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The Imperial Coroner 御赐小仵作 Episode 14 Recap

The rumors about the resurrection of the son of the first emperor became more and more fierce, and even made Tang Xuanzong a little jealous. If he hadn’t ordered the eunuch to take people to wash the palace of Chang with blood, how could he sit on the current dragon seat. As an old man serving the emperors of the Three Dynasties, Qin Luan naturally understood the strangeness, so he paid special attention to it.

Jing Yi planned to transport the mummy hidden in the Chu family back to the county government, so she went to Xiao Jinli to borrow troops, and at the same time had to take two thin coffins with the Chu family. Xiao Jinyu brought Jingyi, Chu Chu and others to the gate of the county office, but the magistrate of Guanling County Zheng Youde hurried to greet him. Because of the drunkenness last night, he repeatedly pleaded guilty.

Seeing Zheng Youde worshipped the wrong person, Jing Yi restored his status as Shaoqing of Dali Temple on the spot, and by the way introduced Xiao Jinyu as the King of An County. Fortunately, Xiao Jinyu did not pursue Zheng Youde, but asked him to take him to the file room and specify that he was looking for the household registration information about the Xu family. Through Zheng Youde’s narration, Xiao Jinyu learned that the current county prime minister Tan Gui lived in the Xu family’s old house, and that Tan Gui’s father was a housekeeper.

Due to the accidental fire in the file room, a lot of information was lost. Even the household registration of Xu’s family was added after Zheng Youde took office. As for the information that recorded Xu’s family had already been burned, the fire happened just in time for the former county magistrate to resign. Xiao Jinyu felt that the two incidents were too coincidental, so she felt that she had to seek Chu Chu’s consent before going to dig a grave and open a coffin for an autopsy. Chu Chu knew that Xiao Jinyu was forced to come up with this method, so she offered to examine her mother’s body in person.

That night, Xiao Jinyu learned from her elder brother that Leng Yue was monitoring Jingyi, which made him a little puzzled. Jing Yi came alone to the Anzi sent by his father in the Wilderness Secret Society. Unexpectedly, the other party was Cheng Tan Gui, Guanling County, so he handed the two drawings back to Chang’an City.

When the mysterious person had just left, Leng Yue rushed over and asked why Jing Yi appeared here. But Jing Yi casually made up a lie to prevaricate, but Leng Yue saw a row of clear footprints appearing in the cave, so he believed Jing Yi had something to hide from herself, but did not say anything.

Elder Jing Ge brought Xue Rucheng into the temple, and asked the emperor to give an order to marry him, claiming that Leng Peishan is old and his only son died early. The only relatives are his granddaughter Leng Yue, who happens to be the same age as Xiao Jinli. It is also a childhood sweetheart. If you can marry a couple and achieve a marriage between two families, I believe Leng Peishan will do his best to cultivate Xiao Jinyu.

Because the Leng clan has deep roots in the southwest, especially Leng Pei Shan holds tens of thousands of elite soldiers, and with the help of the suppression of mountain bandits, disaster relief and poverty relief are very popular, and it can be said to be echoed today. In order to prevent future troubles, Jing Ge’s proposal is not unreasonable. As long as Xiao Jinli wins the power of the Leng clan, this will not only preserve the relationship between Tang Xuanzong and Leng Peishan’s monarchs and ministers, but also solve it without a single soldier. The trouble of the Southwest. However, Xue Rucheng did not agree with Jing Ge’s proposal. He decided to block the matter secretly. At first, he wanted to persuade Jing Ge to change his mind, but he did not succeed.

The next morning, Xiao Jinyu went to Xiao Heng’s residence to recheck clues, and found a chess board and a piece of paper on which the endgame was drawn under the wooden table. Xiao Jinyu and Xiao Jinli each play black and white chess. After several rounds, no matter how they go, they will leave four chess pieces, each of which is a horse, a horse and a pawn.

Even though Xiao Jinyu hasn’t understood what it means, he thinks that his father will never leave a piece of chess behind for no reason. Chu Chu worshipped the Xu family as a daughter. Through bone inspection, it was found that the injury on the mother’s forehead was not fatal. Instead, he would lose his life when he was hit by a blunt force during his lifetime. This means that Xu did not commit suicide, but was instead. People killed.

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