excuse to send the pills away.

Since the introduction of the competition mechanism on the big stage, the actors have all demonstrated their abilities and used their own unique skills. The audience is full every day. The three donkeys find that Wang Lao San has not come to the show for a long time, so they let Xiao Wang Gang appear on the stage. Xiao Wang Gang dare not. . Yaowanzi called Xiaoqin when she went out, and opened her mouth to borrow money from her. Xiaoqin didn’t think much about it, so she transferred him some money.

Wang Laosan was late, and he came on stage to perform the show. Unexpectedly, Song Laosan had already acted. Wang Laosan gritted his teeth with anger. Song Laosan repeatedly explained that his show was also performed by Xiao Wang Gang. Wang Laosan did not buy it at all. He yelled, they put all the responsibility on the pills, and it was because he left the post without permission that caused the stage accident today. Song Lao Lin wrote a review overnight and apologized to Wang Lao San, who was made to laugh or cry by him.

Liu Laogen calculated that Liu Erkui had been in quarantine for fourteen days and hoped that he would go home early. Liu Shanshan advised him to wait patiently. Xiao Man had already picked up Liu Erkui. She thought in her heart that Han Bing would end the quarantine in two days. Liu Laogen wanted to reveal her. Han Shixin, Liu Shanshan flushed with shame.

Yaowanzi returned to the stage, Wang Laosan called on Song Lao Ling and Dalong to protest, unanimously demanding the removal of the stage director of Yaowanzi, and Yaowanzi fought hard with them, and Wang Laosan urged everyone to go to Liu Laogen to complain. Xiao Wang just reported the matter to Song Kaiyuan and Liu Shanxing. Liu Shanxing came to stop him in time. He asked Xiao Wanggang to pack his things and go to the small theater to perform. He also gave pills and gave him one month’s salary. Liu Shan Xing publicly announced that in the future, he would not be allowed to organize gangs, let alone plucking hair.

Xiaoman was going to Shenyang to pick up Liu Erkui overnight, so he asked Big Fatty to help take care of Liu Zijian. Liu Laogen suddenly felt sore in his neck. Da Chili massaged him. Liu Laogen was so bitter by her that she called Fengying for treatment. Da Chili was very dissatisfied with Liu Laogen’s urging.

Yaowanzi sent Xiao Wanggang and his partner away, and promised to transfer him back to the big stage as soon as possible. Xiao Wanggang helped him fight the injustice. He obviously asked Liu Shanxing for leave, but Liu Shanxing did not admit it in public. Yaowanzi understood Liu Shanxing’s painstaking efforts. , Just to appease everyone from losing their pawns and protecting their cars. Before leaving, Xiao Wang just asked the pills to beware of the three donkeys.

Da Pang and Er Zhuzi went to school to pick up Liu Zijian. Liu Zijian wanted to eat hamburgers. Da Fatty refused to let him eat junk food. He promised to go home to make noodles. Er Zhuzi took Liu Zijian to eat hamburgers without telling him. Da Pang looked at Liu Zijian’s back. , I couldn’t help but think of Xiaoru. Da Pang went to see Xiao Ru, urged her to give birth to a child as soon as possible, and promised to help them with the child. Xiao Ru could only bite the bullet and agreed. Da Pang wanted to find some tonic to help Lao Ding regulate his body, but Xiao Ru was so troubled that he quickly found an excuse. Take the big fat away.

Yao Wanzi talked to Song Lao Ling and persuaded him to take out his unique skills. Song Lao Ling was worried that the actors behind him would not be able to catch it. Yao Wanzi encouraged him and promised to help him win the main shaft. Song Lao Ling was immediately tempted. Da Chili prepared four dishes and wanted to meet Liu Erkui. Liu Laogen called Xiaoman, only to find out that Liu Erkui answered a call halfway and went to Shanghai to discuss business. Liu Laogen was very dissatisfied.

Xiaoqin came to see Qian Xinyue and learned that she would be discharged soon, so Xiaoqin promised to pick her up at that time. Da Fatty came to Zhang Kexin for medicine, but Zhang Kexin flatly refused, but couldn’t stand Da Fatty’s entanglement. Zhang Kexin suggested that Lao Ding come and talk about it in person.

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