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Family on the Go 3 (2021) 温州三家人

Family on the Go 3 (2021)
Other Title: 温州三家人, Wen Zhou San Jia Ren

Genres: Drama, Business, Family
Su Zhou
Cheng Weidong
Release Date: 
May 3, 2021
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  • Zhang Lu as Ye Zi Fan
  • Gu Xuan as Lin Zhi Xia
  • Liu Pei Qi as Lin Yi Shan
  • Wu Gang as Ye Qian Kun
  • Mao Yi as Pan Xiao Yong
  • Isabelle Wang as Ceng Zhi Qiu

Through the competition and development of entrepreneurs Xiang Chenghui, Lin Yishan, Yang Buzhen and their descendants, this drama reflects that they continue to be at the forefront of reform and opening up under the background of the new normal. They started a conflict and resolved peacefully on the location of the new base. At that time, Tsinghua “undergraduate girl” Zhang Lu came to Wenzhou for inspection and knew that Xiang Chenghui and Lin Yishan were both “going out” and making breakthroughs in the new energy industry. , I finally married Lin Yishan. Yang Buzhen’s fashion city project made a fuss on the Internet. Although the wife who became a star had a cold war with him, he still enjoyed it.

Xiang Chenghui’s son Xiang Xiang, Pan Xiaoyong and Ireland founded the e-commerce “Pin Shanggu”. Yang Tianzhen and Lin Danfeng founded the “Red Wine Castle” and experienced twists and turns. The Internet philanthropy projects they run attract a lot of people, and their emotional life is also vivid. Three entrepreneurs set up private banks, and there were many waves. Their descendants, Xiang Xiang and others, happened to meet the central government’s full support for the Internet. It was precisely this opportunity that Xiang Xiang once again seized the opportunity, and the new generation of Wenzhou people went to the forefront of the times.

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