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Liu Laogen 4 劉老根4 Episode 7 Recap

There were no empty seats in the Liu Laogen stage. The actors performed hard and received warm applause and applause from the audience. At the end of the performance, Xiao Wang Gang came to the stage. Three audience members stood up and protested. They strongly demanded substitutions and did not want to see Xiao Wang Gang. Liu Shanxing hurriedly came to the stage to explain that Xiao Wanggang and his partner were the best performers on the big stage. Most of the audience wanted to watch the performance of the two of them. Liu Shanxing breathed a sigh of relief after walking away.

Xia Yu revealed to Liu Dakui that Dajiao was going to serve Liu Laogen, worried that others would gossip. Liu Dakui firmly believed in Dajiao and Liu Laogen’s personality, and advised her not to think too much. Xia Yu had no choice but to give up. She remembered Lin Zhen and Liu Shanshan’s marriage. Can’t help but smile. The brochure was printed quickly on Tuesday. Xia Yu was very dissatisfied and complained about his poor taste. He took Xiaoyan and others like a second fool. On Tuesday, Yan touched his nose and couldn’t help complaining to Xiao Yan. , Xiao Yan kindly persuaded him. On Tuesday, Yan sold boxes of brochures to Xiao Yan. Xiao Yan complained repeatedly.

Yaowanzi went to a restaurant to eat, and accidentally saw Wang Laosan and three people drinking here. Yaowanzi recognized that the three people were making trouble on the big stage at a glance, and hurriedly hid aside to take pictures. Liu Dakui wanted to take advantage of Lin Zhen’s relationship to obtain a loan from the bank, so Liu Shanshan asked him to go to the villa and prepared a sumptuous wine and dishes to entertain him. As soon as Lin Zhen appeared, Tian Yumeng was immediately dumbfounded. Lin Zhen quietly explained the truth to Liu Shanshan. Liu Shanshan was worried that Tian Yumeng was misunderstanding, and hurriedly brought Lin Zhen to her to explain clearly.

Yao Wanzi reported to Liu Shanxing that Wang Laosan hired someone to make trouble on the big stage, and also took out photos for her to see. Liu Shanxing gritted her teeth with anger, and Yao Wanzi took the opportunity to come up with Wang Laosan’s iron buddies, Dalonghe. Song Lao Ling selected a person to focus on training, in order to arouse the anger of Wang Lao San, let them fight in their nests, Liu Shanxing felt that it was feasible, to cultivate the strong professional ability of Song Lao Ling.

Liu Shanshan accompanies Lin Zhen to the dormitory to find Tian Yumeng. Tian Yumeng smashed her head and covered her face. He started a new relationship as soon as she broke up with anger. Lin Zhen couldn’t explain clearly for a while, so she asked Liu Shanshan to explain. Liu Shanshan admitted her. Her boyfriend was Han Shixin. She used to be the general manager of the villa and left because of a problem. Her mother forced a blind date. Lin Zhen was also forced by her mother to go on a blind date. They both acted to deceive both mothers. Liu Shanshan vowed to find Han Shixin. , I brought him to see Tian Yumeng, Tian Yumeng only smiled with tears, and made peace with Lin Zhen as good as ever.

Zhang Kexin went to check with Liu Laogen and ran into Xiao Yan head on. Xiao Yan hurriedly reported to Tue. She had been wary of Zhang Kexin on Tue. She was worried that she would replace him as the manager of the catering department. Liu Shanxing approached Song Kaiyuan to discuss Wang Lao San’s troubles.

Song Kaiyuan came up with a good way to integrate the actors on the big stage with the small theater in the villa, introduce a competitive mechanism, and choose good people to stay on the big stage. After an examination once a month, Song Kaiyuan worried that Da Pang would not agree to let people with bad business go to the small theater troupe, and Liu Shanxing agreed to do Da Pang’s work.

Big Chili came out to throw trash. Seeing how sneakily came to Liu Laogen, she hurriedly called to Liu Laogen. On Tuesday, Chi repeatedly claimed that he was looking for Liu Laogen to report on work. Big Chili slapped him severely and even bought the fruit he bought. Throw it in the trash can and turn around on Tuesday with anger. Watching the big chili go far on Tuesday, he sneaked out the bag of fruit and took it away.

Mr. Huang gave Zhang Kexin an idea to find someone outside the villa to buy Han Bing’s shares. Zhang Kexin immediately remembered Yao Xiazi, so he called Yao Xiazi far away in Thailand and wanted him to pay for the shares. Yao Xiazi had long wanted to return home. For investment, he decided to go back as soon as possible to buy shares in the villa. Zhang Kexin couldn’t wait to report to Liu Dakui.

Song Kaiyuan opened the meeting and announced the rotation competition mechanism introduced on the big stage. Pills suggested to train a few more big axes. Liu Shanxing took the opportunity to propose the finale of Song Lao Ling tonight. Song Lao Ling naturally couldn’t ask for it. He saw that Wang Lao San was very annoyed and declined politely. After Liu Shanxing’s suggestion, Yaowanzi saw that he wanted the finale, but he was afraid of Wang Lao San and encouraged everyone to cheer up. Wang Lao San couldn’t bear it and let the pills be the finale. He wanted to leave the table.

Liu Shanxing shouted to stop Wang Lao San, and gave him a severe lesson. Wang Lao San was immediately dumbfounded and had to bow his head to apologize to Liu Shanxing. Song Kaiyuan hurriedly reconciled the situation, and the storm went smoothly. past.

On Tuesday, Liu Dakui filed a lawsuit. Both Zhang Kexin and Dajiao tried their best to please Liu Laogen in order to restore the medicated food department. Zhang Kexin happily reported to Liu Dakui that the pills would buy 2 million shares. Liu Dakui was overjoyed and scorned Tuesday. There was a severe reprimand and warned him not to talk about chaotic things in the future, and to learn from Zhang Kexin. On Tuesday, he was so angry that he was speechless.

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