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Miss Crow with Mr. Lizard 乌鸦小姐与蜥蜴先生 Episode 15 Recap

Jiang Xiaoning and Gu Chuan drove on the road together again. Gu Chuan mentioned that he would take Jiang Xiaoning to visit his teacher to find a design plan. Gu Chuan noticed that Jiang Xiaoning was a bit strange recently. The former Jiang Xiaoning smiled to him, but still While preparing breakfast and drinks, Jiang Xiaoning said that considering his job responsibilities, perhaps keeping a distance is what he should do. Gu Chuan was very dissatisfied after hearing this, and Jiang Xiaoning couldn’t help but condemned him for being out of proportion in his heart.

Tang Xu found Xu’s father, and Xu’s father said with a calm expression that the last time the transfer was handled, but this time it only needed money to be settled. Xu’s father arranged a sum of cash for Tang Xu. When I handed it out with my assistant and looked at Tang Xu with a sad face, Xu’s father couldn’t help but accuse Tang Xu of being timid. Tang Xu secretly made up his mind after hearing that, looking at the precious perfume he brought back on the table, Tang Xu found Jiang Xiaoning with a gift.

A few days later, it was Jiang Xiaoning’s birthday. Tang Xu carefully prepared the gift and gave it to him sincerely. Jiang Xiaoning, when Tang Xugang gave the gift to Jiang Xiaoning, Gu Chuan came out from the side and called Jiang Xiaoning away on a business trip with him to see the teacher.

After passing the security check, Jiang Xiaoning and Gu Chuan sat in a daze. Jiang Xiaoning asked why Gu Chuan chose to go on a business trip by himself. Gu Chuan asked Jiang Xiaoning’s opinion. Who knew Jiang Xiaoning was full of demeaning himself, and Gu Chuan raised his brows. , Speaking of myself, I just want to bring Jiang Xiaochuan to see the master and help Jiang Xiaoning learn more. When he saw Teacher Wang, Gu Chuan introduced Jiang Xiaoning to his teacher. The three walked into the house. Jiang Xiaoning prepared fruit for everyone.

Teacher Wang and Jiang Xiaoning had a good chat. The three came to the photo wall of the teacher’s house and Jiang Xiaoning recognized it. Teacher Wang changed his smile to the figure of himself and his father in a photo frame, and stared at Jiang Xiaoning closely. Only then did he recognize that the little girl in front of him was the daughter of student Jiang Guangda. Teacher Wang followed the topic and took out the notes he had kept by his side for many years. Many of the hard work was done with Jiang Xiaoning’s father. Despite Jiang Xiaoning’s refusal, Teacher Wang gave the precious notes to Jiang Xiaoning, and even gave them back. Introduce the mystery to Jiang Xiaoning cordially…

Leaving the mentor’s house, Jiang Xiaoning and Gu Chuan hid from the rain under the eaves together. Jiang Xiaoning excitedly said that he might have been to this small town before, and the atmosphere became a little ambiguous between the two, Gu Chuan said to himself Starting from the story with Chen Wenwen, the two fell in love from high school and separated at university.

This time Jiang Xiaoning brought Chen Wenwen back to his attention, and Gu Chuan also put an end to the relationship. The conversation between the two did not continue. Jiang Xiaoning saw a stray cat in the heavy rain and couldn’t help but compassionately took the stray cat away, and even gave the creature a new name called Ice Cream. Under Jiang Xiaoning’s soft and hard foam, Gu Chuan, who has never tolerated cats, even agreed to take the ice cream and raise it.

The next day, Jiang Xiaoning returned to an optimistic attitude and quarreled with Gu Chuan again. Su Manlin interrupted the entrance at this time. Speaking of Chen Wenwen’s need for an assistant, Su Manlin hostilely pointed the conversation to Jiang Xiaoning. Gu Chuan thought this was a good opportunity and nodded to let Jiang Xiaoning assist Su Manlin’s project. Xu Chengran was holding a bunch of cakes and wanted to bribe Gu Chuan.

Unexpectedly, Xu Chengran was also here for borrowing. Only Xu Chengran walked out of Gu Chuan’s office and secretly asked his colleague Qiao Mengjia to act as his girlfriend. Wang Kai who was pursuing dreams was instantly discouraged. Mengjia, who had long admired Xu Chengran for a long time, naturally couldn’t ask for it. Fortunately, when Wang Kai heard it was a fake show, he immediately resurrected with blood. Jiang Xiaoning overheard all of this process, and she couldn’t help but feel the state of watching a good show in her heart.

Due to Xu Chengran’s impulsive behavior, Manager Wei began to ignore Zhao Yan. Zhao Yan couldn’t be more angry with Xu Chengran. When she came to the coffee shop downstairs, Zhao Yan unexpectedly found Xu Chengran and Meng Jia. Seeing Xu Chengran’s smile at other women, Zhao Yan’s heart rose with jealousy, and she immediately turned and left. Xu Chengran kept smiling at Zhao Yan, but secretly observed Zhao Yan’s leaving back.

Gu Chuan invited Jiang Xiaoning to come to his home in the name of ice cream. The two talked and laughed at the cute ice cream. At this time, a phone call came. It turned out that the staff of the Golden Coast Award informed Gu Chuan that they had it three years ago. The design was completed this year, participated in the selection, and even won the grand prize. Although all this was in line with his own expectations, Gu Chuan’s brows were still frowned.

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