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Octogenarians and the 90s 八零九零 Episode 20 Recap

Guo Jiangdong slapped Tielin for a meal, and Guo Tielin was full of self-blame. He felt that he owed too much to Sanshuang over the years. Guo Jiangdong persuaded him to stay at home and wait for Sanshuang, so that the whole family lived together in peace Guo Tielin was not reconciled, and wanted to get his money back, but Guo Jiangdong tried his best to stop it.

Guo Tielin came to boss Zhu Xingshi with a brick to inquire about the crime. Boss Zhu sent his subordinates to subdue him. Guo Tielin asked Boss Zhu to return the real estate certificate and money to Guo Jiangdong. He had to repay the money with his own efforts. Boss Zhu refused to follow him. Don’t forgive, forcibly drove Tie Lin away. Ye Xiaomei had learned that Tielin went to find someone to reason, and she was worried that she would be beaten, so she immediately went to the police for help. Because Ye Xiaomei could not show the true evidence, the police refused to open the case for investigation.

After Tielin had nowhere to go, he had to jump off the building. The police received the call and immediately took Ye Xiaomei to the scene. Guojiangdong heard the news and rushed forward. He climbed to the top of the building without saying a word. He tried to persuade Tielin. Jiangdong got his house and money back, but he returned without success. He didn’t want to live anymore. Guo Jiangdong didn’t care about it, and just wanted to live a stable life with him. Guo Jiangdong tried hard to persuade Tielin, and he was a little relieved, and completely gave up the idea of ​​suicide. The police rescued him. Guo Jiangdong almost fainted because of the sudden fire. Thanks to Ye Xiaomei and Wu Hui for helping him in time.

Guo Sanshuang saw his colleagues gathered around and watched Tielin committing suicide by jumping from a building. He was mixed with mixed feelings. Colleagues criticized Tielin’s behavior in word and word. Guo Sanshuang argued with them and admitted that Tielin was him. His father, colleagues ridiculed him, and verbalized each other. Guo Sanshuang couldn’t bear it, so he fought his colleagues.

Guo Sanshuang decided to quit his job and go home. It was useless even if his friends tried hard to persuade him. The friend guessed that he would go back to deal with housework and promised to welcome him back anytime. After Sanshuang, I asked Ye Xiaomei to lead the way to the villa to pick up my grandpa. After crossing Jiangdong, I packed up my luggage and wanted to leave with Guo Tielin. Guo Sanshuang came in suddenly and wanted to take Jiangdong out to live. Guo Tielin asked casually, after three. Shuang spread all his anger on him, cursing him as a disaster star, Guo Jiangdong stopped Sanshuang, tried his best to defend Guo Tielin, Guo Sanshuang took Jiangdong and left without saying a word.

Guo Sanshuang took Jiangdong to a dilapidated small hotel. The room was very small, with only two beds, and the neon lights outside the window were so shining that Jiangdong could not sleep. Guo Sanshuang gave him a blindfold and promised to find a house and move out as soon as possible. Guo Jiangdong is not used to living, but Guo Sanshuang is very optimistic. Guo Jiangdong wanted to go to the apprentice Xue Ding’s restaurant to help, Guo Sanshuang firmly disagreed, but Guo Jiangdong was determined.

Guo Jiangdong came to Xue Ding’s restaurant early in the morning. Xue Ding mistakenly thought that he had come to borrow money and had to transfer the money to him on the spot. Guo Jiangdong explained his intentions and wanted to work in the restaurant, but there was no shortage of people in the restaurant. Guo Jiangdong just wanted to leave. Xue Ding promised to let him stay. He wanted to use Jiangdong’s name to advertise. Guo Jiangdong didn’t dare to admit that he had lost his sense of taste and didn’t want to go to the back chef. Xue Ding insisted on letting him do it. He is good at the Caizhen market and asked him to take photos with a gold medal.

Guo Jiangdong formally went to work in Schrodinger’s restaurant. Schroding introduced him grandly and asked him to make the best stinky mandarin fish for the guests on the spot. Guo Jiangdong began to play drums in his heart, but he still bite the bullet and prepared the fish, Schroding directly brought it out. Guests complained that the fish was too unpalatable. Xue Ding took a bite and was hard to swallow, and the waiter quickly removed it. Then another customer complained that the fish was too unpalatable. Xue Ding hurriedly accompanied the smiling face to make a plea for everyone.

At the end of the day’s work, Schrodinger removed ten fishes in total, and told the waiter not to tell Jiangdong. Xue Ding personally cooked two dishes and wanted to have a drink with Guo Jiangdong. Xue Ding deliberately put a lot of salt when making fish. Guo Jiangdong had a taste of it, and he was full of praise for his cooking skills. Jiang Dong lost his sense of taste, but he didn’t reveal it in person.

Guo Sanshuang bought Guo Jiangdong a magnetic massage pillow, and he felt very comfortable when he went to Jiangdong, but he was still angry and refused to forgive Guo Sanshuang. Guo Sanshuang happily showed off that he sold 37 massage pillows today, Guo Jiangdong. Let him try it out. Guo Sanshuang wanted to make money and asked Guo Jiangdong to go home and rest. Guo Jiangdong boasted that his cooking skills were undiminished back then. Guo Sanshuang had fallen asleep because of overwork, and Guo Jiangdong was very distressed.

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