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The Imperial Coroner 御赐小仵作 Episode 15 Recap

Chu Chu returned to the scene of the murder, and therefore concluded that his mother was protecting herself in her abdomen, so she resisted and broke her hand bones. Later, she was hit by a hard object and died in the head. Thinking of this, Chu Chu was deeply saddened, so she decided to combine her own appearance based on the skull, trying to pinch out the outline of her mother with clay, and find her biological father based on her mother’s face.

Xiao Jinyu agreed to Chuchu’s request in order to find out the truth, but at this time Jing Yi masked and hid behind a tree to peep, accidentally made a noise to alarm the guards, and then hurried away. That night, Jing Yi sent a letter to Mr. Yu Jingge, claiming that Xiao Jinyu had found the body of the eunuch and suspected that Xiao Heng was not dead.

Princess Xiping and her maid Banxia went to Xue Rucheng, hoping that he could help and stop the marriage between Leng Yue and Xiao Jinli. Because Princess Xiping knows Jingge’s old intentions, if Xiao Jinli takes over the power of Leng’s family, I am afraid that in the future Princess Xiping’s mansion will become a cage, and she and her two sons will become chess pieces.

Although Tang Xuanzong has not yet made an order, Princess Xiping has already felt that the crisis is approaching. She is not a girl of seventeen or eighteen years old. As a reason, the marriage was postponed. At first, Princess Xiping thought that Xue Rucheng would not intervene for fear of being involved, but she did not know that Xue Rucheng planned to go to the southwest first.

Leng Yue heard that her elders had deliberately matched her with Xiao Jinyu, and hurriedly went over to express her true thoughts to each other, just treating Xiao Jinyu as a brother. Fortunately, Xiao Jinyu is the same, but he guessed that Leng Yue’s main purpose in coming to the southwest was probably because of Chu Chu’s life experience. After returning to the room, Xiao Jinyu saw that the soles of Jing Yi’s shoes were stained with dirt, so she was puzzled and worried that he was the masked man who had just hidden behind the tree.

Because Jing Yi casually used excuses to prevaricate, Xiao Jinyu stopped questioning, but took out Xu’s relics for him to identify. At the same time, Leng Yue was entrusted by Xiao Jinyu to come to accompany Chu Chu. She knew that Chu Chu was going to restore the appearance of Xu’s family. She remembered that her parents had died, and she was taken care of by her cousin Princess Xiping. Leng Yue did not know her parents’ appearance for so many years. . Chu Chu asked Leng Yue about the relationship between Xiao Jinyu and Xiao Jinli, because she always felt a little strange. With so many years of medical experience, she could infer the child’s appearance based on the appearance of her parents, although it was not perfectly accurate. , But it would never be so different from Xiao Jinli and Xiao Jinyu, let alone twins of a female compatriot.

Xiao Jinyu asked about his elder brother’s light work, wondering who is better than Jing Yi. Although Xiao Jinli’s strength is very strong, his light work is indeed not as good as Jing Yi, which also made Xiao Jinyu suspicious. When investigating a case by the river before, he heard someone peeping behind him, and his footsteps were exactly the same as Jing Yi.

Qin Luan followed Sun Mingde to an inner hall, and was about to leave the little eunuch for questioning, but he did not expect that the little eunuch suddenly bit the grass aconite from the Western Regions and died on the spot. Afterwards, Sun Mingde found a receipt for Boguzhai from the residence of the young eunuch. Qin Luan came to Boguzhai with the receipt to ask for the deposit, but found that it was actually a well-made jade pendant that had to be sent here for repair.

The next morning, Leng Yue sent Chu Chu home, and the two met to eat noodles together, but Chu Chu was caught in the alley, and Chu Chu hurried back to inform Xiao Jinyu. Xiao Jinyu led people to chase and disappeared. Xiao Jinyu observed the scene and deduced that Xu Rugui was the one who robbed Chu Chu. He seemed to have deliberately set a trap, so he found Xu’s hairpin under the basket. However, there were two traces of car wheels on the road. Xiao Jinyu realized that Xu Rugui had adjusted the tiger away from the mountain and immediately sent troops to divide the two roads.

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