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Miss Crow with Mr. Lizard 乌鸦小姐与蜥蜴先生 Episode 16 Recap

Gu Chuan couldn’t conceal his shock and hurriedly bid farewell to Jiang Xiaoning. Jiang Xiaoning, who was about to leave, looked at the figure of Gu Chuan fixed in place, with doubts in his heart. For so many years, Gu Chuan had been spinning for several years in order to bid farewell to the world without regret, but finally reached the last stop, Gu Chuan felt unwilling to give up. Gu Chuan couldn’t help but wonder about the plan he had been implementing.

The next day, Jiang Xiaoning came to the company to find out that Gu Chuan had won the Golden Coast Award. After Xu Chengran heard the news, he was not as excited as the others. Instead, he called to ask about Gu Chuan’s whereabouts. At this time, Gu Chuan came again. When they arrived at the cemetery, the sales staff of the cemetery frankly said that Gu Chuan now has changed from what he had seen before. It seems that he lacked the firmness to buy the cemetery.

Since the cemetery that he fancyed last time has been sold, Gu Chuan’s plan has been lost. put off. Falling into deep thoughts along the way, Gu Chuan’s heart secretly changed. Under the celebration of everyone, Gu Chuan’s expression was not clear, only Xu Chengran knew the reason. Xu Chengran asked about Gu Chuan’s future plans. Gu Chuan insisted on implementing his plan, but Xu Chen confessed that recent changes in Gu Chuan might be able to change this outrageous list. Under Xu Chengran’s persuasion, Gu Chuan stared out the window for a long time. .

Jiang Xiaoning waited specifically for Gu Chuan to leave work. Gu Chuan insisted on calling Jiang Xiaoning away, but the stubbornly babbling Jiang Xiaoning in his ear made Gu Chuan feel a little moved. Gu Chuan dialed his parents’ phone. At this moment, the expression on Gu Chuan’s face did not seem to be happy to have won a grand prize. When confronted with his parents, Gu Chuan began to review his unfilial piety over the years, but Gu’s father took a harsh posture , Instructed Gu Chuan to aim for happiness and not to torture himself for the pride of his parents. Although he understood his parents’ painstakingly in his heart, Gu Chuan still couldn’t completely trust his own thoughts.

Gu Chuan dressed up to participate in the Golden Coast Award presentation, and immediately surprised Jiang Xiaoning. The four people came to the awards scene of the International Awards together. There was thunderous applause. Gu Chuan, as the youngest designer, won the biggest award tonight. Gu Chuan, wearing a luxurious suit, walked up to the podium and held the trophy tightly. Chuan’s mood at the moment is the most complicated, but he still speaks calmly.

Jiang Xiaoning stared at the shining Gu Chuan on the stage, his infinite admiration was beyond words, and he could only give his best applause. The host asked about Gu Chuan’s new plans for the future. Gu Chuan bluntly said that he had no ideas, but he was still waiting for that suggestion. Jiang Xiaoning knew that what Gu Chuan was saying was exactly what he said, and he was hit immediately. .

Gu Chuan refused Xu Chengran’s request for a celebration banquet, but wanted to go to a quiet place. Jiang Xiaoning followed closely, and the two looked at the night scene in silence. Su Manlin, Xu Chengran and the company have been waiting at the celebration banquet for a long time, but they still haven’t seen Gu Chuan. The splendid night scene inspires Jiang Xiaoning’s courage. She gathered up all the courage. Jiang Xiaoning turned around and confessed to Gu Chuan.

Gu Chuan in front of him was his own driving force and idol, and his love continued to grow. Jiang Xiaoning couldn’t help but burst into tears as he talked. Knowing that Gu Chuan in front of him still twisted the topic forcefully, hoping that Jiang Xiaoning would concentrate on studying, but he still hadn’t made a decision about this step. Sensing Gu Chuan’s refusal, Jiang Xiaoning restrained his emotions slightly, agreed to Gu Chuan’s instructions, and left with great disappointment, but Gu Chuan still felt distressed when he saw Jiang Xiaoning leaving.

Jiang Xiaoning returned to the room and looked at Mr. Lizard that Gu Chuan had given him. Gu Chuan’s voice was heard over and over again. Jiang Xiaoning couldn’t hold back his tears, but Jiang Xiaoning was not the only sad person at this time. Gu Chuan looked at the crow doll in his hand. , The same inner entanglement. For the past ten years or so, Gu Chuan has been crawling forward in the dark, Jiang Xiaoning’s appearance is like a dazzling light shining on his life, but Gu Chuan is not sure that his future may still be indulged in the darkness, this kind of self How can we demand the regeneration of light?

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