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Ni Chang 小女霓裳 Episode 28 Recap

Chengtian and Yuanxiang were bickering again early in the morning. Auntie heard that Ouyang Ziyu and Xie Xiaoni had a quarrel and was very worried. Ouyang Ziyu happened to be here. When Xie Xiaoni ignored Ouyang Ziyu, Ouyang Ziyu said that she was here to buy something. Xie Xiaoni took the opportunity to paint a lot of balsam on Ouyang Ziyu’s face. Ouyang Ziyu quickly apologized and said that she was here to seek peace. Liu Zixuan came, and wanted to introduce him to Vanilla Tang’s goods like a familiar one.

Ouyang Ziyu took Xie Xiaoni and left. Liu Zixuan thought he was the prodigal son of Deng’s prodigal and hurried to catch up. Xie Xiaoni quickly told Liu Zixuan that he was His Royal Highness Luo Wang. Ouyang Ziyu took Xie Xiaoni away, and Liu Zixuan gritted his teeth with anger behind him. Ouyang Ziyu could see that Liu Zixuan was not his opponent, but he was happy now. Xie Xiaoni was still angry.

Ouyang Ziyu quickly said that she was deliberately angry that day, because Xie Xiaoni never told everyone about their relationship, let alone that day. He is really sick. The two deflated each other and returned to a squabbling relationship. Xie Xiaoni said that she would not leave Ouyang Ziyu, but he also promised that he could not hide anything from her. Ouyang Ziyu left a kiss on Xie Xiaoni’s forehead, and Xie Xiaoni nuzzled his nose very sweetly.

The bidding conference is about to come, and Ouyang Ziyu is still investigating Yuan Daocheng’s corruption with Xiaolu. Xie Xiaoni prepares a outfit. Tomorrow is the 70th birthday of the Lin Yuanyuan. Xie Xiaoni is going to pay a birthday celebration. By the way, I will promote the products of Herbtang. Su Wenyu brought Yan Wenxiu to pay a birthday greeting to the forest clerk, and his face was stinking all the time. Yan Wenxiu was very unhappy when he saw this. Seeing Xie Xiaoni also, Yan Wenxiu said sourly, Su Wenyu wanted to leave but was pulled up by Yan Wenxiu to say hello.

Yan Wenxiu satirizes Yan Wenxiu for showing up for a few money. Ouyang Ziyu doesn’t understand the pity and cherishment of Xie Xiaoni. He has come to defend Xie Xiaoni, but Yan Wenxiu satirizes his ignorance of being seduced by Xie Xiaoni. Xie Xiaoni asked Yan Wenxiu if she was really happy. Yan Wenxiu tried to beat her and was stopped by Su Wenyu. He kept saying that Xie Xiaoni had been forgotten and that Yan Wenxiu should not be angry with a woman who didn’t want to do it.

Liu Zixuan came to say hello to Xie Xiaoni, and took the balsamic gouache to help them send something. Su Wenyu hugged Yan Wenxiu and left Xie Xiaoni’s sight and let go. Yan Wenxiu was very happy just now because of the face. She was more willing to trample Xie Xiaoni to death than marrying Su Wenyu. Liu Zixuan sent Chengtian and Xie Xiaoni back. Xie Xiaoni accidentally sprained her foot. Liu Zixuan was about to carry her and was knocked over by Ouyang Ziyu. Ouyang Ziyu picked up Xie Xiaoni and left, but Liu Zixuan still didn’t understand their relationship. As soon as Yuan Xiang opened the door, she saw Ouyang Ziyu holding Xie Xiaoni with a face full of surprise, Cheng Tian couldn’t hold Yuan Xiang to make her angry enough.

Ouyang Ziyu returned to the room with Xie Xiaoni in his arms, and carefully helped her to wipe the medicine, and asked her not to ride in other people’s carriages in the future, Xie Xiaoni whispered against him for being long-winded. The Su family is also preparing for the bidding conference. Yan Wenxiu wants to earn this face for the Su family, and Su Gongming directly donates the ten shops to her. Su Gongming saw that she had a lot of appetite, but he could only agree, and asked her to participate in the bidding meeting with weaving, and Dier would manage the powder on her behalf. Xie Xiaoni was so busy that she couldn’t eat her food. Winning the conference this time was their only chance, and she also figured out a way to display it.

Princess Lan Zhao was very happy here. When she saw someone selling Yuehua brocade on the street, she bought it. A masked person suddenly appeared and felt that this is not the real Yuehua brocade. Princess Lan Zhao was very interested. , Let him talk about how to distinguish. This person confirmed that this month’s Huajin was not true, and the shopkeeper was very disbelieved that they were actually deceived by the Soviet style. Princess Lan Zhao caught up with the son, and he was Xie Feng.

Lan Zhaogong thanked Feng mainly, and also expressed his identity and hoped that Xie Feng would go to the capital with Xie Feng as his own appraisal officer. Xie Feng agreed. When asked about the name taboo, Xie Feng casually said a name without any support.

Su Wenyu heard that Su Gongming let Di’er take charge of the powder business and called her over. In order to please him, Di’er told her about Yan Wenxiu’s nightmare. Yan Wenxiu just wanted to lock Xie Xiaoni, but she accidentally killed Yun Niang. Di’er heard this with her own ears. Su Wenyu is very proud, Yan Wenxiu finally has a handle in his hand.

When Princess Lan Zhao came to visit, Ouyang Ziyu and Yuan Daocheng came to greet him. Princess Lan Zhao remembered that Ouyang Ziyu once visited Lan Zhao, but Ouyang Ziyu no longer remembers. Lord Lan Zhao’s principal, Ouyang Ziyu, accompanied him around, staring at him all the way, and naturally put his arm around, but Ouyang Ziyu quickly refused.

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