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Ni Chang 小女霓裳 Episode 29 Recap

In the middle of the night, Liu Zixuan ran to the Palace and Municipal Bureau to feed the squirrels, but Princess Lan Zhao found out. I heard that Liu Zixuan was feeding jujube cake with vertigo. Princess Lan Zhao accused him of killing his life, but Liu Zixuan thought she was quite interesting. Xie Xiaoni took the ocarina left by his parents and missed his family. It would be great if they were all alive. Liu Zixuan came to visit Princess Lan Zhao and said that she would take her to get to know her. The princess thought it was Ouyang Ziyu, but unexpectedly it was Liu Zixuan who had met last night. The two looked down upon each other and disliked each other.

Tianjia sent Liu Zixuan to take the princess to entertain Qingliu Pavilion, but the princess didn’t like to be with Liu Zixuan. Instead, she sent someone to Ouyang Ziyu and asked him to accompany him on the street tomorrow. Ouyang Ziyu found a reason and refused. Xiaolu knew that Ouyang Ziyu was hiding from the princess, but after all, the princess favored Ouyang Ziyu, so I was afraid it would be wrong, but Ouyang Ziyu still hesitated.

The princess heard that Ouyang Ziyu had refused, and immediately ran to the Royal Palace of Luo to visit, with Xie Feng behind her. The princess walked towards Luo Palace while strolling around. The maid felt that she should act low-key, after all, she avoided the Palace and City Bureau. Ouyang Ziyu made another excuse to say that he was not there, but lying and contradicting himself, Ouyang Ziyu could only go to see the princess. Ouyang Ziyu ran back to the room to pretend to be sick, Xiaolu was puzzled when he saw this. Ouyang Ziyu pretended to be seriously ill. The princess asked him to get better soon. Tomorrow will help her preside over the overall situation. Ouyang Ziyu refused, and sang with Xiaolu to send off the princess, which was relieved.

After the princess left, Ouyang Ziyu decided to see Xie Xiaoni and walked through the back door deliberately. Tomorrow is the bidding conference. Xie Xiaoni is worried about how to make things unique. She is not willing to let Yan Wenxiu win the prize. Xie Xiaoni vented her flute while Ouyang Ziyu sat down and comforted her. More than a dozen merchants came to return the goods and said that the Yuehua Brocade sold by Su Gongming was fake. Su Gongming could not tell. Yan Wenxiu quickly apologized for her father. Besides, she was also very embarrassed. Since she came to Beijing, Father Yan has taken over from her uncle’s house. Son, Yan Wenxiu is also a little bit at Yan’s house.

Ouyang Ziyu told Xie Xiaoni that the way of doing business is based on honesty, just like when Xie Xiaoni was studying art in Yunjinzhuang, Ouyang Ziyu was very confident in Xie Xiaoni and talked about the unjust case in her family. Qingliu Pavilion has another purpose in addition to relocating the noble family members from outside, and that is to relocate those old people, including the former department of the Palace and City Bureau. Ouyang Ziyu felt that it might be interesting to find out from here. Yan Wenxiu hopes to break in with her true talents. She doesn’t believe that she will lose to Xie Xiaoni, and threatens to get rid of this thorn in Su Gongming.

The next day, the bidding conference. Ouyang Ziyu was puzzled when he saw Xie Feng behind the princess, but Xie Feng kept his head down and Ouyang Ziyu was not suspicious. Xie Feng followed the princess and gave her a lot of advice, and Xie Xiaoni and Yuanxiang’s booth were very surprising. Xie Feng couldn’t believe it when she saw Xie Xiaoni, and quickly lowered her head. Xie Xiaoni was busy recommending spices to the princess, but didn’t notice Xie Feng. Xie Feng went away for a while, and didn’t even hear the princess call her.

Xie Xiaoni was selected, Yan Wenxiu was also selected for the primary election, but Su Wenyu satirized her for being too flashy and unworthy of being selected. She could not even match Vanilla Tang for her round strength. Su Gongming also felt that her spice was not as good as Herb Hall, so she decided to let Weaving participate in the selection to ensure that it was foolproof, but Yan Wenxiu was unwilling to give up, went back to the room and screamed at Xie Xiaoni. He also strengthened his determination to drive Xie Xiaoni out of Ruiyuan. .

Uncle and aunt bought a lot of meat for everyone to celebrate. In the second round of the competition, each merchant only allowed one person to participate, and only Xie Xiaoni went. Associate Ouyang Ziyu of this bidding conference, Xie Xiaoni felt that she should avoid suspicion, not to mention that she did not need to rely on others to win the competition. Ouyang Ziyu happened to be here, and Chengtian wanted to go back to Yunjinzhuang to see Yunniang together in a while, and Ouyang Ziyu said that he would escort them back together.

Xie Xiaoni has always had an idea, it is better to open the vanilla hall to Huaizhou based on Yunjinzhuang. Chengtian and Yuanxiang both think it is a good way. They must revitalize Yunjinzhuang. Forty-nine days in the second round of the competition, Xie Xiaoni and Bai Rou’er were assigned to a room. Liu Zixuan was very happy to see Xie Xiaoni. He was sent by the Palace and Municipal Bureau to assist them. Xie Xiaoni was worried that some jokes would be made, so he quickly kept his distance.

Xie Xiaoni and Bai Rou’er have a good relationship, and Yan Wenxiu feels that she can’t fight Xie Xiaoni head-on. Yan Wenxiu’s attitude changed a hundred and eighty times, and she helped Xie Xiaoni again, came to her to apologize, and tricked her to talk on the bridge. Yan Wenxiu pretended to be pitiful and said that they were classmates anyway, and they were much closer than the others in the yard.

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