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The Glory of Youth 号手就位 Episode 33 Recap

Lin Anbang and Ouyang Jun clashed. Ouyang Jun asked Lin Anbang if he was himself, would he not want to be the second in a thousand years? Lin Anbang only thinks Ouyang Jun is ridiculous. Ouyang Jun’s name remained on the wall of honor and was awarded the second-class merit. Ouyang Jun was full of joy, and proposed to An Lei to change the company. He has already won the highest honor in the battle blade company, and the promotion is also determined to win. .

An Lei and the political commissar think that Ouyang Jun is a talent, but there is still room for improvement. Xia Zhuo’s complexion has not been very good. After disbanding, he ran to vomit, but he couldn’t vomit anything. Lin Anbang and Yi Zimeng thought he was unwilling. Xia Zhuo said that they had been like this all this time. Yi Zimeng felt like neurotic vomiting and suggested that he go to Huang Wen.

Xiaoxuan went to Huang Wen, and Huang Wen decided to give him hypnotherapy. Under Huang Wen’s guidance, Xia Zhuo returned to the most familiar training ground, bewilderedly looking for other people, but never got a response. . Xia Zhuo’s emotions gradually became agitated. He kept shouting that the light was on, and Huang Wen quickly stopped hypnosis. After Xia Zhuo was sober, he kept repeating the light on, and the light was really on! Huang Wen believed in Xia Zhuo.

She told Shao Shuai that when the deepest memory in the brain was opened in a scientific way, all the facts would be restored. Shao Shuai sighed. Today, the expert team will produce results, and they are really sweating for Xia Zhuo. An Lei received a call from the expert group and called Lu Zheng. The expert group concluded that the indicator light was off and the missile was normal.

Yang Wanjin’s attitude towards Xia Zhuo was not good, because they had lost such a golden opportunity. Xia Zhuo was questioned and endured a tremendous amount of torment. Huang Wen called Father Huang. She hoped Father Huang would do a favor and come to the base. The 100th Missile of the Battle Blade Company successfully concluded the meeting. An Lei did not give the military medals with great fanfare, but talked about the difficulties encountered. He also remembered the third-class merits for Lang Yongcheng, and Lin Anbang and Yi Zimeng gave the award once.

Summary Just after the meeting, Xia Zhuo ran to throw up again. Wang Xianmin was very worried when he saw this and wanted him to go to the hospital. Xia Zhuo said that this was his psychological problem. Wang Xianmin knew that this situation had only happened since he was launched, and he began to solve Xia Zhuo. He had been a soldier for so many years and he had never fought a missile. Wang Xianmin took Xia Zhuo to the training ground and said that he would demonstrate to Xia Zhuo. Wang Xianmin remembered each launch step clearly.

Once the launch process was over, Wang Xianmin asked Xia Zhuo what he wanted to do, or the best one that no one would replace? Want to understand this, Xia Zhuo will go farther and farther in the army. Wang Xianmin hoped that Xia Zhuo would understand that despite his grievances, the man’s mind could hold up the sky. Wang Xianmin said that he believed in Xia Zhuo. Wang Xianmin sang military songs and left, but Xia Zhuo didn’t know what it meant.

Lu Zheng met Ouyang Jun pulling him to chat with him. Ouyang Jun knew what Lu Zheng wanted to say. In fact, he didn’t want Xia Zhuo’s car to be like that, but it really happened. Lu Zheng said that Xia Zhuo had been suspicious of himself, and compared with Ouyang Jun, Ouyang Jun believed that everyone should be responsible for their actions. Lu Zheng asked Ouyang Jun if he knew the meaning of comrades-in-arms. The friendship of comrades-in-arms is beyond the feelings of brothers or even brotherhood.

He hoped that Ouyangjun could learn to change. If he missed the lesson of comrades-in-arms, he might regret it in the future. Ouyang Jun quickly said that he understood, but he didn’t know what to say to Xia Zhuo. Lu Zheng said that sometimes he didn’t have to say anything, maybe companionship was also a feeling, and what he did was not as good as being honest.

Ouyang Jun stammered to Xia Zhuo with the second-class bonus, saying it was compensation for him. I hope Xia Zhuo understands that he just wants to surpass Xia Zhuo at work. They are still friends in life, and Xia Zhuo takes the bonus. , Simple thanks. Father Huang went to the standby warehouse, he was an expert on this type of missile.

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