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The Glory of Youth 号手就位 Episode 34 Recap

Lu Zheng and Shao Shuai came to pick up Huang’s father, and Huang Wen also came. Lu Zheng didn’t know their relationship and didn’t agree with her. Huang Wen was bitter and couldn’t tell. Lu Zheng and Shao Shuai hope that Huang’s father will take a good look at the missile. Huang’s father said that the missile test results have not changed, but there is a doubt in the whole accident.

He saw Xia Zhuo’s psychological test report and insisted that he saw the light on, and Xia Zhuo Remembering that the parameters matched exactly what they got, Huang Fu had to reconsider the accident. Lu Zheng thinks they should believe in science more. Father Huang said that psychology is also part of science. He wants to see the 928 launcher.

Lu Zheng and Shao Shuai took Huang’s father to see the 928 car, and Chen Haofeng and Hou Jidong were also there. Father Huang asked them to get himself a tool suit and build a shop. He would rest here when he was tired. Chen Haofeng felt that it would be more convenient to drive the car back to the camp, but Father Huang said that it would be fine here, and there is no need to toss, and let Xia Zhuo come to see him.

Xia Zhuo asked Xiaoxuan to buy some things for herself, including Yi Zimeng’s guitar, and asked her to send some money, and by the way, help him ask why Liang Nuo didn’t return his signal. Xiaoxuan quickly explained that their signal was particularly poor, Xia Zhuo had to ask Xiaoxuan to ask him to help Liang Nuo write a letter, and Xiaoxuan took a photo of him to prove it.

As soon as Xiaoxuan left, his comrades said that they would have their own commissary in a short time, and Xiaoxuan, a small shopkeeper, wouldn’t be able to do business for long. Xia Zhuo hurriedly rushed to find a car when he was asked to go to the standby warehouse. While waiting, he heard his comrades talking about the launch, and they were all questioning why the lights were on. Xia Zhuo was a little excited. Xia Zhuo came to the waiting room and saw Father Huang. Father Huang said that he had seen his game and he was also the chief designer of this missile. Xia Zhuo was taken aback. Father Huang hoped that Xia Zhuo would help him restore the operation of the day.

Yi Zimeng sang his original song. Lang Yongcheng rebuked him that he shouldn’t come here to play the guitar, and his hands have not recovered. Several people argued around the square dance. Finally, Lang Yongcheng was called by Lu Zheng. Do not forget to ask Yi Zimeng to raise his hands before leaving. Two new hygienists, Qian Lei and Wang Tian, ​​came to the health room. Yan Yibing was talking to everyone, and Lin Anbang came again. Yan Yibing saw him come on the spot to get rid of him. Lin Anbang was bitter with the bread in his pocket. Ouyang Jun came to the library to read English for the postgraduate entrance examination, preparing for the entrance examination.

Yang Wanjin chased Lu Zheng and asked him to approve the report of demobilization. He has reached the age limit, but Lu Zheng is unwilling to let Yang Wanjin go. After all, he is the mainstay of the company and his veteran. But Yang Wanjin was determined to leave the army this time, and no one said it would work well because of the fact that a hundred shots were fired. Lu Zheng patiently solved Yang Wanjin. He had been in the army for more than ten years and he had shot one bomb.

After all, the missile was very expensive, but Yang Wanjin believed that the opportunity was originally theirs. Lu Zheng gave Ouyang Jun. Lu Zheng confessed that he didn’t even want Xia Zhuo to fight this bullet, because Xia Zhuo wanted to go back to university, and Lu Zheng didn’t need to train a soldier who couldn’t stay. Lu Zheng refused to approve his dismissal report. As a vehicle team worked together, Yang Wanjin should not shirk his responsibility as the vehicle commander if there is a problem!

In the standby library, Xia Zhuo and Huang Fu are troubleshooting. Huang Wen quietly brewed a cup of tea and placed it on Father Huang’s table without interruption. Lang Yongcheng came to Lu Zheng in the middle of the night, and Lu Zheng was startled when he was sleeping soundly. Lang Yongcheng asked Lu Zheng how his relationship with his daughter-in-law was. He didn’t go home for so long, wouldn’t the daughter-in-law complain.

Lang Yongcheng became more and more depressed, but did not say a word, which shocked Lu Zheng. Lu Zheng suffocated a sentence for a long time, and your sister-in-law ran away with someone. Shao Shuai came to Huang’s father to send him supper, and Huang Wen quietly hid and took a look. Huang Wenmingtian is about to return to the base hospital, and a final assessment of his mental system is required.

Lang Yongcheng and Lu Zheng complained that their daughter-in-law danced square dance with others, and they also voluntarily asked him to surrender. Lang Yongcheng explained that he was going to take leave to go home, Lu Zheng scratched his head in a hurry, and quickly asked him to think about it. When Xia Zhuo came back and saw that Huang’s father was still working, he went to see the video data saved by the launch, but there was no result, but Huang’s father found out the real reason for the HBU indicator light.

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