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The Glory of Youth 号手就位 Episode 35 Recap

Father Huang discovered the key to the problem, because the files after repairing the missile were not updated, the vehicle could not correctly identify the missile body, and the old and new programs were in the same folder at the same time. The default program of the projectile body and the car body is different, and the most likely situation is that the car body and the projectile body ignite a second time and cause an explosion.

Father Huang calculated it, the HBU was only forty millimeters light up, and Xia Zhuo could find that it was really powerful. Father Huang said, it is not easy to say this sentence, it is not easy, he knows that Xia Zhuo must be burdened with a lot of doubts and scolding, repression and grievance inevitably in his heart. Xia Zhuo couldn’t help crying. Father Huang said that everything was over and Xia Zhuo had done something!

The brigade gave Zhanjian the third-class collective merit, and Xia Zhuo recorded the personal second-class merit once. At the commendation meeting, Wang Xianmin was really happy for Xia Zhuo. Xia Zhuo said that he had been living in extreme anxiety during this period. He was afraid because his trance dragged down his fellow comrades in the car, because it was a rare opportunity for them, and he was regarded as a genius since he was a child. There will be such an embarrassment.

But Xia Zhuo was also very grateful. After the incident, the leaders had been investigating, and his friends also gave him a lot of encouragement. They gave him the confidence to be reborn. It’s the season of retirement soon. Xia Zhuo has been thinking about whether to stay or leave. Now, he has made a choice.

Chen Haofeng and Hou Jidong arrived when they were discharged, so they discussed with Yang Wanjin whether to give up the position of squad leader, after all, they always had to give new recruits a chance. Yang Wanjin said that he listened to Lianli’s arrangements, after all, it was not improper that he thought it was inappropriate. Lu Zheng looked at Zhanjianlian’s collective third-class skill and smiled like a flower. In fact, he was still very scared after thinking about it.

How terrible it would be if an explosion really happened. Lu Zheng also said that he believed in psychology, because Huang Wen showed him the test report, and Xia Zhuo was very pleased that he finally believed in science. Lu Zheng asked Xia Zhuo what he wanted. Xia Zhuo decided to stay. He wanted to send a missile by himself. As for the university, he decided to go to the military academy. Xia Zhuo also mentioned the recent field training, hoping that he could detour to elementary school. When he saw Liang Nuo, Lu Zheng did not hesitate to let him go.

Ouyang Jun called Huang Wen, but Huang Wen was not there. Huang Wen found the dean because of her own psychological problems. Huang Wen hated Father Huang very much, but she didn’t know why. She had never seen her mother because Father Huang was busy at work. He just hurried back to take a look at her mother when she was sick. When she came back again, her mother had passed away. It is because they are getting better and better, Huang Wen will hate her father more and more, because she wants to share everything with her mother. Father Huang was getting old day by day, Huang Wen wanted to hug him, but he didn’t dare.

Hearing the familiar horn sound, Liang Nuo picked up the phone, but there was still no signal. Principal Zhao said that someone had sent a charitable donation, but there was no signature of the remitter. He felt that the source of the money was unknown and he could not ask for it, but Liang Nuo felt that the children just needed the money now. During the field training, Lu Zheng returned the map to Xia Zhuo, letting him take a look by default. Xia Zhuo counted the time countless times and ran to elementary school with a pinch of a detour.

Liang Nuo was giving lessons to the children when he saw Xia Zhuo in a military uniform with a backpack opened the door and was taken aback. Xia Zhuo stepped forward with excitement. The two hadn’t seen each other for a long time. Although they didn’t say a word, they were full of longing. Xia Zhuo raised his hand and wanted to touch Liang Nuo’s face. The timer rang, and Xia Zhuo ran away. Liang Nuo chased out a little flusteredly. Xia Zhuo only left a sentence that it is too late and I miss you very much.

After returning home, Xia Zhuo ate a lot of food and smiled, quietly telling Yi Zimeng and Lin Anbang that he had seen her. Ouyang Jun took the initiative to find Yang Wanjin. He heard that he was planning to retire this year, so he wanted to try to be the monitor. Ouyang Jun believes that although he is not well-known, he has a clear conscience and has been working hard. Yang Wanjin said that the most important thing to be a squad leader is the mass foundation. Let Ouyang Jun name three good friends in the brigade.

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