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Octogenarians and the 90s 八零九零 Episode 22 Recap

Guo Sanshuang bit the bullet and agreed to help Joey take care of his daughter Qiao Xiaobao. He went to Joey’s cousin’s house to pick up the child according to the address, and saw the cousin instructing Qiao Xiaobao to do this and that. Guo Sanshuang called Qiao Xiaobao aside, and he explained his intentions. Qiao Xiaobao didn’t believe him and asked him to call Joey to confirm, but Joey never answered the phone, and Guo Sanshuang turned around in anger.

Qiao Xiaobao suddenly burst into tears. Guo Sanshuang hurried over to comfort him. Qiao Xiaobao mistakenly believed that Guo Sanshuang owed her mother money like his cousin, and agreed to accept her. Guo Sanshuang learned that Qiao Xiaobao was living under the fence of his cousin’s house. She was also beaten for stealing cousin’s snacks, and after Sanshuang took her to the supermarket to buy snacks. Qiao Xiaobao bought a car full of snacks in one breath. After Sanshuang complained, he could only buy it in installments, and then sent Qiao Xiaobao back to his aunt’s house.

The annual nursing home rating activity is about to begin. The “Sunshine House” has been on the list in the past nine years. Several nursing homes have been opened this year. Ye Xiaomei feels pressured and wants to go to the field in person to know herself and the enemy. Ye Xiaomei has asked for it. Sanshuang is an undercover. Guo Sanshuang accompanied Ye Xiaomei to secretly visit one of the most powerful nursing homes. The staff showed them around and explained in detail the supporting facilities and hardware management of the nursing homes.

Ye Xiaomei didn’t dare to underestimate the strength of this nursing home. She didn’t know what to do. Guo Sanshuang encouraged her and cheered for her. Ye Xiaomei reported to Wu Hui in detail about the nursing home. She was inspired by Zhongda and came up with a plan to continue recommending the “Sunshine Home” nursing home.

After Sanshuang went home very late, I saw Qiao Xiaobao hiding at the entrance of the alley waiting for him. Guo Sanshuang disguised and dodged from the left to the right. Qiao Xiaobao chased him, but Guo Sanshuang ignored her. She lay on the ground and cheated. Neighbors in the neighborhood have accused Sanshuang. Guo Sanshuang had to take Qiao Xiaobao home. After learning that she was in trouble again, she instructed her cousin to dig out the bird’s nest, but the cousin broke her finger. Guo Sanshuang invited her to dinner first.

After the meal, Guo Sanshuang sent Qiao Xiaobao home. Qiao Xiaobao was determined not to go back to her cousin’s house. Guo Sanshuang persuaded her to go back to admit her mistakes and strive for her cousin’s understanding. Qiao Xiaobao went home cautiously and sincerely apologized to her cousin, and the cousin charged her. Screaming, Guo Sanshuang hid outside the door and heard clearly.

Ye Xiaomei installed a “sunshine mailbox” at the entrance of the nursing home, and the elderly can write and speak freely if they have any requirements. The first letter Ye Xiaomei received was from Lao Hou. Under the guise of everyone, she asked for an open-air Yue opera movie. Xiaomei Ye promised to meet his request. Lao Hou was ecstatic, and immediately reported the good news to the old guys and asked them to Also write to Sunshine Mailbox.

Ye Xiaomei drew a big poster of a Yue Opera movie overnight, and Guo Sanshuang helped her put it at the gate. Wu Hui led the staff to carefully arrange it in the courtyard, and Guo Jiangdong also prepared exquisite snacks for everyone. Guo Sanshuang went to the street to hand out flyers, inviting passers-by to watch a play in a nursing home. Hu Meng, a retired Yue opera actor, saw Sanshuang handing out flyers and ridiculed him. After Sanshuang was not angry, he invited her to watch Yue opera in a nursing home.

Hu Meng bought food and went home. He heard the neighbor Lao Li was playing Huqin, but he could not find the door. Hu Meng knocked on Lao Li’s door angrily, reminding him not to make any more noise. Lao Li is an old man living alone, usually only one. With a puppy as his companion, he ignored Hu Meng’s words, only worried that the puppy would be lost when he opened the door. Hu Meng rushed home angrily.

Seeing the smog at home, his son was asleep on the sofa, Hu Meng hurriedly brought down the porridge boiled on the stove and opened the window to let the wind blow. Hu Meng severely taught his son a meal and persuaded him. He quit his job as a tired and non-profit clerk as early as possible. His son was not convinced, and argued with Hu Meng. Hu Meng went out to eat out of anger.

As night fell, Ye Xiaomei greeted the guests at the door, and the nursing home was quickly filled with seats. After the movie opened, Hu Meng passed by. She hid at the door to watch the movie and saw her appearance when she was young, and her heart was filled with mixed feelings. . After the movie ended, Guo Sanshuang was full of praise for Ye Xiaomei, her idea was very successful.

Hu Meng went home very late. When she heard that Lao Li was still playing Huqin, she just wanted to knock on the door to stop it. Suddenly, she couldn’t hear anything. Hu Meng slammed the door desperately and no one answered. Li fell ill and fainted. Hu Mengxin was concerned and took the initiative to take in Lao Li’s puppy.

Hu Meng thought about it again and again, and went to the door to find Ye Xiaomei early in the morning. Ye Xiaomei was making up for her sleep. Wu Hui called for a long time before waking her up. Hu Meng introduced herself as the heroine of a Yue opera movie and asked Ye Xiaomei to take her to the nursing home. Hu Meng was dissatisfied with the environment, decoration and food of the nursing home, and picked up many problems. Ye Xiaomei secretly prayed that she would not live in, otherwise it would be too difficult to serve.

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