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The Glory of Youth 号手就位 Episode 38 Recap

An Lei took Xia Zhuo through the security check, got on an elevator, and saw a missile. After receiving An Lei’s permission, Xia Zhuo touched the missile and instantly felt the power of the missile launch, which is the power of the country. Xia Zhuo began to wonder, how many secrets they still have? An Lei smiled, if there is no secret, is it still called the Rocket Army.

An Lei took Xia Zhuo upstairs. This is a new type of rocket for the Rocket Army, and it is a global must-reach in the true sense. Xia Zhuo’s eyes were full of curiosity, and An Lei told him that the people here were not in the regular roster of the 270 brigade, and they were always here with Qi Peng as the leader.

An Lei took him to see all the samples again. Xia Zhuo wondered why he had to tell himself so many secrets. An Lei said that when he took over here two years ago, he had been looking for a suitable candidate. This person must be smart. , Also love this profession. Xia Zhuo quickly expressed his love, and An Lei said that it is not yet time, and when the time is right, Xia Zhuo’s position will be here sooner or later. Xia Zhuo quickly stated that he would do this for a lifetime. As for everything he saw today, Xia Zhuo would never say anything. Leaving this mysterious place, Xia Zhuo became more excited.

Lin Anbang and Ouyang Jun were peeling potatoes in the cooking class, and they quarreled with each other. They disliked each other and vented their anger when they peeled the potatoes like mud. Lang Yongcheng’s wife came, and the two of them quarreled as soon as they arrived. Mrs. Lang said that they were divorcing Lang Yongcheng and wanted to live in a guest house. Lang Yongcheng was so angry that he fell off the orange he had just bought and left.

The soldiers hurriedly took Mrs. Lang to the guest house. Yi Zimeng was singing in the hallway. Upon seeing this, he quickly came down to entertain him. He expected that Mrs. Lang would get rid of the difficulties, but he did not expect that Mrs. Lang would even bring her so hot. All kinds of tools are readily available, and Yi Zimeng has found many excuses to be resolved.

Lang Yongcheng had a headache because of the divorce. Lu Zheng and Shao Shuai came to relieve him and asked him to coax Mrs. Lang. After all, everyone had come to the army. Lang Yongcheng was impatient when she talked about it and insisted that she apologize to him. Lu Zheng came up with an idea and asked him to prepare the divorce agreement.

They signed all the words and put the divorce agreement on the table. All the women were dumbfounded, but Lang Yongcheng was worried that he would be self-defeating and refused. Lu Zheng wanted to let Lang Yongcheng go out for two days to hide, and let Mrs. Lang calm down, Lang Yongcheng finally agreed. Mrs. Lang and Yi Zimeng were eating self-heating pot in the hall, and they also had to teach Yi Zimeng to sing. Yi Zimeng was dumbfounded.

Ouyang Jun was doing chores, and he was full of envy when he saw everyone training. Xia Zhuo smiled and came to Lu Zheng to admit his mistake. Lu Zheng looked around him several times, thinking that he had done something wrong again. Xia Zhuo quickly confessed his mistake and flattered again, conducted a deep examination in the depths of his soul, and then went to clean the toilet as a pioneer. Lu Zheng looked puzzled, and quickly took out a psychology book to see if he was schizophrenic.

Zuo Li was training, and Ouyang Jun ran to ask for an observer. He was the one hundredth missile launcher of the 270 brigade and had this ability. But Zuo Li said that Ouyang Jun was not on the list, and Lianli needed to say hello to her. Ouyang Jun still insisted, and Li Mang thought he was wasting everyone’s time, and the two began to argue. In order to prove himself, Ouyang Jun decided to single out everyone, including Zuo Li. Lu Zheng heard that something happened and thought that something happened to Xia Zhuo. Unexpectedly, it was Ouyang Jun who was singled out and hurried back. Zuo Li and Ouyang Jun bet that Ouyang Jun won against Zuo Li and admitted him, or he would never touch the car.

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