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The Glory of Youth 号手就位 Episode 36 Recap

Yang Wanjin asked Ouyang Jun to name three good friends in the brigade, but Ouyang Jun froze for a long time and did not name one. At the beginning of the university, Ouyang Jun had no military training. Xia Zhuo, Lin Anbang, and Yi Zimeng were very enthusiastic about him, but Ouyang Jun always refused to stay thousands of miles away, and was usually alone. Later, Ouyang Jun saw the rocket army propaganda film and had the idea of ​​enlisting in the army. He didn’t expect that he and Xia Zhuo would get together again. Even after so many things, Ouyang Jun still thought he and Xia Zhuo could not be friends.

Lang Yongcheng got together with Wang Xianmin, Chen Haofeng, and Hou Jidong to talk about retirement. None of them wanted to retire, but Wang Xianmin was very open. After all, he had two children. Lang Yongcheng didn’t know what job he could find after retiring from the military, and it was also difficult for Hou Jidong and Chen Haofeng to find jobs.

Speaking of the candidates recommended by the monitor, Chen Haofeng recommended Xia Zhuo, because he knew that Ouyang Jun was almost popular, and Wang Xianmin also meant that, but Hou Jidong disagreed. He wanted to choose Lin Anbang. In the end, Lang Yongcheng also chose Xia Zhuo. Although they all believed that Ouyang Jun was strong, his popularity as a squad leader was indeed very important.

Ouyang Jun, who came to find the four veterans with gifts, was heartbroken when he heard these words before he even entered the door. On the way back, he was found by Shao Shuai because he forgot the password. Ouyang Jun confessed that the wine in his hand was given to Lang Yongcheng, but it was not a gift. Of course Shao Shuai would not believe it. Ouyang Jun finally admitted that he gave Lang Yongcheng a gift for the purpose of selecting the monitor.

It was his fault that he violated the prohibition order. Ouyang Jun said that he was very wronged. He felt that no one understood him. Shao Shuai soothed that he knew that he was not a bad person, but sometimes the first place was not so important, and it was not so important to be a squad leader. The most important thing is to change your heart.

Xiaoxuan took the purchased items and sent them to Xia Zhuo, and asked him to bring Yan Yibing a box of facial masks, as well as the remittance receipt. Xia Zhuo waited eagerly for Liang Nuo’s letter before Xiaoxuan took it out. As soon as Xia Zhuo was about to leave with his things, he was discovered by Shao Shuai, and everything was confiscated, but Liang Nuo’s letter was in Xia Zhuo’s pocket. Liang Nuo wrote in the letter that the rush of that day made her very unforgettable, and she knew how unforgettable that side was. Today is Xia Zhuo’s 22nd birthday. Liang Nuo wished him a happy birthday and he was able to realize each other’s ideals. , Looking forward to the day when they meet soon.

Principal Zhao refused to make a donation, Liang Nuo hurried to stop it. She thought that the children needed the money, and as a last resort, Liang Nuo said that she had donated the money. Principal Liang Nuo and Principal Zhao confessed that they did not tell her family to support the teaching. The family always thought that she was studying abroad, but the two-year journey of teaching support could not be learned by studying abroad. The old town will be moved to a new planning area, and an area of ​​the 270 brigade will be turned into a military management area, and the 270 brigade will be transformed into a model of a new type of brigade.

Ouyang Jun came to check, Shao Shuai admired his frankness, Ouyang Jun also thanked him, Ouyang Jun’s conversation that night was very useful. However, Shao Shuai found that Ouyang Jun wrote that he gave Xia Zhuo five thousand yuan, because Ouyang Jun didn’t know how to communicate with Xia Zhuo. Shao Shuai is in a hurry, does Lu Zheng mean that? This matter is very complicated, and Ouyang Jun realized the consequences of this matter. Lu Zheng talked to Xia Zhuo.

Xia Zhuo thought for a long time and didn’t know what mistake he had made, until Lu Zheng asked him if he had received Ouyang Jun’s money. Lu Zheng didn’t understand why Xia Zhuo received it. Did he miss that five thousand yuan? He has several million! But Xia Zhuo felt that he should accept it, and maybe Ouyang Jun felt sorry for himself.

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