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Octogenarians and the 90s 八零九零 Episode 19 Recap

Ye Xiaomei kept calling Tielin, but his cell phone kept shutting down, making Ye Xiaomei anxious. Guo Jiangdong and his apprentice Xue Ding had been busy all morning, and finally prepared a large table of dishes. Guo Jiangdong hurriedly greeted the old guys to the table, and Xue Ding used water instead of wine to toast the elderly. After Tielin was late, Ye Xiaomei lied that Tielin’s mobile phone was always busy, and Guo Jiangdong had to eat with everyone first.

Ye Xiaomei suddenly received a call from Tielin. She quietly went out to meet Tielin. After Tielin was hiding behind the bushes, she did not dare to show up. He claimed that there was something wrong with his business and asked Ye Xiaomei to take Jiangdong back to the nursing home. Ye Xiaomei was worried. Jiang Dong couldn’t accept it, but she couldn’t stand Tielin’s bitter pleading, so she reluctantly agreed.

Ye Xiaomei excuses that the old people should go back to take medicine, and she wants to take them back to the nursing home as soon as possible. Not happy that they are still not satisfied with a table of food, and Jiangdong has already set up a mahjong table, and wants to play a few with everyone after dinner. Guo Jiangdong learned that Tielin was hiding outside, so he had to let everyone go first.

He was upset and Hou Lao and the others saw a crowd of men coming to Jiangdong’s house as soon as he went out. Guo Tielin persuaded Jiangdong to go back to the nursing home for a few days, and waited for him to deal with the business matters before returning. Guo Tielin felt that he couldn’t live up to his face, and Guo Tielin worried that someone would come to make trouble.

Before Guo Tielin’s words were over, the three bosses brought people to the door to ask for money, and started to move things in the house without saying anything. Ye Xiaomei hurried to call the police, Guo Jiangdong did not allow anyone to move things in the house, and clearly stated that it was on the real estate certificate. It was his name, but the bosses were reluctant, and they kept claiming that the father would pay the debts for his son. Guo Jiangdong took a kitchen knife across his neck to force him to death, and the bosses were not afraid.

Unhappy and Hou Lao and others came to support in time, they put on a posture to have a deadlock with the bosses, Ye Xiaomei shouted that she had called the police, and the bosses took the people to leave. Unhappy, Hou Lao and others were not at ease, so they stood at the door of their home to support Guo Jiangdong.

Guo Tielin told Guo Jiangdong the story in detail. He took a fancy to a high-yielding investment project. He didn’t have enough funds on hand, so he dragged the three bosses into the partnership. As a result, the investment failed and they lost everything. Guo Jiangdong Wanting to know how much he lost, Guo Tielin was worried that he could not accept it and refused to say.

Guo Jiangdong tossed and turned and couldn’t fall asleep. He woke up early in the morning and saw Tielin prepared breakfast for him and left a note to persuade him not to worry about money. At this moment, the police came to understand the situation. Guo Jiangdong answered their questions truthfully, tried his best to defend Guo Tielin, and repeatedly explained that Tielin and the bosses had cooperated in business, and everyone lost money. The police just wanted to find Tielin about Lin’s money fraud. Guo Jiangdong promised to go to the police station to be investigated after Tielin came back.

When Guo Jiangdong went out alone, he immediately felt that there was someone behind him. He wandered around on the bus and came to the bank and the real estate agency to consult. The person had been following him all the time. Guo Jiangdong came to the person and exposed him to be stalking in person. The person was so scared that he explained that it was the boss’s account. Guo Jiangdong went to the company to meet the boss with him.

Guo Jiangdong saw the three bosses together, pretending to have a heart attack, grabbing one of them, and wanting to negotiate with them, forcing them to tell the specific amount of the loss. Guo Jiangdong took out two real estate certificates and all his savings to pay off Tielin, but there was still a lot of money. Guo Jiangdong pointed out to the person that they were unreasonable, and Guo Tielin also lost money, even if they sued Tielin. After being arrested in prison, Tielin had no money to pay them back.

The three bosses discussed it in private, and finally decided to accept Jiang Dong’s proposal. They promised to go to the police station to withdraw the case as soon as possible. Guo Tielin hid in the car downstairs, and saw the three bosses drive Jiangdong out, before he left with confidence. That night, Guo Tielin went home quietly, and saw Jiang Dong sitting on the stairs feeling sad.

Guo Tielin learned that Jiang Dong had sold the house for the money. He wanted to go to the three bosses to settle the accounts. Guo Jiang Dong firmly disagreed. Guo Tielin was angry and wanted to run off again, Guo Jiangdong was furious, and persuaded him to put aside his poor vanity and start again, and don’t wander around in order to avoid debts, Guo Jiangdong worried that Guo Sanshuang and Guo Tielin were as inconsistent as Guo Tielin.

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