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Family on the Go 3 温州三家人 Episode 4 Recap

Lin Zhixia was willing to help Ye Zifan, but didn’t want to cause trouble to her father, so seeing Lin Yishan so angry, she simply told him about the return of her elder daughter Zeng Zhiqiu, and at the same time explained that Zeng Zhiqiu had a prejudice against him and his attitude was very unfriendly. That night, Lin Yishan remembered the vivid memories of the past, and couldn’t help feeling deeply.

After breakfast, Lin Yishan immediately sent someone to investigate the address of the mother and son, and found it based on the address. When Pan Xiaoyong discovered that Daniel was with an old stranger, he called Zeng Zhiqiu to come back as soon as possible, but when Zeng Zhiqiu arrived at the hotel, he realized that his son was not in the room.

I knew that Qiu was very anxious and was about to call the surveillance hotel. He happened to see Lin Yishan coming back from outside with Daniel, carrying a lot of gifts in his hand. Without a word, Zeng Zhiqiu dragged Daniel into the room, leaving all the gifts of all sizes outside the door.

However, Lin Yishan had already expected her daughter to have such a fierce reaction, so he didn’t care too much, put down the access card in the next room and left. Daniel liked his grandfather and couldn’t help but chased it out. However, the man had gone away, with the access card still there, and he simply pulled Zeng Zhiqiu to the next room, which was full of toys prepared by Lin Yishan for his grandson.

At the same time, Ye Qiankun led the team to Southeast Asia, but the pick-up staff lied about going to the Turtle Resort, but took them out of the sea in a daze. Seeing the big ship heading towards the middle of the sea, Wu Jia was alert and instantly realized that the person picking up the plane was not the manager Ma of the branch office. It was obvious that someone had taken advantage of it.

Wu Jia asked them to drive the boat back, but he didn’t expect that instead of taking care of it, the group showed their knives instead. In desperation, Ye Qiankun could only calm down, and take a step for the time being, and it didn’t take long before he came to the turtle island with no signal. Since everyone has been under house arrest in the resort, Wu Jia and Zhuang Chengxiang had a quarrel with each other. Ye Qiankun had a very good mentality. Now that he was in such a situation, he should have enough food before going back to the bidding meeting.

Hearing that Lin Yishan went to Zeng Zhiqiu, Lin Zhixia felt that his father had a hot face and put on someone’s cold ass, and did not agree with him. Pan Xiaoyong took the initiative to find Lin Zhixia, entangled for various reasons, but he couldn’t attract the other party’s interest. As a result, Ye Zifan sent a text message and asked her to leave.

Pan Xiaoyong followed to the hotel and couldn’t help but question Lin Zhixia, and even asked Ye Zifan to judge him. At first, Lin Zhixia was too lazy to control Pan Xiaoyong, but when he heard Ye Zifan speak for him, he turned around and left with anger. While Ye Zifan was imparting experience to Pan Xiaoyong, he suddenly received a call and learned that Ye Qiankun was missing in Indonesia.

Ye Qiankun bought a ticket overnight and rushed to Indonesia. He successfully met with Manager Ma and Handayani. Then he discovered the scene of Ye Qiankun being picked up through the video, as well as the pick-up person’s license plate number. Unfortunately, when Ye Zifan and others searched for the license plate number, they didn’t expect the car to be different from the video.

The car owner denied lending the license plate to others, so it was certain that the other party applied the license plate. This clue caused Ye Zifan’s investigation to be suspended. Handayani remembered that there was a rental company called Bruzaru in Indonesia, so according to Ye Zifan’s instructions, he took Manager Ma to the company to find a car. Originally, Ye Zifan wanted to apply for a delay in the bidding time with the bidding company, but failed to delay the bidding. Instead, Manager Ma found out the licensed car in advance and even asked for clues.

Lin Yishan went through the enrollment procedures for Daniel in private. Zeng Zhiqiu learned about this through the principal of the kindergarten, and her attitude towards her father was slightly relaxed. At first, Lin Yishan was going to take Daniel home as a guest, but Zeng Zhiqiu actually proposed to go together. The three grandparents returned home, which caused Lin Zhixia’s dissatisfaction.

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