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Family on the Go 3 温州三家人 Episode 3 Recap

When Ye Zifan came to the Weiye Group, he just learned about the CY Group from the employees, so he told what he knew. Because CY Group is the nickname of Zarke Group, it is also a well-known capital consortium at home and abroad, if they intervene in it, it will definitely hurt the other party’s vitality.

However, after serving as assistant director, Ye Zifan often contradicted his father’s ideas, and often expressed true opinions without hesitation. While Ye Qiankun and others were worried about the 200 million yuan guarantee for the laterite nickel mine project, they did not expect that Director Wang suddenly brought good news. In order to improve the business environment and support the development of the private economy, the government had obtained 200 million foreign exchange for the laterite nickel mine project. Landed. After Ye Qiankun learned of the incident, he immediately confessed that everyone was advancing in accordance with normal procedures, and he would personally take charge of the project.

Pan Xiaoyong racked his brains and finally managed to escape from the driver Xiao Chen’s hands. Then Ye Zifan went to an abandoned factory in the outskirts of Wenzhou City and took the initiative to chat with him about the future development blueprint and cultural industry reforms that should be put in the leading cities. It is precisely because his dream needs financial support that Pan Xiaoyong wants to borrow several million from Ye Zifan to start a business, but Ye Zifan has no money, so he has to call Huang Yunlan.

Afterwards, Ye Zifan and Pan Xiaoyong went to the hospital to visit Huang Zhengkang. When they were on their way back, they happened to ran into Zeng Zhiqiu’s mother and son. Since Zeng Zhiqiu wanted to find a kindergarten for her son, Ye Zifan provided her with useful information, and then went back to the hotel room to investigate the surveillance of Huang Zhengkang’s community.

After two people’s investigation, they finally found useful clues. They found the access card dropped by the attacker. Unfortunately, the access card can only prove the owner’s community, and cannot find out the specific address. Pan Xiaoyong talked to Lin Zhixia about his plan and wanted to build an industrial park integrating art and commerce, so he planned to hire her as the chief designer.

Lin Zhixia has no interest in the industrial park, but instead cares about Ye Zifan’s investigation, which also reminded her of the clothes and golf balls she had seen before. Thinking of this, Lin Zhixia was uneasy. She hurried to the community marked on the access control card. She just saw Ye Zifan and the property stalemate, so she took him to Lin Yifeng’s residence.

At the same time, Lin Chen came back from the outside and saw Lin Zhixia appearing in the community with Ye Zifan, instantly realizing something was wrong, and hurriedly hid at home. Ye Zifan walked to the door of Lin Yifeng’s house, but did not knock on the door. Instead, he felt that he would question casually with just an access control card. It was difficult to prove that Lin Chen was the hitter, and he was a bit too rash.

After learning about Ye Zifan’s thoughts, Lin Zhixia simply sent the evidence to Ye Zifan so that he could find out what happened. Sure enough, Ye Qiankun was very angry when he saw the golf ball that Ye Zifan brought, so he asked Ye Qiankun to explain the specific situation to the police, and he took half an hour to find Lin Yishan directly to ask for an explanation.

Lin Yishan didn’t admit Ye Zifan’s remarks, but Ye Qiankun’s evidence was so sufficient that he even called Lin Yifeng over. According to the identification of the blood-stained clothes, Lin Chen was completely responsible for the identity of the assaulter. Just when everyone decided to solve it by legal means, Huang Zhengkang actually called Wu Jia, claiming that he would no longer be investigated for the assault.

That night, Lin Zhixia saw Lin Yishan and Lin Yifeng and his son in the living room. Without saying anything, she went upstairs to chat with the netizen Ye Zifan, and at the same time told him about her righteous extermination. It was through this chat history that Ye Zifan discovered that the person who mailed the package secretly was Lin Zhixia.

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