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Octogenarians and the 90s 八零九零 Episode 21 Recap

Guo Jiangdong took out the massage pillow and let Guo Sanshuang sleep soundly. Since Xue Ding learned that Jiangdong lost his sense of taste, he told the staff of the back kitchen that Guo Jiangdong would not allow Guo Jiangdong to cook for the guests who came to the dine-in, and he was only responsible for the takeaway. Guo Jiangdong was very uncomfortable, so he made it by himself. The good smelly mandarin fish served the waiter and the chef for lunch, and everyone avoided.

Guo Jiangdong loaded the dishes back to Guo Sanshuang. Guo Sanshuang found that the taste was not right. Guo Jiangdong made it completely according to his previous experience, and the take-out orders were well received. Guo Sanshuang turned out his mobile phone to confirm that it was correct. After seeing the customer’s good comments, Xue Ding asked Guo Jiangdong to continue to make stinky mandarin fish. Guo Jiangdong was not at ease, so he followed the courier Xiaodong to express his gratitude to the customer.

Xiao Dong rode a motorcycle and took Jiangdong’s family to the door to thank him. He accidentally saw Ye Xiaomei go to customers to pick up takeaways. Guo Jiangdong immediately understood everything. Those online takeaway orders were made by Ye Xiaomei’s friends. Afterwards, Ye Xiaomei went to friends again. Take it back one by one. Guo Jiangdong crouched at the door, watching Ye Xiaomei ride away, his confidence was completely destroyed.

After Xue Ding found that Jiang Dong had lost his sense of taste, he called Ye Xiaomei to the restaurant and asked her to try the smelly mandarin fish that Jiangdong was good at. Ye Xiaomei found it too salty to swallow. Xue Ding did not dare to tell Jiang Dongming that he was worried that his pride would be affected It hurts, but you can’t just watch the restaurant close.

In the end, Ye Xiaomei talked to Wu Hui and Hou Lao and asked friends to order Jiangdong’s specialty dishes. After Guo Jiangdong learned the truth of the matter, he was completely defeated and never recovered. Ye Xiaomei kindly persuaded him and encouraged him to cheer up and not be discouraged.

Guo Jiangdong made a dish, and Ye Xiaomei tried it in person, and she told the truth about the taste. Guo Jiangdong was very timid and didn’t dare to use seasonings, but the taste was too weak. Ye Xiaomei encouraged him to cook according to his previous experience. I made a few more dishes for Ye Xiaomei to comment on. After passing Jiangdong, he returned to the small hotel very late. Guo Sanshuang had been waiting for a long time. He chose a few houses for Guo Jiangdong to look at. Guo Jiangdong found that he had been searching around the nursing home, obviously just not wanting to be too far away from Ye Xiaomei.

Early the next morning, Guo Jiangdong came to see Xue Ding to resign. Xue Ding promised not to let him work and was willing to support him. Guo Jiangdong had no face to stay here. Xue Ding gave him a sum of money as a salary, and Guo Jiangdong took this As compensation returned to him, the two gave each other humility. At this moment, Mr. and Mr. Hou were not happy and brought the old folks from the nursing home to the restaurant. They wanted to taste Jiangdong’s specialties.

He was very happy to go to Jiangdong and immediately went to the back kitchen to make stir-fried kidneys, and Xue Ding served the dishes himself. , I’m not happy to have a great meal with Hou Lao and others. They are full of praise for Guo Jiangdong’s craftsmanship, and also take pictures as a souvenir. Guo Jiangdong knows that they are lying, so he eagerly observes their expressions one by one.

Guo Jiangdong took the dish away, unhappy and Hou Lao and the others hurriedly spit out the food in their mouths, Guo Jiangdong made it too salty.

Guo Jiangdong discussed with Xue Ding, he continued to cook, let Xue Ding taste the food next to him, until Xue Ding was satisfied before serving the food, Guo Jiangdong decided to accompany the old guys to act. Guo Jiangdong and Xue Ding worked closely together, and finally made a large table of dishes, not happy and Hou Lao and the others ate very happily. Guo Jiangdong made the last dish. He and the old guys had a happy drink together, and sincerely thanked everyone for their support.

Thanks to the great help of the old guys and Xue Ding, Guo Jiangdong’s cooking skills returned to the previous level and became the signature of Xue Ding’s restaurant. Ye Xiaomei drew Guo Jiangdong’s story into comics and preserved it. Guo Sanshuang came to Sun Erniang to pay back the money. After learning that Joey had already paid it back, Guo Sanshuang called Joey. Joey admitted that she wanted Guo Sanshuang to pay her debts, but then she had a better life and felt right. After staying in Sanshuang, he took the initiative to pay back the money. Finally, Joey asked Sanshuang to help her take care of her nine-year-old daughter.

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