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Love like White Jade 白玉思无瑕 Episode 24 Recap

As soon as Shui Wuxia left, Jiang Baiyu wanted to pretend to be Shen Qingli and went to see Shui Wuxia and took off the things on her neck. However, her neck still couldn’t move, so she shouted for help. Shui Wuxia heard the sound and rushed back, and helped Jiang Baiyu put the collar back on. The next day, Jiang Tianling and others looked at Jiang Baiyu lying on the stretcher and wondered how Jiang Baiyu was injured so badly because of a small shock yesterday, and the direction in which the screen fell was flawless, and was injured by the screen.

If it hurts, it should be the back or the neck. Fang Yuncheng felt that the eldest master had always been the most desperate move. He should hide in a safe corner that night. Jiang Tianling analyzed that the situation at that time should be that Jiang Baiyu was above the screen and the water was flawless. Jiang Baiyu asked a few people where they were when he was injured. The few people looked at each other.

Jiang Tianling changed the subject of their new homework to simulate case reasoning. Each of them extracted their identities and reasoned the case based on their identities. Jiang Baiyu turned his head slightly to look at Jiang Tianling. He saw a lip print on Jiang Tianling’s face. After several people asked, Jiang Tianling told about what happened on the day of the earth movement and Zhezhi. Jiang Tianling asked several people for their opinions, whether the lip prints should be wiped off, and several people didn’t know how to answer.

Jiang Tianling asked Zhezhi if he was willing to give up a whole forest for him and hung from his tree, Zhezhi smiled and looked at him for a long time, took the hairpin off his head and inserted it on his head. Jiang Tianling was very happy. She agreed, and both of them were very happy. Jiang Tianling called Jiang Baiyu over and announced that he and Zhezhi were together.

The story about Jiang Baiyu’s saving Shui Wuxia on the day of the earth movement spread. Jiang Baiyu had a lot of little fans, and the little fans sent him a lot of letters. Jiang Baiyu stayed up all night to read the letter, and Shui Wuxia didn’t know how to buy something for him to eat. He also smirked at Xin when Shui Wuxia invited him to watch a shadow puppet show.

Shui Wuxia fell asleep and dreamed of a lot of Jiang Baiyu’s little girls holding a letter to Jiang Baiyu and surrounded Jiang Baiyu. Shui Wuxia woke up and saw Jiang Baiyu reply there, very angry, and asked him to read more books. Shui Wuxia was in a low mood. She asked Jiang Baiyu who he would be with in the future and whether he would get married. Jiang Baiyu said that he would definitely be the one she liked.

Of course, she would get married and let Shui Wuxia feel relieved that he would call her Brother Shui for the rest of her life. It was his Shui brother, she must be there on the day he got married. Shui Wuxia asked Jiang Baiyu whether he would like to choose Xi Shi from the east of the city or the girl from the north. Jiang Baiyu said that it was their little fan and showed her the letter.

Shui Wuxia found that she really seemed to be a little moved by Jiang Baiyu, the most popular true love test in the Baxi Water Supply Test. When I see something delicious, I’ll be the first to share it with him, second, I’ll be the first to share something new and interesting, and I’ll be jealous when I see him interacting with other girls. Shui Wuxia’s answers are all definitely.

After Shui Wuxia returned, she couldn’t calm down for a long time, so she decided to read this Analects to be calm and calm. Shui Wuxia searched everywhere but couldn’t find the Analects. Instead, she saw the paintings of her and Jiang Baiyu on the desktop. Jiang Baiyu came in and said that this was given by the young lady of the Confucian Mansion, so she could rest assured that these fun-seeking days in Chong’an would be replaced by another, and their affairs would soon be forgotten. Jiang Baiyu turned her head to look at Shui Wuxia, she turned around pretending to be calm and continued to look for things. Jiang Baiyu thought that Shui Wuxia didn’t like to put the painting away, but Shui Wuxia quickly stopped explaining that it was someone’s intention.

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