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Ni Chang 小女霓裳 Episode 26 Recap

Su Wenyu was infected with the wind and cold, and Su Gongming hated that iron could not become steel, saying that he was not lucky enough to delay Yan Wenxiu. Yan Wenxiu came to give Su Wenyu the medicine, but Su Wenyu refused to drink it. Yan Wenxiu persuaded him to look away, not everyone around him.

Su Gongming was half-dead because of Su Wenyu’s affairs, and now Yan Wenxiu wanted to return to Huaizhou too hard to ride a tiger, so Su Gongming decided to take advantage of Su Wenyu’s unconsciousness to handle the marriage, and Yan Wenxiu also agreed. Su Gongming did not notify the Yan family, and Su Wenyu was unwilling to go to Xitang. Su Gongming decided to find another way and notify the Yan family after the ceremony.

On the day of Su Wenyu and Yan Wenxiu’s wedding, Su Gongming said that Su Wenyu was sick on the bed and could not get married in person, so people held a chicken to make a ceremony with Yan Wenxiu. This grievance, paid a courtesy with a chicken. Yan Wenxiu came to Su Wenyu’s room, only to find that he had disappeared, and she collapsed to the ground with anger.

Su Wenyu disappeared, Yan Wenxiu fainted, and the Su family was in a mess for a while, and someone came to report that Su Wenyu was in the Tianxiang Tower, and said that Yan Wenxiu bullied others and forced him to get married, and Yan Wenxiu was crying. Yan Wenxiu didn’t eat or drink for two days, and Su Wenyu humiliated her so much that Yan Wenxiu didn’t want to be a young grandmother anymore. Yan Wenxiu didn’t have to marry into Su’s family. From now on, her Yan Wenxiu is Yan Wenxiu, and she is cut off from Su Wenyuen.

Yan Wenxiu asked Di’er to find Su Wenyu, and Su Wenyu came to the door consciously if he had something to say. Yan Wenxiu accused Su Wenyu of trapping her and asked him to give an account. Su Wenyu said that she would give Yan Wenxiu the identity of her grandmother to the outside world, and that they did not offend the river, and claimed that she did not know Xie Xiaoni. Su Wenyu said that Yan Wenxiu could do things under the name of the Su family, but he was always the one in charge of the Su family. Yan Wenxiu gritted her teeth, the Su family will always owe her, and Su Wenyu will definitely regret it!

Gongshi opened once on the 15th, and the stock of Herb Hall was not enough. Xie Xiaoni wanted to have her own plantation. When the purchaser arrived, Chengtian, Yuanxiang, and Xie Xiaoni quickly tried their best to attract the attention of the purchaser. Xie Xiaoni knew that the procurement network in the palace must be recommended by someone, so I asked Xie Xiaoni to win over the casual purchaser. Maybe he can do it. What to say.

The adult purchaser had a poor attitude towards Yuanxiang. Seeing Xie Xiaoni was the same as seeing a fairy, listening to her very seriously. The purchaser ordered one hundred rouge powder for their stall. Yuan Xiang was shocked. When he learned that the adult was Liu Zixuan, Liu Zixuan also asked the address of their shop and said he was going to visit them. Xie Xiaoni was proud of seeing the procurement in the palace, but he was so afraid of Liu Zixuan, he must have a lot of background.

Liu Zixuan is the son of General Liu. Yuan Daocheng and Gao Dao kept flattering their father and son. General Liu asked Liu Zixuan to participate in the end-of-year scientific examination. Liu Zixuan’s personality escaped and talked to him about buying today. When Princess Lan Zhao came to visit, Ouyang Ziyu went out to buy things. Yuan Daocheng and Master Gao were very angry at the beauty they lost. Master Gao urged Yuan Daocheng to start with Ouyang Ziyu. Chengtian came back with the silver.

Xie Xiaoni was a little worried because Ouyang Ziyu hadn’t come for a few days. Chengtian quickly said that Ouyang Ziyu had gone to Lan Zhao and returned two days later, leaving them with a lot of popular posts. Liu Zixuan went to the vanilla hall. Xie Xiaoni and Yuan Xiang were busy greeting him. Liu Zixuan used Xie Xiaoni’s rat poison last time and chased her for seven steps.

Xie Xiaoni helped Qiangzi prepare acne cream. Qiannianzi was a little worried, so Liu Zixuan asked to try it out. Seeing that he had acne, Qiannianzi quickly disappeared and paid the money. Liu Zixuan’s waiter never looked for him, and Xie Xiaoni and Yuan Xiang were taken aback. It turned out that he was actually Xiaohouye. Yan Wenxiu heard that Su Wenyu was very close to the procurement of the Palace and City Bureau recently.

Perhaps Su Wenyu was sober and wanted to be the master. Su Gongming questioned Su Wenyu’s recent behavior. The water in the Palace and City Bureau was very deep, but he did not expect that Su Wenyu had sought Yuan privately. Dao Cheng and Gao Da Ren. Su Wenyu turned around and asked Yan Wenxiu for being shoddy, but Yan Wenxiu refused to admit it and went straight to the powder shop. Su Wenyu didn’t want Yan Wenxiu to take care of the powder business alone, but Su Gongming couldn’t listen to it at all, and warned Su Wenyu not to have private dealings with the Gongshi Bureau in the future.

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