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Family on the Go 3 温州三家人 Episode 1 Recap

Pan’s Catering Group in Barcelona, ​​Spain, will hold a merger and acquisition ceremony for Tiens Supermarket in the near future. As Pan’s newly appointed chairman, Pan Xiaoyong is also the only son of current director Huang Yunlan. From childhood to big, he did not let parents worry about. , There are always things going wrong at critical moments.

On this day in 2014, it was Pan Xiaoyong who was driven by his family to put the duck on the shelves. Originally, grandfather Huang Fugui wanted to surprise him and bought a luxury car in advance as a gift. However, Pan Xiaoyong ran away halfway, so Old Pan hurriedly called to inform Huang Yunlan. . Although her son was unwilling, the ceremony had to continue. Huang Meilan sent someone to the airport to pick up Pan Xiaoyong and her nephew Ye Zifan, and she personally received Zhu Jianwei, the chairman of the Tianshi Supermarket.

At present, the guests showed up one after another, but Pan Xiaoyong did not show up for a long time. Zhu Jianwei felt that the other party did not respect him, so he left indignantly. Huang Yunlan hates iron but not steel, but Pan Xiaoyong at this time has already drove a Bentley straight to the airport, ready to meet his cousin Ye Zifan who came from Wenzhou, China.

While Pan Xiaoyong was waiting at the airport exit, he accidentally discovered that a child seemed to like Minions, so he had the idea and agreed to buy toys for the child, provided that he could help him pick up people. Sure enough, the subordinates guarding the airport missed Ye Zifan. When they reacted, Pan Xiaoyong and Ye Zifan had already avoided tracking.

Ye Zifan felt bewildered by his cousin’s behavior, and ran after him confused, looking at him with a dazed expression. It wasn’t until Pan Xiaoyong admitted that he did not want to take over the family business, and even more disagreed with the merger of Tiens Supermarket, because he saw through the scam, but Huang Yunlan didn’t believe it at all.

Pan Xiaoyong explained the cause and effect for Ye Zifan, but he didn’t notice the roadblock in front. As a result, an emergency brake was applied, which affected the car owner behind. Originally, the female car owner Zeng Zhiqiu wanted to take her son Daniel to escape, but was stopped by Pan Xiaoyong and even felt that she was deliberately evading responsibility for the accident.

Seeing that Zeng Zhiqiu was anxious, Ye Zifan persuaded Pan Xiaoyong to let her go. As the car was destroyed, Pan Xiaoyong kindly took him away and settled in the hotel for her. That night, Ye Zifan and Lin Zhixia chatted through the Internet. The two first met on Weibo and had never met each other. They all share the same hobbies and enjoy the conversation.

Huang Yunlan used the foreign police and still failed to find Pan Xiaoyong, so Huang Fugui gave her daughter an idea and asked her to find her sister Huang Yunmei to inquire about the whereabouts of Ye Zifan. However, Huang Yunmei didn’t know about this, and instead was angry that Huang Fugui made a mess of ideas. After hanging up, Huang Yunmei continued to cook for her husband Ye Qiankun.

Until Wu Jia, secretary of the board of directors of the Weiye Group, came to Ye Qiankun, Huang Yunmei learned through the conversation between the two that they were interested in the land at the mouth of the Oujiang River. It happened that the competitor was Lin Yishan of Honghui Group, who was Lin Zhixia’s father. Lin Zhixia has something she loves, so she doesn’t want to take over the company at all, which leads to Lin Yishan’s opinion on this.

Pan Xiaoyong and Ye Zifan invited Zeng Zhiqiu’s mother and son for dinner. During the period, they used magic to make Daniel happy. They were about to borrow flowers to present the Buddha to Zeng Zhiqiu. Unexpectedly, their ex-husband Ai Weilan showed up with a friend. Zeng Zhiqiu saw this to protect Daniel, but was entangled by Ai Weilan. Pan Xiaoyong couldn’t make the theory with him. The four people scuffled together in an instant. Fortunately, the hotel security came forward in time.

Pan Xiaoyong stood up for Zeng Zhiqiu, repelled Ai Jilan, and witnessed him leave the hotel unwillingly. Through Zeng Zhiqiu’s narration, Pan Xiaoyong and Ye Xiaofan understood that she and Ai Gelan were college classmates, and later fell in love and got married and started a business. Everything developed naturally. Unfortunately, Ai Gelan was addicted to gambling, and the good family background was lost. Faced with the entanglement of his ex-husband, Zeng Zhiqiu could only escape with his son, and the accident happened.

The next morning, Ai Weilan took advantage of everyone’s attention and robbed Daniel directly, even threatening Zeng Zhiqiu to distribute the divorced property to him. Zeng Zhiqiu had to follow Ai’s arrangements for his son. He didn’t expect Ai’s to disappear with Daniel just after the money was transferred. Zeng Zhiqiu knew that it was useless to call the police, and he took the initiative to call Ai Gelan, and suddenly heard the voice of his mother-in-law Susan, and immediately realized that the child was in Ai Gelan’s house, and the three of them drove off immediately.

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