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Ni Chang 小女霓裳 Episode 30 Recap

Yan Wenxiu complained to Xie Xiaoni that she and Su Wenyu are not husband and wife, and they are helpless, so Yan Wenxiu desperately tried to gain a foothold in Yan’s house. Before, she was just to protect herself and said that she already wanted It’s done, I hope Xie Xiaoni and her will let go and forgive each other. Xie Xiaoni said that they didn’t forgive or forgive, but Yan Wenxiu cried and said that she wanted to be liked by everyone like Xie Xiaoni. Now they came to Ruiyuan together and hoped to go hand in hand. Xie Xiaoni didn’t know what to say for a while, but asked her to get the cloth quickly. In the evening, Xie Xiaoni wanted to try making a moisture-proof cloth and went to the yard.

Ouyang Ziyu Fuqin, Xiaoqin and Xiaolu were busy cleaning up the yard, which is close to Ruiyuan, and Ouyang Ziyu specially bought it here. Xiaolu knew that he couldn’t worry about Xie Xiaoni, but he didn’t expect Ouyang Ziyu to have another purpose, to monitor the Palace and City Bureau. Xie Xiaoni missed Ouyang Ziyu’s piano late at night, but didn’t know if it was him.

The next day. Xie Xiaoni went to the Spice Hall and saw the two girls who were bullied by Yan Wenxiu that day. Both of them kept Xie Xiaoni away and asked Xie Xiaoni to do chores in the yard, deliberately mixing things together, and let Xie Xiaoni separate and dry them one by one. , Xie Xiaoni looked at the two baskets of things worrying, and soon thought of a way.

The princess came to Ouyang Ziyu and was told by Xiaolu that he was out. Xie Xiaoni was unwelcome in the Spice Hall but was eager to help others. Seeing that Xiaoju coughed more than just gave her a throat cream, Yuqing was very dissatisfied when she saw it. Why Xie Xiaoni doesn’t need to do their kind of small households but they have to work.

Xiaoju was unwell, Yuqing took her back to the room, Xie Xiaoni came again to deliver the ointment, Xiaoju told her to go back quickly, otherwise Yuqing saw that she was about to quarrel with her again. Seeing that Xiaoju was in poor health, Xie Xiaoni told her to make a bowl of tranquilizing soup for her. Yuqing drove Xie Xiaoni away immediately when she came back. Yuqing made a new jasmine pillow for Xiaoju, but Xie Xiaoni noticed something was wrong.

Su Wenyu came to give Yuan Daocheng tribute. Yuan Daocheng was very satisfied with him and wanted to promote Su Wenyu to be the chairman of the guild. When Su Wenyu left, he met Xie Xiaoni. He hoped that Xie Xiaoni would join the party. He would not treat her like Su Gongming, but Xie Xiaoni refused and persuaded Su Wenyu not to participate too much in the affairs of the palace and city bureau. Xie Xiaoni met Xiaoqin when she was in distress, and Xiaoqin came to her in a hurry.

Xiaoqin took Xie Xiaoni to Ouyang Ziyu’s newly bought yard and disappeared, only then did Xie Xiaoni discover Ouyang Ziyu. Hearing that Ouyang Ziyu had bought this yard, Xie Xiaoni was very surprised. The sound of the piano she heard at night turned out to be his. The two have not seen you and me for a long time, and they nestled together very sweetly. Xie Xiaoni’s potato chips are doing well in Ruiyuan, but several merchants came in with money. Ouyang Ziyu naturally knew that he had to be patient to check it down.

Xie Feng was watching the moon in the yard. The princess came to her to chat. The princess knew that Xie Feng had her own secret, but she would not ask the princess or ask. Xie Xiaoni came to give Xiaoju a tranquilizer soup. Xiaoju was worried that Yuqing would misunderstand herself, but Xie Xiaoni didn’t have the thought of opposing Yuqing. Xie Xiaoni gave Xiaoju a new pillow, and she took the old pillow away. Liu Zixuan came to Xie Xiaoni to play, and when she saw her drying medicinal materials, he wanted to help. To avoid suspicion, Xie Xiaoni quickly expressed that he was very happy to make him a friend. Liu Zixuan was also very happy to see her as a friend.

Yuqing was very angry when she found that her pillow had been changed. She asked Xie Xiaoni where the pillow she made had gone. Xie Xiaoni found toad cake powder in the pillow, which was also the cause of Xiaoju’s nightmare. Yuqing did this to make herself one less opponent, and Xie Xiaoni said that she would not mention it as if it had never happened before. Liu Zixuan was itchy all over, and Xie Xiaoni and Xiaoju came to deliver the medicine.

Liu Zixuan didn’t want her to see how ugly she was, and they were not allowed to talk about it. Liu Zixuan became ill after entering the spice room. Xie Xiaoni observed carefully and finally identified the hyacinth. Liu Zixuan is allergic to hay fever, and it is no problem to use Xie Xiaoni’s ointment. Liu Zixuan quietly told her that he helped her find hyacinth for her balm, and was afraid that it would cause Xie Xiaoni’s trouble if she said it out, so she smiled and said this It was she who owed herself to pay it back later.

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