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Ni Chang 小女霓裳 Episode 27 Recap

Su Wenyu was determined to deal with the Gongshi Bureau, and Su Gongming was very angry. Ouyang Ziyu and Xiaolu found an inn to rest. Soon they arrived in the capital, and Xiao Er quietly added something to their meals. When Ouyang Ziyu saw that Xiao Er’s expression was wrong, Xiao Lu gave Xiao Lu a try and confirmed that there was no poison. The chopsticks were moved after the problem. Unexpectedly, in the middle of the night, Ouyang Ziyu and Xiaolu both began to feel uncomfortable, apparently poisoned. Ouyang Ziyu and Xiaolu returned to the capital with support,” the decision is to consider the long-term plan.

Ouyang Ziyu is bedridden, so Tianjia handed over the reception of Princess Lan Zhao to the Gongshi Bureau. Yuan Daocheng and Gao Daocheng were very proud. Ouyang Ziyu I slept all day, the path was very lightly poisoned, and now he is alive and kicking, and the person they sent to the inn asked once and no one knew the man. Ouyang Ziyu did not tell Xie Xiaoni about this. She is very busy now, waiting for him to recover. Explain with Xie Xiaoni.

Ouyang Ziyu hasn’t heard from him for a long time, and Xie Xiaoni is very worried. The aunt came and said that she was willing to help Xie Xiaoni plant vanilla in order to repay her favor. Liu Zixuan came, and Xie Xiaoni and Yuan Xiang called him Xiaohouye quickly. Liu Zixuan obviously didn’t like them so called. I heard that Xie Xiaoni knew Luo Wang and said that he was an old scholar with a mouthful of words. Xie Xiaoni felt a little funny.

Liu Zixuan took the initiative to help Vanilla Tang solicit business, but almost gave everything out. Chengtian and Yuanxiang hurriedly followed Liu Zixuan to stop them. Xie Xiaoni persuaded Liu Zixuan to go home first, and Liu Zixuan went back after playing enough. He also asked them if they were ready for the bidding conference. The finalists could participate in the tribute selection. Xie Xiaoni decided to go.

Su Wenyu knew that Yan Wenxiu couldn’t keep her because of bad intentions, but he humiliated Yan Wenxiu so much that she was cheeky and didn’t know how to advance or retreat. There was really no way he could do it. Yan Wenxiu heard Di’er shouting and went to work quickly, and found that Su Wenyu was pressing on Di’er. Di’er ran away in a hurry. Yan Wenxiu scolded Su Wenyu as shameless, but Su Wenyu said that he really liked Di’er and wanted to take a concubine, so Yan Wenxiu was anxious. . Di’er explained that Su Wenyu was deliberately angry with Yan Wenxiu. Of course Yan Wenxiu knew, but she couldn’t bear this kind of humiliation. Yan Wenxiu would never leave the Su family, otherwise how could she endure this disgusting young Su family grandma.

Xiaolu ran to Ouyang Ziyu and said that he wanted to invite Xie Xiaoni to see his illness, but Ouyang Ziyu was afraid that she would not go. Xiaolu mentioned Liu Zixuan. Liu Zixuan often goes to Herb Hall recently. Seeing that Su Wenyu had made a lot of contacts recently, Mr. Xiao told Su Gongming, and Su Gongming also had a headache. When Su Wenyu left Yuan Daocheng’s mansion, Yuan Daocheng had bothered Su Gongming a long time ago, and asked their uncles and nephews to check and balance each other to integrate their opinions.

Su Gongming said something strangely to Su Wenyu, saying that Yan Wenxiu was from the Su family and asked him to take Yan Wenxiu to the forest clerk’s birthday next month, but Su Wenyu said that they had not visited the hall and were not his bride. Yan Wenxiu said that Su Wenyu should have followed Su Gongming, otherwise it would be terrible if he smashed his business.

Liu Zixuan went to the vanilla hall again, Xiaolu quickly followed after he found it, and got some horse dung in his carriage. Liu Zixuan said that he was going to supervise the visit of Princess Lan Zhao this time. As for Ouyang Ziyu’s illness, he didn’t need to worry about it this time. Xie Xiaoni was anxious when he heard it, and hurried to the Luo Palace. Xie Xiaoni was angry because Ouyang Ziyu didn’t tell her when he came back, and Ouyang Ziyu was jealous because of Liu Zixuan’s affairs.

Xie Xiaoni was aggrieved. Ouyang Ziyu was worried about how much she was out of Beijing for a few days, but he didn’t tell her when he came back. Xie Xiaoni left in a huff, and Xiaoqin was in a hurry. Ouyang Ziyu decided to go to the palace to take back Princess Lan Zhao’s visit. Xiaolu told him that the poisoning thing had an eyebrow. Xiaolu saw the guy who poisoned the inn went to the tall man’s house with his own eyes.

Xie Xiaoni came back from Luowang Mansion and felt unhappy. Yuan Xiang was amused when he heard that Ouyang Ziyu was jealous. Xie Xiaoni teased Yuanxiang that his uncle and aunt were discussing the marriage between Chengtian and Yuanxiang a few days ago, and Yuanxiang was a little shy. The Heavenly Family approved Ouyang Ziyu as an assistant, but the tall master still had grievances in his heart.

Master Gao returned to the house and told him to send the poisoned buddy Fu San away. Mrs. Gao refused to agree. He was his nephew. Fu San came again to ask for silver, with one hundred and eighty taels when he opened his mouth, which made the high-popularity awful enough.

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